Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Ramblings! :)

What you're looking at is Five rows of corn, but it's hard to see that since I have an enormous volunteer potato right in the middle of two rows! :)
I've been waiting for it to mature enough to bloom and begin to die back so I can dig them up and free the corn from this intruder! I've been telling myself that these will be the first potatoes to be dug up and eaten! Finally the flower buds are forming!! :)

If you look at these two rows of yellow potatoes, you'll find they are already in bloom! :)

This is the white-blooming row of potato seed we were given from our friend, Brandon! :)

This is the lavender-blooming row of yellow yukon potato seed I bought through a catalog! :)

THIS is the result of a lovely varmint who tunneled under the soil and emerged to munch down several of our kale plants that I'd planted from seed! I wonder if it will take out our bok choy next?! :( It must have been too small for our scarecrow "eyes" to see and spray away! If you look close, or enlarge the photo, you'll see that there's still one row of kale left for us! I'm debating about growing some in a pot for fall/winter use! :)

Atleast the snap peas are beginning to flower! I haven't grown them in a long time and am looking forward to tasting them again, fresh from the garden! :) I keep hoping the "water jets" will continue to keep the deer away! ...
On a happy note, - do you remember when I first planted the creeping mint between the stones of our new compost tumbler platform?! ... As you scroll down you will see how this slow growing herb is making some real headway!! :)
I'm pleased at how well it's already starting to fill in between the cracks! :) I water it every time I water the garden, and it seems real happy! :) When you step on it, it releases it's delicious mint aroma!! :) Yummmmm!! :)

I finally have some morning glories starting to grow! I thought the mint would go slow and the morning glories would really take off, but the opposite has been true, thus far. However, I'm still hopeful the morning glory will get growing up the garden gazebo soon!! :)

As we leave the garden, you may notice some change at the bird station?! The little pink antique rose is finishing up with it's blooming, just as the seafoam white rose is really getting started! :) I love how nature works together that way! :) If it allows you to click on and enlarge this photo, you may also see an American Gold Finch enjoying the seed sock! :)
Lately I've been desiring a cam' that can take close-ups from across the yard so I can get some good bird photos to share! ( Just in case there are other "bird-brains" out there, like me! ) :)

I'll end my ramblings with a last photo of my loyal companion! :) He is always near me whether I'm in the house or out in the yard! Such sincere love and devotion touches my heart! :) I believe these dear "family members" will be with us in the here-after, if we have been good to them during our time here on earth! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Irresistible Fruit! :)

Even though the tomato plants are growing and looking healthy, ...
And there's alot of blossoms on the plants, I'm feeling impatient to see some fruit forming! :)

So when I saw a tomato forming on this patio tomato plant, I couldn't resist buying it and bringing it home! :) Since the garden is fully planted, I decided to pot it and place it on our front deck! :)

I added several edible herbs to this pot for kitchen use since it's so conveniently close! :)

While I arranged the plants in the flower pot the hummingbirds were busily zipping to and from the feeder, just over my head! :) I couldn't resist adding a snapshot of them since they were such a fun part of the activity! :) I counted atleast 8 of them around it at once, but they became shy as soon as the camera came out! :) Go figure! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Battle-Ax! :)

Rud's been working on building Cal this battle-ax, as a birthday gift, for over two years now! He's put alot of his blood and sweat into it, and claims some new gray hair! :) I saw the process and am amazed how it came together! :) This weapon is a true work of art! :)
It is a full four feet long and has real weight to it! :) Buddy was sleeping, but it looks like he's playing dead for us! :)

Every part of it holds fascination for me, from the stainless steel tip to the shiney stainless steel end! It reflects it's surroundings like a mirror! :)
I think it's with mixed emotions that Rud was able to give this gift to our grown son! :) He's glad to have it done, at last, and to finally be able to hand it over to the owner it was made for, but having put so much of himself into it, perhaps a bit sad to see it go, too! :) But seeing Cal's happy face, when it passed from Rud's hands to his, I suspect made all the effort worth while! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scarecrows - Standing Like Sentinels! :)

So far so good with our motion detector water sprinklers - better known as scarecrows! :) As you can see the garden is growing under their watchful "eyes"! :)
To double the protection, we've set up two of them, following one morning when we found deer hoof prints on the corn end of the garden, ( where the water didn't quite reach ), as well as two bites taken, and dropped, from the tallest raspberry cane! Now that we have two scarecrows the entire garden is covered! :)

In order to have two active "water jets", we needed to buy a splitter, and we're good to go! :)

With the faucet right by the garden, it's an easy set up! :)

They don't look very impressive but so far they are doing the job! :) Take note of the row of strawberries along the edge of the garden! ...

They actually have leaves and are putting on their very first fruit, - thanks to the two black sentinels! :) Last year the deer came and ate their leaves as fast as they grew! At this rate, we may actually have full size plants by next year! :)

So far the snap peas are being allowed to continue to climb and grow! ...

As is everything else in the garden! :)

These yellow potato plants are getting mature enough to begin blooming! Once they've bloomed, they will start to yellow and fade! When that happens, it'll be potato digging time!! :)
Mel, this post was done with you in mind! :) Let me know how your scarecrow works for you! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses! :)

One of the things I love about June, is seeing the roses bloom again! :)
My all-time-favorite rose is Constance Spry! She is one of David Austin's creations, and I adore her! :) Her perfume is devine, and she casts a spell on me with her incredible beauty every year!

Constance Spry is not a repeat bloomer, which means she only blooms once a year! In spite of that, she has won my heart, because when she IS in bloom, ( which last around a full month ), she is stunning!! :) - Such perfect form and grace!! :)

I mean, Seriously, - How can you not be swept away by pure perfection?! :)

She does have a very close runner-up in Jude The Obscure! :) I love this rose too! She has great upright growth; perfect blooms; also has a rich, heavenly aroma; and add being a Continual bloomer, and you have another winner!! :)

I love how she starts in yellow-gold tones, and matures to a soft apricot! :)

I smiled when I startled this spider with the camera! It couldn't run away quick enough, poor soul! :)

Is it my imagination, or is the spider a chameleon? Isn't it the same kind of spider we often see in pure white on light colored flowers? :)

I wanted you to be able to see the contrast between her youthful yellow-gold, and her more mature soft apricot! :)

As you can see, my most favorite roses are English roses with their devine cabbage-like faces! :)

Right this moment I can't remember this one's name. It starts with a C. :)

This is Mary Rose! She's another one of David Austin's! :)

I believe this one is Winchester Cathedral. She has an interesting trait. She was made from Mary Rose, and every now and then she will send out a dash of pink, reflecting her parent! :)

Now we leave the English roses for a hybrid, by the name of Brass Band! :)

This is a rose that was here when we moved in. She struggles with black-spot every year, but I haven't had the heart to yank her out! I like her simplicity! :)

If you're looking for a hardy rose that requires very little effort on your part, look to the Rugosa Roses!! :) I love their spicey fragrance; ...

their hardy, upright growth, ...

their leathery leaves, and thier amazing hips evey fall!! :) This white Alba Rugosa put's on large yellow hips that turn orange in the fall, and there's a pink rose, just like it, that puts on orange hips that turn red! :) There are many Rugosa roses to choose from and they are so hardy they can even stand living with strong winds and salty air, which makes them perfect for the coast! :)

From rugged to dainty! But don't let this little petite rose fool you! She's pretty hardy! :) She was given to me by one of my dear gardening friends, who I used to work with at a garden nursery!

Thanks to this busy bee, she'll be putting on clusters of small red hips come fall! :)

Rose hip tea or jelly, anyone? :)

Here is a one-time blooming rose that came when I first ordered Constance Spry! Since it was the wrong rose, I got her free, but don't know her name. Even though she is dainty, she is hardy! She has a lovely rose fragrance, and even though she was a mistake, I'm glad to have her! :)

Ironically, this rose came by mistake, instead of Constance Spry, too! Having looked through the rose catalog, I believe this is Tuskany! This is another one-time bloomer that has a spicey rose scent, and puts on hips each year! :)

Sometimes a rose graft can freeze and die off! When this happens, the original root stock will grow, and you're left with a wild rose. There are places that sell cuttings rather than grafts, and if you're willing to invest in them, you will forever have the true rose, whether what's above ground freezes, or not! :)

Here is a wild rose that is left since the graft froze last winter. I'm debating whether to pull it or not. It has it's own beauty, and since it's the root rose, I'd never have to worry about it freezing away, again, ...

As with this old rose, that comes up and blooms every year, without fail, now that it's the root stock! It's another one I've debated pulling out, but have enjoyed it enough to let it be for now!

We'll end with this delicate antique rose, that is another one-time bloomer I was given from my gardener friend! :) I love this rose's sweet, simple face! :) Her buds are bright pink and then soften to a pale pink as they mature!

I'm sure I've given you way more information than you ever wanted! This just comes out in me, when I'm around plants that I love! Hope I didn't bore you sinceless! :)
Next time you're out and about, ... take time to smell the roses!! :)