Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitty Brocade Inspection! :)

There's no better way to welcome spring than going nursery hopping and bringing some color home! :)
Tues., my friend Vicki and I went on our traditional fun outing! Ever since the nursery we worked at sold, we make a point to get together at least twice a year to celebrate our birthdays, treat the birthday kid to lunch, and either nursery shop or go antiquing, or both! :) Since I'm a March baby, we made it a nursery outing, as we were both anxious to bring a little color home to our yards! :)

Hummingbirds love penstemon blooms and I couldn't resist this one for it's lovely foliage color! :)
Any time there's something new, or any change is made on the property, the kitty-brocade come and check it out! :)
Cali seemed intrigued with the kale vegetable I'd bought! She didn't try to eat any, but was drawn to it's aroma! :)
I love the fun coloring of this euphorbia and couldn't resist bringing it home! My only regret of the day is that I didn't think to buy three of them, instead of just one, to make more of a statement in the yard! :)

The inspection has begun in earnest! :) Sylvester has noticed a twig that hangs too low! :)
There is no plant left unnoticed! :)

Vicki noticed one of the new lavender colored candy tuft, and we both decided to buy one! :)
I love the cheeriness of these two water plants! :) I bought them intending to add one to each of my two existing water plant containers that I have my miniature cattails in, but have decided to buy another container and plant them together, instead! Anyone know where I can purchase a half whisky barrel? I've been looking for one for a year now and would love to get my hands on one this week! :)
I couldn't decide between the single boom or the marigold type, so bought one of each! :)
Mick approves! :)
There's that one twig on the twisted filbert that hangs too long and each of the cats noticed it! They have an eye for gardening! :) I'll prune some of it off when I plant it! :)
It's showing off seed pod jewelry right now that I'll enjoy seeing every spring! :)

I wish I could share the amazing aroma of this winter hazel with you! It will be fun to have it's fragrance cascading across the yard from now on, each spring! :) The which hazel is just finishing blooming in time for the winter hazel to begin! Nothing like ongoing fragrance in the yard! :)
That twig again! :)

Apollo agrees that this one twig has got to go! It's unanimous! :)
Most of the plants I purchased are perennials but this box has a few annuals, (three fuchsia and three pink bacopa) that I'll plant in a pot and let trail down one of the flower stands! The hummingbirds will love them! :)
Lots of fun was had, and most of these plants will bring years of enjoyment! :)
I'm watching the weather report, anxious for dry days to start planting these new treasures in the yard! :)
My selection was good, I guess, because (with the exception of the one twig that hung too low), it passed the kitty brocade inspection! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Day Of Winter! :)

Today I'm celebrating the fact that it's the last day of winter! :)
Winter has been fighting for each day, even though it's March, and I've photos taken this month, to prove it! :)

Just this morning we woke to another dusting of snow and it was still softly falling as the sun was rising! :)
We've had what we western Washitonians call "5 minute weather", which is the shortened version of our common saying "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes"! :)
We see rain, hail, and sunshine, within minutes of each other, which is typical weather here for March! :)
It's less typical to see snow in March! Winter's making the most of her turn! :)
March is the month I associate with daffodils and with flying kites! :) The weather needs to warm up if we're to take the kite to the field and watch her soar, anytime soon! :)
Just the thought of tomorrow being the first official day of Spring makes me feel hopeful! :) I'm ready for it to start feeling like Spring! Last year Winter way overstayed her turn, so I'm hoping she will show better manners this year and move on! :)
It's time to let the kite flying begin!!! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crocus Are All The Buzz! :)

On sunny days crocus open their petals and honey bees come in droves! They all express the same opinion, that "crocus are all the buzz"! :)

I have to agree as I am drawn to the cheery crocus smiles too! They make me happy! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hightailing It! :)

When dogs and cats feel good about themselves it's apparent by the way they carry their tails! The better they feel the higher it goes! :)
I can't help smiling as I observe them hightailing it around the property! :)

It's clear to me that their Mamma has a lot to do with the positive way they view themselves! She has proven herself to be a wonderful mother! :)
I'm not sure where Coal gets his sense of self, but from day one his body language has told us he views life as a party with himself as the main attraction! :)
We trust the love we give them adds to their happiness! :)

The troops are stretching and showing signs of slowing down! :)
Coal's got that look he gets just before he yawns and succumbs to slumber! :)
He's not the only one! Cali's yawn tells the story quite clearly! :)
Eyelids are heavy, so it's time to leave them to their shuteye! :)
In no time at all they'll be hightailing it again! :)