Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Eternal Impact! :)

It has been my experience that the veil is thinnest when loved ones are passing through it, either by coming in, or by going out.
Lately I've been feeling a depth of inner emotion as I contemplate the changes that are soon to occur, as one dear one is prepairing to progress on, and another is prepairing to enter in!
One, my "Auntie-Mom", has been my mentor, and has helped shape who I am! She has always been faithful, loyal, loving, and supportive, not only to myself, but to all those around her who she's loved and befriended! She is at the end of her journey here, and I recently made one last visit, and swallowed back tears as I hugged her goodby! I will miss her so very dearly, - but I know when it's my turn to progress on, that she will be there to welcome and greet me! :)
The other, my soon-to-be newest grandchild, is getting restless now, anxious to make his appearance! It's with great joy that I anticipate his arrival, and the opportunity to see him and hold him in my arms, and show him the open, tender love I feel in my heart, - like Auntie-Mom has shown to me!! :)
It appears that he will be making his appearance around the same time she will be passing on. My emotions are a little up and down, right now, as I'm saying goodby to one and hello to the other.
I feel blessed knowing that both will have an eternal impact on my heart! :)

'Shrooms! :) Part 2

Sometimes mushrooms resemble other things! This one looks like a pancake! :)
These light ones remind me of the sand-dollar shells you'd find on the beach, and the dark gray ones remind me of wet sand, itself, as you near the ocean waves! :)

And this type of mushroom reminds me of some kind of thick sweet bread, pudding, or custard! :)
I took many more photos of the amazing variety of mushrooms that are plentiful throughout our yard! They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes! :)

Even though I've never seen a gnome, or fairy, on, around, or hiding beneath, any of them, I'd be lying if I said there isn't something magical about them! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Shrooms! :) Part 1

I enjoy this time of year when summer has given way to enough autumn showers to start sprouting mushrooms everywhere in the yard! :)
I especially like these lavender ones, that seem so pretty and unusual! This is the only place we've lived where I've seen them! :)

And These, look like white salt-water shells!! This is the first time I've ever seen these, and am quite taken with them! :)
I know enough to never touch wild mushrooms, and to give them a respectful distance! But each year I find myself drawn to them and can't resist capturing them in my lens! :)
Currently, I seem limited to 3 photos per post, so will show a few more photos in an upcoming part 2! :)