Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's A Beautiful Thing! :)

 Seems everywhere I look there is beauty! :)

 Even bird-bath-Pig, has a lovely bit of fluff on it's head, today! :)

 New sprouts are exciting to see in the garden! :)

 It's nice when cherished pets appreciate what you do for them! :)
 A spectacular double rainbow! :)

 Another successful effort from my hubby to make my life more enjoyable! :)
 I love his talent and his gift to me in celebration of Mother's Day! :) I love him dearly and am grateful for his enduring love for me! :) I'm thankful for the life we have together! :)
It's a beautiful thing! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Count Our Many Blessings! :)

  Sometimes I walk the yard and property and count our blessings! :) ...

 For years I've added plants, and my hubby has built arbors and trellises for them to grow on! :)

 He even built my beloved deer fence, and 'tills the soil every year so I can grow a garden We can harvest! :)

 We've combined our efforts to make a home for ourselves. :)

 We are enjoying the labors of our efforts! :)
 The rhododendrons are humming with bees! :)

 There is beauty at every turn! :)

 Constance Spry remains my favorite rose! :)

 I'm hoping this is the year we get to harvest figs! :)
 Our companions warm our hearts and make us smile! :)

 All is just as pleasing following a rain shower! :)

 I know that time changes things and the day may come when we no longer live here! :)
So today we build tomorrow's memories and count our many blessings! :)