Sunday, April 24, 2016

It's Watering Can! :)

 I noticed the flower pots needed watering so I brought in the watering can, and tried to shake out some of the leaves and blossoms into the garbage can. When I shook it, a frog dropped out onto the floor! Quick as can be it hopped under the kitchen stove! Oh No! That's the Worst place it could go! The stove is the one appliance that's not been changed out since we've moved here, and there's dust and who knows what under there! ...
 I went ahead and filled the watering can and watered, and when I came back inside there was the frog on the kitchen floor! I quick took it in my hands and rinsed the dust off of it under the faucet! :)
 Now clean, I took it back out to the front deck and carefully placed it in one of the flower pots where it could enjoy the shade of the plants and be protected from the heat of the sun! :)
 The next time the flower pots needed watering, I looked in the watering pot before taking it in the house. Seeing nothing but a leaf, I took it in and shook it over the garbage can hoping to dislodge the leaf! Out dropped the frog into the garbage can! Again!? ... I coddled it in my hands and rushed it out to the potted plants again! :)
 Then I walked away. ...
It's been a few days since then, but I have a feeling it's still out there! :)
I love frogs, so it's fun to think one has chosen to live on the deck! :)
 I suspect it's living in the handle or the spout of it's chosen watering can! :) Next time I go to water, I'll be careful to just fill the pot and not shake it, first! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Mason Haven! :)

 Look at how many of the new tubes are filled already! :)
 See that thick layer of yellow pollen sticking to the fine body hairs? :)
 With that capacity to carry so much pollen, it's not surprising that the tubes ...
 are being filled so quickly! :)
 You'll notice this Mamma bee is backing into the tube to lay a potential baby! :)
 Once the baby is safely within, a layer of pollen will be added! :)
 Followed by another baby, ...
 and more pollen! :)
 Each tube will have around 5 babies within, once filled! :)
 It's said that the Mammas put the female babies in first, with the males added at the front end of the tube! :) Come Spring the males will emerge first, and when the females emerge they will mate and tube filling will begin by the females! :)
 As I watched them working, I noticed the females were carrying so much pollen that ...
 some of the pollen was falling from them in air, like an airline streamer! :)
 You can see it on the tubes and on the floor of the house! :)
 There's something joyful about watching them work! :)
 They have a mission in their short life and they are about fulfilling it! :)
 This is my favorite Mason Bee photo so far! :)
 This photo is out of focus but I added it anyway because that pollen load is impressive! :)
 Each Mason Bee does a great job of remembering which tube she is working to fill! :)
 I could watch them for hours! :)
 This year I added 6 new houses to complete the row! :)
 They are filling them so quickly that I bought 9 more houses, ... enough for a full 2nd row! I will wait to add them until all the empty tubes are filled! I hope to be able to add the 2nd row next year! :)
So far they show no sign of running out of pollen, and I've been buying more flowering perennials to make sure they don't! I'm doing my best to see that they have enough real estate! :)
It's turning into a Mason Haven! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If She Were Here! :)

 Each year, when the ornamental cherry tree blooms, my thoughts turn to Sheana! :)
 Growing up, this was her favorite tree! :)
 Prom pictures were taken in front of it's blanket of blooms! :)
 Each year it lengthens it's reach until what was a twig, when we first moved in, now obscures the front of our home! :) ... It's been awhile since Sheana has seen it. Look how it's grown now! :)
 I wish I had power to wish her here so we could walk the property together! :) I'd point out the tassels and new leaves coming on the Birch trees! :)
 I'd love for her to see the new hostas I've added to the shade flower bed! I especially love the lime green ones! :)
 I'd ask her opinion about a cream blooming shrub the birds planted, behind the garage, and see if she thinks we should sever it or let it grow? :)
 We'd smile at the tulip shape of the leaves that are just opening on the tulip tree! :)
 We'd walk around the fruit trees, enjoying their blooms! :)

 I'd show her the section of garden I just planted with onions and yellow potatoes! :)
 We ended up with three rows of Yukon Gold Potatoes from this one small bag! :)
 We'd look at the new Mason Bee houses on the tool shed, and share our amazement at how many tubes they've already filled! :)
 Since it's only the first part of April, I'm wondering if I bought enough houses this year! :)
 Of course we'd go smell the lilacs and cut a few to bring in the house, to enjoy their aroma! :)
We'd walk near the flowering quince and watch the hummers zip around them! :)
... That's what Sheana and I would do if she were here! ... :)
... Since she isn't here, a visit by blog will have to do! :)
... Love you Sheana!! BIG SQUEEZE!! XO :)
... Looking forward to seeing you soon! :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring's Parade! :)

 Like me, the felines love the comforts of Spring! It's fun to see them lined up in a peaceful row of contentment! :)
All plant life lines up too! :) It reminds me of a parade, where each participant enthusiastically does their best to shine and impress the viewer! :)
 They strut their texture ...
 And color! :)

 They show off their form ...

 And grace! :)
 Catching our hearts and eyes with their ...
 Bright uniforms! :)

 Everywhere one looks there's entertainment! :)

 Every good parade has that element of surprise! :)
 Everywhere there's the explosion of life, ...

 And the clashing of symbols! :)

 All are alert, and taking part in the parade! :)

 Joyfully they call to us, and invite us to join in! :)

 Life is rich for all who answer the call ...
To enjoy Spring's parade! :)