Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nature's Tug-Of-War! :)

 The following photos are shown in the order they were taken! :)
 We start with a pink sunrise, warning of a change in weather! :)
 Then came the snow! :)
 It's not uncommon for us to have snow in Feb., but it felt unreal on the heels of Spring-like weather.
 After a full day of snow, with it thawing part of the time, we ended up with 3 inches! :)
 In western WA, we don't usually say Valentine's Day and snow in the same sentense! :)
 I try to have flower beds cleaned by Valentine's Day, since the plants are pushing new growth! :)
 This has put me behind this year. No yard clean up or pruning today! :)

 Or the next day, ...

 Or the day after that! :)

 Can you see the Anna Hummer sitting on the feeder? I've kept it thawed enough to drink. :)

 The sun stretches out her warm arms but it's too late in the day! :)
 Night comes and the snow remains.

 The following day the sky starts to break up! :)

 There's Blue in that sky! :)

 Follwed by pink, signally another change in weather! :)

 "How I love the green, green grass of home!" :)
 But wait! What's That?
 An impressive storm moving in! :)
 Look at That! :) That's Some Sunset, isn't it!? :)

 It's the kind of color that makes one stop what they're doing and just stand and look! :)
 "Red sky at night, sailor's delight." :)
 Followed by a frosty pink sunrise! :)
 "Red sky in morning, sailor's take warning." When they happen back-to-back, it seems to mean nice days and cold nights, which is what we've been having! :)
We end this March post as we started it, with another pink sky, signaling change in the weather.
Mankind is just along for the ride when it comes to Mother Nature! :)
Right now Winter and Spring are fighting over who gets to be with us! :)
I have to say, I'm enjoying Nature's amazing tug-of-war! :) Hope you are too! :)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I Love The Beautiful Pacific Northwest! :)

 There are some who say the Pacific Northwest is always cloudy and offers nothing but rain! While it's true we have our share of overcast days and rain in the Winter, here's proof that even in our Winter months, the landscape and sky are ever changing! :)
  Believe it or not, we actually have sunshine, too, even in January! :)
 There are days when the sky is nothing but Blue! :)
 Sometimes it even feels like Spring! :)
 Then we sometimes see wispy clouds move in.
 They tell us that in two to three days we will likely see some rain. :)
 These clouds are the ones that look like horse main, stretching across the sky! :)
 When we see them we know some rain is on it's way. :)
 We also see some amazing sky color this time of year! :)
 It tells us colder Winter weather is on it's way, and to bundle up! :)
 I love All the seasons here, in the Pacific Northwest, including Winter! I love how the rain comes and freshens the air, filling it with oxygen! You breath it in and feel like you could run forever without stopping! :)
How I love the beautiful Pacific Northwest! :)
I hope wherever you are, you love your home, too! :)