Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seeing Through New Eyes! :)

 I've discovered an unexpected advantage to having been away from home all Summer! Upon my return, I'm able to see our home through new eyes! Areas I thought were orderly were not so tidy, seen with clearer vision! :)
 One example is our computer desk. It had gotten out of control and I was so used to seeing it that way that I failed to see the problem!
 Now that I see it, I've been busily working to make the improvements! :)
 My candles now sparkle again, free of dust, and are arranged to please my eye. :)
 Various zip-lock bags of candles have now found a more appropriate home in a basket! :)
And there are even items that were covered and forgotten, that are now open to display! :)
I found satisfaction in tossing the things that are outdated and unwanted! :) ...

Now everywhere I look I see things that need my attention! I'm reminding myself to not feel overwhelmed, and to just take things one task, one day at a time! ...
That's the hazard, and the blessing, of seeing through new eyes! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween! :)

 As October comes to a close, ...
 May you feel the joys of the Holidays upon us! :)
 May your life be full of fun ...
 Laughter, ...

 And opportunity to serve others! :)
 May you smile at every turn! :)

And accept a heart-felt wish from me to you, for a very ... Happy Halloween! :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn! ... One Last Hurrah! :)

 There isn't a season I don't relish, and Autumn is no exception! :)
 While the activity of Summer birds is gone, there is a restful pleasantness to the birds who settle in, in the Fall! :)
 While most flowers have stopped producing, there are a few giving a last effort. :)
 Some plants are happiest in these cooler temperatures! :)
 The Mason bees are done for another season, and we get to see how the tube occupancy
 has multiplied! :)
 Just as the flowers end their display of color, the leaves pick up the baton and ...
 Run with it! :)
 Fruit is now ready to harvest and enjoy! :)
 The air feels comfortable and makes one want to give in to peaceful slumber. :)
 Not only is there bright color in the leaves, ...

 But with the season changing, there is added color in the sky! :)

 Grasses of all sizes are putting on their own dainty blooms! :)
 This is the time of year we see the fuzzy caterpillars! :)
 Wherever we look, nature is showing off for us, providing color everywhere! :)
 Some proudly displaying berries for beauty, and for birds! :)

 It's as though Nature knows she will soon be sleeping through the Winter, ...

 And wants to give us ...

 One last hurrah! :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Something Old, Something New! :)

 Today I had a fun outing with a dear friend! We went out for lunch, and then looked through our favorite antique mall! :)
 I went in search of a candy jar and ended up buying two, plus a sugar bowl, and a white bowl that can be used for holding either food or a flower arrangement! :)
 Aren't these glass pieces attractive?
 Look at the artistic detail on the lids, ...

 And even on the handles! :)

 I love how the light dances on them! :)

 I'm currently using the white dish for holding grapes, ...
 But it would be equally pretty with a flower arrangement in it, ...
Especially with the rose design on it! :)
You know the interesting thing about purchasing antiques? You buy something old, ... and suddenly it's new! :)