Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seedling Season's Started! :)

On Feb. 8th I planted up the first flat of garden seeds! :)
I'll lift the lid so you can peek inside! See them!? :)
This is my first time growing onions from seed, (I usually buy & grow onion plants), and I'm excited to see them sprouting! :)
If they do well, I'll opt to grow them from seed from now on, as there's the potential to get a lot more for a lot LE$$! :)
I have a couple rows of Walla Walla's; Copra's; and bunching onions! :)
Now that I've got the seedling season started, I'm eager to get going with the rest of it! :)
Once these onion seeds are all sprouted and growing I can remove them from the heat mat and get the rest of my other seeds going! :)
They're up enough to warrant running the grow lights, now, and it's fun to look out and see the lights glowing in the evening! It makes it feel like spring! :)
Happily, spring will be here in a matter of weeks! :)
Happy planting, everyone! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Action Associations! :)

In an effort to be more organized, I'm beginning to associate actions with the holidays and months of the year! For instance, I associate Oct. with getting out Halloween decorations; Nov. with our Thanksgiving meal and all the trimmings; Dec. with all the Christmas activities; and Jan. with gearing up refreshed and new goals for the new year! :)
This works with gardening and yard work, too! :)
Providing we have normal weather, the time to plant the veggie garden is around Mother's Day! :)
I've just discovered there are things to associate with Valentine's Day, too! :)
The Snowdrops are in bloom! :)
The which hazel is in her full glory, spilling her earthy-citrus fragrance into the air! :)
The tulip pots that looked like they were sleeping last month, ...
Have sprung into action, in the shed! :)
All this activity is a sure sign that other plants are coming to life, too! :) Valentine's Day is the time to get serious about cleaning the flower beds! :)
Before ...
After! :)
Before ...
After! :)
And not a moment too soon! As suspected, things are pushing new growth! :)

It feels so good to have one of the flower beds clean in time for Valentine's Day! :)
My trusty wheelbarrow never looks so good as it does when it's filled to the brim! :)
Now that the bed's clean, the little bits of whimsy can be seen and enjoyed! :)
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February's Fire and Ice! :)

I love how February is full of fire and ice! I tried to capture some of it in my lens! :)

I grinned when I noticed Coal's melted outline on the frost covered deck! :)

Often the mornings are filled with fire and ice at the same time! :)
I hope you enjoy it like I do! :)