Saturday, July 7, 2018

Happy Gardening! :)

 When one first plants a garden it's hard to imagine that it will produce.
 Before long, though, things are growing at a noticeable rate! :)
 It is just the first week of July, and we are already beginning to enjoy the first fruits! :)
 The tomato plants are already reaching to the tops of the cages! :)
 It's already time to place stakes in the squash so we'll know where to water when the vines stretch and entertwine! :)
 The first zucchini are beginning to form! :)
 We've been eating the first Sungold Cherry Tomatoes! Sweet candy! :)
 The Copra Onions are showing growth as well! :)
Summer heat is making the plants happy, and putting a smile on my face, as well! :)
To all who are growing veggie gardens, this year, Happy Gardening! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Time To Smell The Roses! :)

You've heard the saying "Take time to smell the roses." In my experience, a rose only last a day at it's peek, and if one doesn't Make time, the opportunity is lost. The moment is gone.
 Life is ever changing, and the older I get, the faster it goes, and the more significant the little things in life are! :)
 So when something special touches my life, I've learned to take notice! :)
Look! The peach glow in the front yard is lighting up the back yard! :)
 There's a rainbow shining across the field! :)
 It's another double! :)
 A moment is here for our enjoyment, and all we need do is open the door to it, ...
 Step out, and embrace it! :)
 Heavenly Father shows His love to us every day in various ways! Today it's with a rainbow! :)
 The next day it's with a breathtaking shade of yellow-gold that lifts the soul! We just open ourselves to it, ...
 and step out into it! Another moment wrapped in another expression of His perfect love! :)
All we need is eyes to see, a heart that receives, and a willingness to take time to smell the roses! :)
Happy Summer Everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Spring Is Going By In A Blur! :)

 This is the longest time I've taken between blog post since I started blogging! It was late Winter and now Spring is upon us and going by too fast! :)
 This post pretty well describes how Spring has been for me so far! It's been a blur! :)
 I enjoyed the beauty of the hellebores; ...

 The daffodils; ...
 The Spring tassels; ...
 The flowering currants; ...
 The shopping sprees at local nurseries; ...
 Our new deck furniture for my Spring birthday; ...
 The rush to get healthy new plants in the ground ...
 situating them in the flower beds ...
 where they fill in any gaps ...
 in a way that they complement each other! :)

 New to our yard this year are the gerbera daisies that our daughter loves! When I see them I think of her! :)

 Of course we've enjoyed the iris; ...
 the flowering quince; ...
 the lilacs; ...
 (Still enjoying the potted fuchsia); ...
 the bleeding hearts; ...
 and the breath-taking blooms of the ornamental cherry tree! :)

 The colors closely resembled the colors on the door wreath! :)

 Something (or some one) also knew to our yard this spring, is a cute quail! :)
 It found the flat feeder, too, so I know it can get to the seed when it wants to! :)
 Most of the time it chooses to eat seed found on the ground! :)
 It's fun to watch it scratching for seed! It's been showing up daily, so we hope it will be a regular visitor and one day have a family with it! :)
 As soon as I get a previous box of plants in the ground, it's time to make another run to the nurseries and get more! :)
 The peonies are currently in bloom, ...

 but the iris are nearly done already! :)

 These lilies' bloom time is short, too, but add a fun festive feel to the yard and remind us of our dear friend who shared them with me. They are from her home state, so are very special to have! :)
 Just as other plants are winding down, roses are beginning! :)
 There are plants open now, just in time, as others begin to fade! :)
 This one the hummers' especially love! :)

 This Evening Scented Phlox is new to our yard this year! It shows it's pretty rose colored buds during the heat of the day and opens it's white snowflake blooms in the evening! I love it! :)
 There's even some color in our shade garden! :)
 As you can see, it's doing well! :)
 I love seeing the plants all prosper and mingle together! :)
 I'm especially thrilled with how well the special clover has adapted! :) A fond memory from my childhood now thrives in my own yard! :)
 May temperatures have been in the 70's and 80's, but currently are hovering in the 60's which is perfect for working in the yard and garden! :)
 Another new plant to our yard is this clematis, Vancouver Fragrant Star! :)
 I hope to get it planted today! I'm still debating which spot I want to plant her in! :)
 I'm also debating whether to plant these annuals in pots or in the ground! :)
 I saw more gerbera daisies I couldn't resist! :)

 Now they're planted in the yard, too! :)

 All for the love of Sheana! :)
 Though I love gerbera daisies, too! :)

 Ember's Wish, Salvia ... I couldn't resist! Hope the hummers can't resist it either! :)
 There's happy color in the yard that lifts my heart! :)

 Some in the ground ...
 And some in pots! :)
 The snowball bush put on a lovely show ...
 And has faded too soon.
 As are the blooms of the flowering quince.
 They were lovely while they lasted! :)
Soon the rhododendrons will be done, too, just like May, herself. Glorious while she's here, but gone too soon!
Spring is my favorite season of the year! :)
Now if only Spring would Slow Down! I'm working as fast as I can, in the yard and garden, before the heat of Summer hits, and it feels like Spring is passing me by!
I'm loving every delicious day, ... but it's racing by in a blur! :)