Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pretty In Pink! :)

 Oh Her Soft, ...
 Sweet, ...
 Chiffon! :)
 I can almost lose myself ...
 In Her beauty! :)
 Sometimes I stand still and stare! :)

 She wears Her heady fragrance ...
 Of Vanilla ...
 And Lilac! :)
Just look at Her!! So graceful and stunning! :)
Mother Nature sure is Pretty in Pink! :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shine A Light! :)

 I Love my Canon and each of it's lenses and am enjoying the new macro lens ! :)
 It can show details (like the center of this hibiscus), that we couldn't see otherwise! :)
 It can also be used as a typical close up lens, which is nice! :)
 I don't have to keep swapping lenses, this way! :)
 I can walk around the yard, ...
 And aim the lens at whatever ...
 My heart desires! :)
 I absolutely Love how it can capture ...
 Raindrops! :)

 And other things, ...
 Like this tiny yellow moth-looking bug that I've never seen before! :)
 Look at the detail of the blueberry; ...
 Drenched strawberry; ...
 And spider webbed raspberry buds and blooms! :)
 This is an onion seed pod, splitting and getting ready to bloom! :)
 The lilacs are starting to bloom as well! :)
 Not to mention the bloom of this wild bush the birds planted in the yard! :)
 The pear tree is in bloom now, too! :)

 As are the apple trees! :)

 The ornamental cherry tree is becoming a show-stopper again! :)
 This Japanese Maple shouts "Rah-rah-Red!" each Spring! :)

 Mick was posing too well for me to ignore him, this morning! :)

 Another Japanese Maple shows off pink, cream, and green leaves ...
 With fascinating curly shapes to many of it's leaves! :)
There's nothing like a Canon to shine a light on the world! I'm in love with the light it shines on mine! :)