Friday, January 27, 2017

Get Myself Back! :)

 I love reading Dennis The Menace by Hank Ketcham! :) Here Mr. Wilson is eating an ice cream treat with Dennis! Mrs. Wilson sees his huge portion and says "Before you let yourself go, be sure you can get yourself BACK." :)
 This is what I now say to myself every year during the holidays, ever since I dropped my excess 50 lbs. a few years back. :) I know the effort it takes to lose that much weight by counting calories, drinking enough water, and getting enough exercise! I promised myself I will never go there again! So now I have a low amount of pounds I allow myself to gain during the holidays so I can enjoy things like pumpkin pie, eggnog, and chocolates! :)
 I continue to weigh myself during the holidays so I know where my weight is, making sure "I can get myself Back" once the holidays are over and the new year begins! :)
 Now the new year is here and, like many, I am again determined to remove the excess weight! :) It's a good thing that the new year always brings days that are getting longer and warmer, and that there's pruning and yard work needing my attention! :) The timing is perfect as it aids my new year effort to "get myself back"! :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Long May She Wave! :)

Old Glory is proudly posted on this inauguration day, with fresh hope for a brighter future for America! Long May She Wave! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

At Peace With Winter! :)

 I love all four seasons, especially when they Feel like 4 true seasons! :) This Winter has been true to it's self! We've had frigid temps' that have formed ice on the hand rails of the deck,
 (look at that ice formation! Wish I had that macro lens I want!),
 on the walk boards of the deck,
 and even ice on the outer walls! :)
 I Love when Winter feels like Winter! :) It makes our home feel cozy and welcoming! :)
 Normally All the Christmas decorations have been put away by the first of the year, but this year I've kept the snowmen out! :)
 It feels too soon to put them away, yet! :)
 How can I put the snowmen and snow families away, when it perfectly matches what's going on outside!? :)
 I've lost track of how many snowfalls we've had so far! I'm guessing around 6? :)
 There's a pattern this Winter!
 It snows
 and then when the clouds clear,
 frigid temps' turn everything to ice
 so the snow stays awhile! :)
 It's so peaceful,
 and stunning,
 that I can't help but enjoy it! :)
 This Winter, of all Winters, not only is it more frigid and white than usual, but we even have some birds at the feeders that typically are only here in the Summer! Notice the red-headed Finch at the feeder? (I still can't tell a House Finch from a Purple Finch. It's one or the other.) :)
 This last snowfall measured 4 1/2 inches, but it was melting as it snowed, and it snowed around the clock, (which is also unusual for this area), so who knows how much snow fall we actually had! :)
 Enough to make things pretty! :)
 Since I have two hummers here for the first time, this Winter, I've been bringing in the feeder during freezing night hours, and taking it back out before light! :)
 It's near impossible for someone to recognize the plants in flower beds! :)
 There's little point in trying to keep the deck cleared of snow, so we just keep a walkway clear! :)
 In the mornings I get a feline escort to their heated shed, to see to their needs! :)

 Mick was feeling grumpy that Apollo was getting some of my attention! :)
 The snow sled remains out, too. A Winter like this makes me wish our property had a good slope for sledding! :)
 I don't recall ever enjoying a Winter as much as I've been enjoying this one! :)
I feel the way I imagine life being in this painting, of Charlie In The Barn! At peace with Winter and at peace with myself! :) Happy Winter Everyone! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

He Gave Me The Boot! :)

 Today was my follow-up apt. with my surgeon, and he happily gave me "the boot"! :) Now I can get myself in and out of tight spaces and, with a little practice, learn to get around on foot again! :)
 Happy New Year to me! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Well Organized Pajama Party! :)

 I am feeling very blessed! Three days before Christmas I had surgery on my foot. It was my first time having surgery and I didn't know quite what to expect. It was outpatient surgery, so nothing too overwhelming. :)
 I was so impressed with everyone involved! As I lay on the operating table, all where in motion around me, each tackling their responsibilities with focus and skill! :)
 Great care was taken for patient comfort, right down to the foam padded arms of the table! :)
 With one nurse stretching out one of my arms on the left and another stretching out my arm on the right, and a third nurse approaching me with what looked like a leather belt, I grinned and announced that I felt a bit like Frankenstein! There were smiles and returned grins! :)
 I heard, "I'll be putting this in your IV now." Then heard my surgeon happily announce to the staff, "We are done!" :) I was amazed at how smooth it all went! :) My hubby said surgery only took around 30 minutes! :)
 I told my nurse, after, as she helped me get ready so my Hubby could drive me home, that it felt like a well organized pajama party! :) Thank goodness she laughed and shared my sense of humor! :)
 Happy New Year Everyone! :)