Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enter The Gate For Some Garden Gab! :)

This time of year I wish I could go around visiting all my neighbors and friends gardens just to enjoy seeing what they have growing, and to gain inspirational ideas for our own garden! :)
If you love visiting gardens and garden talk, like I do, enter our gate for some garden gab! :)
Since I went overboard on my tomato and pepper seedlings, this year, a large portion of the space designated for veggies has been filled with "my baby plants"! :)
Our hot peppers! (Two types)! :)
Our Bell Peppers, (red, yellow, and orange)! :)
A mix of sweet peppers! :)
Since the tomato plants inside the greenhouse are starting to bloom, and I haven't yet seen any bees frequenting them, I bought a couple hanging baskets to put by the greenhouse door, and moved a pot that's starting to bloom just inside the greenhouse, to draw pollinators to them! :)
On nice days, I also open both doors to lest the breeze in to rustle any blooms that are self-pollinating! So far I've seen hummers and bumble bees visiting the flowers, but not the tomato blooms! Bees are all over the lavender growing in the front yard, so I'm going to buy some potted lavender for the garden, next! :)
I have tons of flower seeds I'd wanted to grow in the garden, for this purpose, but it's been too wet and cold a Spring this year, so I didn't grow them! (Note to self, - start some flower seeds indoors next year, when I start the tomato and pepper seeds!)
I have two long rows of tomato plants growing, of various indeterminate types! :)
Along the outside wall of the greenhouse I have cherry tomatoes growing! :)
And what else is growing in the garden!? :) ...
There's a long row of various winter and summer squash growing with two types of yellow potatoes at the end of that row! There's an even longer row of a variety of onions growing on the other side of them! You'll notice 4 rows of corn growing, in the background, and a covered row of cold crop items (cabbages, cauliflowers, brussels sprouts, & broccoli)! :)

The fruit and perennial section of the garden is out-of-control with weeds this year, due to all the rainy days keeping me from weeding early on! I'm finally making a tiny dent in it, and have a lot of work ahead to get it all tidy before the raspberries start to put on fruit! :)
The elephant garlic is starting to bud! :)
The white currant bush is putting on fruit! :)
The potatoes are starting to bloom! :)
The sweet shelling peas are sprouting, ...
As are the green beans! :)
The blueberries are coming on great this year, with full branches of fruit! The hummingbirds do a great job of pollinating their blooms each year, and this year they outdid themselves! :)

I know you have to go, and I'm sure I kept you too long! Once I get gabbing about the garden it's hard to stop! :) I'd love to see your garden sometime, - and feel free to come back and visit the garden again! Hopefully next time, we'll have some produce to share! :)
Wishing us all sunny summer days, 'till then!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Is Heaven, To Me! :)

There's a primary song that says "Home can be a heaven on earth"! :) That describes perfectly how I feel about our home! :) Every crack and corner, it seems, has been filled with the dearest, most precious, memories and yet there is always room for more!! :)
Part of my joy is the feeling of purpose I have, as my "to-do-list" is endless, and each day I set about orchestrating my tasks, seeing how much I can get done! :)
We have many loves here, as we've surrounded ourselves with many of our favorite things, including my favorite rose, Constant Spry, who's as fragrant as she is beautiful! :)
How I love entering the garden gate and lifting the latch my honey lovingly forged for me, that is one small part of the deer fence he built for me, that I dearly cherish! :)
When I asked him if he had any request of what he'd like me to grow in the garden, this year, he suggested corn and potatoes, which suited me fine, as I'm a country girl who Loves potatoes and fresh corn-on-the-cob!! :)
Another favorite is Walla Walla Onions!! Yummm!! :)
In my opinion, no home is complete without the companionship of a dear canine friend! :)
Home is special because of the little things, (like noticing the Irish moss is in bloom as I pass by on my way to the mailbox!)
Or noticing that the rainbows seem to always go over our property, right there in our back field!
Many times they are double rainbows! :)
How I love the endless array of cloud formations! :)
And sometimes we even chance to see blue dragons or dinosaurs magically drifting by in the air! There are endless reasons why our homes "can be a heaven on earth", and these are only a few of the reasons why our home is a taste of heaven to me! :)
If, when my time comes to pass on, our Heavenly Father asks me what setting I'd like, I'll ask Him if it can please be like my earth home, as that is heaven to me!! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tomato Tots! :)

If you follow my blog, you'll recall that I over planted my tomato and pepper seeds as I was allowing for seedlings to die, and still have enough to plant in the garden. To make matters worse, I couldn't bring myself to sever the extra seedlings per plug, so divided the seedlings and saved them all! So far I've only lost one seedling! (Making a note to self that I need only start enough seeds next year for what I intend to grow!)
So, I had to make a decision! Either I plant them all, with hopes that the fruit ripens so I can make tons of salsa, or I keep a few plants and try to find homes for all of the rest, in order to use the garden space to grow other things! In the long run I decided it is easier to plant them than it is to try to find them all homes, - and I can't bare the thought of tossing any of them after babying them all this time! :)
As you can see, they've been growing right along in the greenhouse, and the ones I planted in the soil are doing better than the ones that are still in their pots!
In fact, they are all putting on flowers already, (gearing up to produce tantalizing tomatoes), so the time is right to get them in the ground! :)
So today Cal helped me ready the soil and get 17 tomato plants in the ground, (16 of mine, and 1 from the store)! You'll think I'm crazy, but I actually bought a potted tomato plant to compare to the plants that I planted from seed! This is a learning experience for me this year, and I'm keeping notes to see if growing tomato and pepper plants from seed is worth the effort! :)
There are still 11 cherry tomato plants waiting to be planted, as well as all the pepper plants! :) If anyone would like to have any cherry tomato plants, I am willing to part with the majority of them as I grow these for fresh eating and tossed salads, - not salsa! :)
There are two kinds, - Sungold and Sweet 1 Million! We sold Sungold at All Season Nursery and they are superb! :) The Sweet 1 Million are supposed to be sweeter and tastier than the Sweet 100 that I love, and as far as I know can only be had in the form of seed from the seed catalogs, so I'm very eager to try them! :)
Let me know soon, if you'd like to have any of them, as they have flower buds and are anxious to get in the ground! If I don't hear from anyone I'll end up planting them, as I don't have the heart to toss them and see any of them die! :) I've been babying them a long time so they are my "tomato tots", after all! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011