Monday, July 26, 2010

"I'm Intrigued!" :)

A doe and her spotted fawn stopped by to check out the new deer fence! (This is another doe, on another day, from the one mentioned in the post below.) The little one is difficult to see as it's standing behind the faucet, so I hope you can see it peering in! :)
I'm not sure what the attraction is, to be honest, as we didn't have the opportunity to plant a garden this year! Mostly there are just weeds, at this point, in the majority of the garden.
I have other photos of this fawn darting around, and it's mother, but since I had to choose just one, I chose this one, as the look on it's face says it all! "I'm intrigued! May I have a closer look?"
I dare say, little one, - that is just what I'm thinking about You, with your cute little white spots dotting your back in rows! "I'm intrigued! May I have a closer look?" :)

One Less Critter Getting In! :)

I'm happy to report that the deer fence is everything I hoped it would be! :) The deer can still walk all around the garden but they can't get in! :)
I'm still feeling dismayed by the fact that my blog set up has changed and I'm not able to access more than one photo per blog! I have several photos I would loved to have shared!
I also can't figure out how to access the fonts! - Just when I feel like I know what I'm doing they change things and I feel like a beginner blogger all over again! :)
For those of you who blog, - are you having these problems too? Is mine the only format that changed?
Susie, .... heeeeelllllllllp!! :) grin

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Half Way There!! :)

Two months ago, today, I started counting calories at my friend's, Vicki's, request to do this with her! I wouldn't have started, otherwise, as it sounded like too much bother to me! :)
She caught me at just the right time as I'd just had a check up at the doctors and he'd upped my blood pressure perscription! I knew I needed to shed my excess weight to be more healthy, so I agreed to start this journey with her! :)
Around Christmas time I hit my heaviest weight ever!! I'd managed to lose between 5-6 pounds from Christmas to May 17th! I was averaging only a 1 lb. loss a month!
The last two months, since counting calories, I've lost an additional 17-18 pounds, which now has me averaging a loss of 8.5-9 lbs. a month!! :) I never knew I could lose weight this successfully, at my age!! :)
Thanks, Vicki, for talking me into this!! :)
I've dropped two sizes, and my clothes were getting too baggy, so yesterday I went shopping for new clothes!! :) It ended up being a fun experience and I came home with clothes that make me feel 10 years younger! (A nice change from the frumpy look I'd slipped into while trying to hide the excess pounds!) I know at some point I will need to buy a new wardrobe, again, when I get down to my ideal weight, so I tried to buy just enough to get me by untill then! Lucky for me, when I went to pay I learned J C Penney had a fantastic sale going on!! :)
Today I'm celebrating that I'm half way there, to my goal weight!!! So this is what I look like with half left to go!! :) The photo is a little confusing with the mirror reflection behind me, but it was the best I can do taking a photo of myself! :)
Maybe by Christmas of this year, I'll be at my goal weight, and can share a photo of my thin self, then!? :)
Lately I feel like a sculpture, wittling away all that I don't want, one pound at a time, and feeling thrilled as I see the form of my desire slowly emerging!! :)
I'm beginning to see glimpses of my thin self, and I'm excited and eager to welcome her back, - like an old, dear friend! :)
I hope when all is said and done that I will be able to have my perscriptions cut back or cut out all together!! That would Really be cause to celebrate!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over! :)

As striking as the Salt Lake Temple is during the day, it's simply awe-inspiring, all lit up, in the quiet of the evening!! I couldn't resist sharing atleast one of the photos I took when Sheana, (Brennan in the stroller), and I enjoyed a late stroll on temple square! :)
"My cup runneth over!" is the best way I know to describe the feeling!! :) We stayed, like many others, untill it was time for the gates to close, feeling unrushed and filled to the brim with peace and joy as the love of our Heavenly Father washed over us! :)
If you've not had that experience, you owe it to yourself to go and feel it! ... ... ... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

UT Summer Bliss! :)

I'm having some difficulty with my blog. It's only allowing me to download One photo! How do I choose just one that expresses all the wonders I experienced while visiting family in Utah!? It simply can't be done!! :)
Do I choose an inspiring photo of the Salt Lake Temple lit at night; a photo of This Is The Place; one of the Mormon Tab' Choir with symphany, practising patriotic songs that swell in one's heart and spill over; a photo of one of many of the prophet's tombstones we found; perhaps one of Brennan playing in the sprinklers during the hot summer days; or one of us simply enjoying time together?
We did so much that I want to share with photos, and since a photo is worth a thousand words, I prefer to use them over a lengthy, wordy discourse! :)
Untill I can get some help and find out why it's now only allowing me to post one photo, I will have to accept that one is all I get to share!
Maybe my smile can say it all for me! I had a Great time!! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

So Much!!! :)

I have So Much to share yet So Much to do that the photos I've taken will have to wait a little longer!! :)
I want to alteast take time to say that I've enjoyed visiting family who are dear to me, in UT, So Much!! I am anxious to grab a moment (when I'm not so busy), to share some of the photos of that visit!! :)
At the same time I'm missing them, it is good to be home again! I've missed Rud and Cal So Much and it feels good to back in their embrace! :)
It also feels good to be back in western WA, on our property! I woke to a full choir of birds singing in the yard!! It felt great to feel that familiar air on my skin, and to breath in the fresh, joyious, quiet of our place! I love it So Much!! :)
My personal exciting news is that I'm now almost halfway down to my goal weight, and have dropped 2 sizes!!! I didn't expect to be able to lose So Much (over 20 lbs. thus far), so quickly, at my age, but since I've started counting calories (in May) the pounds have been dropping off quicker than I thought possible!! :) At this rate, I may see my goal realized by the end of this year instead of in 2011, like I thought!! :)
Hope you're all enjoying summer! It has finally arrived in my neck of the woods! :) It's a time of plenty when fruits and veggies are in season and I'm enjoying all the fresh produce So Much!! :) Hope you're enjoying it too!! :) Watermelon anyone!? :)