Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall, Glorious Fall! :)

 Fall's been a smorgasbord of color, weather, and activities! :)
We've had fog. :)
 We've had hail ...
 The size of peas ...
 That made everything white in a  mater of minutes! :)

 We've had lots of color ...
 That's been made all the brighter ...
 By the sun! :)

 There's multiples of red ...

 Yellow and gold ...

 With orange and green mixed in! :)

 There's no denying the vast beauty of Fall! :)

 How I love it! :)

 Fall in her striking splendor ...

 At every turn! :)

 Fall is also a time of activity, like potting new flowers with Fall color! :)
 Potting flower bulbs with hope of a brighter Spring! :)
 Fall even spreads color up in the sky ...
 As well as down below! :)

 This Fall I decorated the trunk and filled it with goodies for costumed children, trunk or treating! I dressed in my Seahawk garb, and had a Seahawk theme! A new spin on tail gaiting! :)
 Fall's brought days of warmth ...
 And mornings of frost! :)

 And amidst all the color ...

 Fall's brought one holiday followed by another! :)
 Now's the time we count our many blessings and give thanks! :)
 One thing I'm feeling thankful for is the variety and fun of Fall! :)
Fall, Glorious Fall! :)

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall's Like An Exuberant Marching Band! :)

 Do you ever notice how Fall comes in like an exuberant band in a parade!? :)
 Each year I can almost hear the cymbals, horns, and drums as it comes marching along! :)
 Life is full of color and activity! :)
 After all the Summer work, it's time to get out the Autumn puzzles and make time for simple fun! :)

 Get out those spice fragrances and fill the house with yummy aromas! :)
 Take my Canon out in the yard and capture the lively band as it passes by! :)

 The trumpet vines are full of long bean pods this year! :)
 The witch hazel is blooming in Oct. now! Trying to live up to it's name? :)
 "WITCH hazel"! :)
 The Virginia Creeper is creeping over to the new trellis my hubby made for me! I was hoping it would! :)
 I love the dark blue berries it displays each Fall! :)
 Can you hear a marching band when you see this rah-rah red!? :)
 Time to get out the Halloween decorations! :)
 It's so lively outside, that it needs to be lively inside to match! :)

 I Love it! :)

 You didn't think the band was done yet, did you!? :)
 Not without it's ...
 Grand ...
 Crescendo!! :)
Play On, Autumn!!! Play On!! :)
Happy Fall Ya'll! :)