Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall's Like An Exuberant Marching Band! :)

 Do you ever notice how Fall comes in like an exuberant band in a parade!? :)
 Each year I can almost hear the cymbals, horns, and drums as it comes marching along! :)
 Life is full of color and activity! :)
 After all the Summer work, it's time to get out the Autumn puzzles and make time for simple fun! :)

 Get out those spice fragrances and fill the house with yummy aromas! :)
 Take my Canon out in the yard and capture the lively band as it passes by! :)

 The trumpet vines are full of long bean pods this year! :)
 The witch hazel is blooming in Oct. now! Trying to live up to it's name? :)
 "WITCH hazel"! :)
 The Virginia Creeper is creeping over to the new trellis my hubby made for me! I was hoping it would! :)
 I love the dark blue berries it displays each Fall! :)
 Can you hear a marching band when you see this rah-rah red!? :)
 Time to get out the Halloween decorations! :)
 It's so lively outside, that it needs to be lively inside to match! :)

 I Love it! :)

 You didn't think the band was done yet, did you!? :)
 Not without it's ...
 Grand ...
 Crescendo!! :)
Play On, Autumn!!! Play On!! :)
Happy Fall Ya'll! :)

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Feeling Of Peace! :)

 It's been a memorable Summer with record high temps' and dry days! They led to many fires that gave the sky a rosy red hue.

 Rain was needed, but first there were a couple more goals that needed to be tended to! :)
 I wanted to get one more flower bed cleaned along the garage! Check! :)
 Things were So Dry that mowing kicked up layers of dust! :)
I felt concern that I may not be able to see the veggie garden cleared, 'tilled, and put to bed before the needed rain came! I spent a week clearing the garden bed that had become an overgrown jungle! :)
 The men in my life each gave some of their weekend time to help me! (One ran the weed eater, and  the other ran the 'tiller!) :) Clouds were forming and it was a race with time! ... We Made It!!!! ... Sylvester examined our work! :)
 Once the garden was put to bed, we were able to relax and welcome the much needed rain! :)
 There's still the raspberry row to clean, but the pressure is off! :)
 There are more dry days in the forecast that will allow for more garden work! :)
 The rainbow, (another double), gives the promise! :)
 The earth will not be flooded again! :)
 And just like that, the storm begins to clear! :)
 There go a large flock of geese announcing that Fall is now here! :)
The race with Mother Nature is over and there's a feeling of peace in the fresh, clean air! :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

One More Check On Our Do-List! :)

 I'm excited because we managed another home improvement goal! :)
 It was one that only took one day to accomplished, too! [The felines are helping!] :)
 We lined up a ground fabric with the end of our hedge and had a couple loads of gravel delivered! :)
 We ran out of fabric, but most of the area was covered that we were doing! :)
 Now that the gravel is poured the majority of our driveway has been widened! :)
 Now we can park 3 vehicles at the end of the drive! :)
 The width is now doubled and, after raking, there are no more dips and holes to turn into mud puddles during our rainy season! It's going to be so nice to have clean tires year round! :)
I Love One-day projects! One more check on our long do-list! :)