Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Have A Mystery On My Hands! :)

 Typically, for my area, the Rufous is the hummer that choses to live in our yard come Spring and Summer. In the past they have arrived in the first part of March! :)
 As stated in the booklet, ... it's the male who arrives first. He comes to claim his territory and hopes it will impress a female! :) He's decked out in red, ...

 While she dresses in more conservative tones of cream, tan, black, and green! :)
 I have yet to notice any Anne's in our yard.
 However, I do notice their bellies are more off white than the Rufous.
 The booklet says they are a year round visitor to their area.
 So here's who has shown up at our feeder today. It was raining so I needed to stay under the eve of the roof, and couldn't take the camera any closer to the feeder while taking photos.
 It's possible that it could be a female Rufous, but only if she has stayed the Winter, as the males have not yet arrived.
This photo was taken before I put the zoom lens on, so you'll have to click on the photo to enlarge it to have a better view. This hummer was smaller and was off-white in color. (Flying to the left of the feeder.)
It's an unusual event in my yard to see these visitors. It's always been the Rufous who inhabit our yard, and the bright red males always arrive at the feeder first!
If these hummers are still here on our next dry day, I will take my Canon out closer to the feeder to get some better photos that may give me some answers. Until then, I have a mystery on my hands! :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Photos To Satisfy, Once Winter's Come And Gone! :)

 The Winter snow I've been longing for came yesterday morning and went on into the night! :)
 I'm not sure how much we actually had since it started to melt, mid-day, and then started to stick again in the evening. At that point we measured 2 1/2 inches! :)
 It's enough to make everything white and give that Winter-wonderland feeling I've been missing! :)
 One never knows, in my neck-of-the-woods, if any snow will fall, so there could be more coming or this could be it until next Winter! :)
 I'm glad to have these photos to look at, to satisfy my need for Winter snow, once Winter's come and gone! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

One Resolution! :)

 This morning, as I took time to write out this year's list of goals, I came to a decision that will simplify my list! The list is long, taking up both sides of the sheet! Most of it has to do with maintenance on our home and property. This long list I have designated as Goals, and since it's lengthy, whatever goals don't get completed this year will roll over to next year! :)
 I have One Resolution! "Read Scriptures Daily!" When one's life is busy and full of good things, including good intentions, sometimes daily scripture reading can get overlooked. By making this my One Resolution, it will make it easier to focus on and make sure it's not forgotten! :)
 After all, when one's spirit is fed, all other aspects of one's life fall into place! :)
 Happy New Year Everyone! :)