Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being Called Out! :)

Lately we're beginning to see some blue skies, periodically, and I'm being called out! :)
The kitties want me to come out and spend some time with them in the yard! I'm happy to oblige! :)
The rhubarb is beginning to push new growth which is my signal to hurry and do the light weeding and lay down some manure to make them happy for another year! :)
The tool shed is prompting me to hustle out and get everything ready for another growing season! :)
The witch hazel is calling, "Hurry out! I'm getting ready to bloom and you won't want to miss it!" She knows the aroma of her frilly blooms thrills my senses! :)
The fruit trees are ready for me to tend to the pruning! "It's time! It's time!" :)
The tulip bulbs are beginning to push through the potted soil, and every day I run out to see the progress!! :)
The flower beds are ready to be cleaned before they start showing spring's new growth! :)
The bulbs in the ground are stretching up and calling me to come out and see how much they've grown! :)
Oh Yes!! I'm being called out! :) ... I'm glad we're expecting more blue sky this week because I'm ready to answer the call! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spice of Life! :) OR The rest of the tool shed story! :)

Note: Since it was raining when I started this post, I'm using a photo of the tool shed that was taken last spring! :) ...

My best friend, Jan, is very creative and has the knack for bringing out the spice in life! :) She's a pro when it comes to doing kind things for the sheer fun and joy of it, out of love for another! :)
We once planned a road trip to OR to Heritage Roses and she surprised me by having packed us a picnic basket full of wonderful lunch delights! :) (Note to self: remember to buy a neat picnic basket for future outings to fill with creative goodness!) :)
She used to ride her horse, Sunny, ("Santa Sunny" wearing a Santa hat over one ear) over to deliver little Christmas gifts to us! :)
She and her husband, Michael, lived down the country road from us so there was always lots of ongoing fun and laughter! :)
Life was great until she and her honey moved 3 hrs. away! ...
When they moved, one of the things they gave us was their flower drying shed with black plastic walls. How to move it now? :) After some quick thought the decision was made that the men would lift it onto the back of the pickup bed, and one would drive slowly while the others walked along keeping it from falling off! :) After much laughter and comments about how silly we must all look and how we're going to miss this kind of activity together, we managed to move it down the road to it's new location behind the garden, in our back yard! :)
Later my Honey decided to build onto it's frame and turn the drying shed into what's now our tool shed! It's handy to have the garden tools right by the garden, and makes us feel like a part of our friends are still here with us! :)
Now we talk on the phone, send each other emails and cards in the mail, and make a point to get together now and then!
Next month we're meeting with them for dinner and I can hardly wait!! :)
Once you've learned the joy of Spice in Life, you keep it going! :)
Not only do we continue our friendship with them but we try to emulate that behavior with others! :)
It not only gives life Spice, it makes it Sweet!! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bowing Birch! :)

Winter snow has arrived and I am enjoying it! :)
Coal has been excited about it, too, and has been dashing around celebrating! :)
Last night the main snowfall arrived in our area! We have 6" in our little valley, but many neighboring areas have over 15"! :) Since we knew it was coming we were able to get what we need and stay at home! :)
The snow is wet and has accumulated quickly on everything!
The main concern I felt this morning was for the birch trees! They were all bowing under the weight of the snow!
Their branches literally draped over so low they were on the ground!
Even though the sun was not yet all the way up, I knew it was time to hustle out to shake the limbs free of the excess weight before they broke!
One birch in particular has weak limbs to begin with. It is the youngest birch, and I've had to sever it's branches in the past from it's inability to erect it'self after a freezing rain!
This is how it looks after being freed from the majority of the snow! I'll give it until this summer, and if it doesn't straighten, will have to make some drastic cuts like I did in the past, to help it stand tall again! :)
This is one that's partially shook free of snow in this photo! Already you can see it's reaching high again! :) The two older birch will recover just fine! :)
Even the rhododendrons were happy to have the weight of the snow removed, and reached up again! :)
It is pretty and peaceful, though, isn't it!? :)

Ah, Yes! :) I'm enjoying this winter snow, ... even With the bowing birch!! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silent Stirrings! :)

It's winter and though everything seems to be in hibernation, make no mistake, ... there are silent stirrings! :) I can feel the anxious activity in the air, and see it in the sky! :)
If you look beneath the fallen leaves, you may see flower bulbs already pushing up through the soil! :)
Some winter hardy souls refuse to sleep at all! :)
Others are ready to display bright cheery blooms, - like this witch hazel that's waiting for just the right moment to wow us with her color and fragrance! :)
If you look closely you will see some plants have already begun to stretch and yawn with new signs of life! :) ...
While others have readied themselves and are deciding whether to wait a little longer! :)
Nature wants to show us her bright colors and glorious fan-fair! :)
Below the soil of these flower pots are bulbs that are already stretching to the light! I'm eager to see their sunny faces this spring! :)
The hardy Swiss Chard has slowed but continues to grow in spite of winter's frosty nights! :)
The figs are waiting for nature's signal to reveal their charismatic new leaves! :)
You can see life stirring in the swelling blueberry buds! :)
For now the soil is cold and moist so the garden gate remains closed, but it won't be long until it will be an active location again! All we have to do is take a quick look around to see there are, indeed, silent stirrings! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Bucket List! :)

We just made a purchase that has been a long time coming! Out of respect for my Honey's privacy, I won't say what, - only that it is something that he's always dreamed of for as long as he can remember! After 30+ yrs. of working for the company, I've told him he's earned it! :) One may even go so far as to say it's an item on his "bucket list"! :) ...
So it got me thinking! ... What's on My bucket list? What is it that I've always wanted and dreamed of having, or doing, that I'd love to experience before I die!? :)
... As a child I always dreamed of one day being happily married and rearing a family! :) Even at college I took classes geared at helping me be a better wife and mother, like child development and successful marriage! :)
Since I love animals, I also dreamed of our having a dog! :)
As time lapsed, my passion grew for expressing myself through pen; photography; poetry; & gardening! :)
I would one day like to write a few books, or at least be able to write something that can lift another's heart, and make their day a little brighter! :) ...

The reality IS, ... I'm living my bucket list every day!!! I have what I've always wanted!!! :)

I hope with some self-examination you find you're living your's too! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome January! Happy 2012! :)

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, ANYONE can start from NOW and make a brand new ending." - Carl Bard

I love January! It represents a new year, and a new start! It over spills with hope and renewed determination! :) It sets the stage for self-improvement! :)
It also means the shortest day of the year is past and the days are starting to get longer! This knowledge always gets me excited as I know spring is around the corner! :)
Already nature is responding to the added light! Bulbs are beginning to stretch; leaf buds are swelling; and ducks and geese have been flying over our property with new energy! :)
Seed catalogs have been arriving in the mail, and since I will be starting some of the seeds early using the heating pad and grow lights, I've already placed my garden seed order! :)
My goals are set, - most of them continuation goals that take more than one yr. to achieve, with a couple new ones added! :)
It's thrilling to start each day with the knowledge that we are the pilots of our own planes; the captains of our own ships; the determiners of our own destinies! :)
Of course it's always wise to include Deity in the mix, by inviting Him to lend His Hand in our journeys! Things always go smoother when He's at the helm! :)
Wishing you each a Very Happy 2012!!! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Update On Cali & Her Kids! :)

I've been asked for another update on Cali and her kids! If you look close you can see all 5 in this photo (4 on top of the storage bin and 1 on the floor). They love to huddle up together, soaking in the rays, on sunny days! :)
The kittens have really grown so Cali blends in with them now! :)

Apollo really enjoyed the camera today! :)
Note the little hole that was cut in the box when we'd decided to allow the kittens to enjoy some freedom! I doubt any of them fit through the opening any more! They still enjoy leaping in and out of the box though, so I've left it for them, for now! :)
Gerdy, being her sweet self! :)
Everyone's out enjoying the sun! Note how they are nearly the same size as Cali now! :)
Sylvester walking to my side for a little affection! I have to be careful not to step on him as he blends in with the gravel! :)
Sylvester having a little one-on-one with "Mom"! :)
Cali, making a point to stand close as she loves having her coat stroked! :)
Mick in his own thoughts! :)
It was fun to be able to catch the loving expressions shared between Gerdy and Cali! :)
Since the kittens are shy of 6 months old, and since they've been blessed with better nutrition than Cali had as a stray, I suspect they will end up outgrowing their mother.
No matter how big the kittens get, it's obvious that they are drawn to the tender loving care that their mother gives! :)
I think Cali and I will always think of them as "kittens"! :)