Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome Little Lexie Lew! :)

 As many of you may know, I flew to UT for the birth of our grand-daughter! :)
Walking down the hall to witness little Lexie's first bath, was a family event! :)
 The nurse was waiting to take Lexie in for her bath, shampoo, and foot pokes! :)

 Mommy and Daddy were allowed in the nursery, while we watched through the glass! :)

 The nurse thoughtfully placed Lexie near the window where we could see! :)

 Though the nurse was gentle, Lexie did not like her first bath! :)
 She was coddled for her hair wash, though, and found the experience soothing! :)

 A lift, for brothers to see little sister better! :)

 A whimper when her feet were poked! :)

 Even a little bow added to her head! :)

 It's official, the world has a record of Lexie Lew! :)
 Back at the room, brothers get to hold little sister! :) They've been excitedly waiting for this moment! :)

 Daddy says a pillow may be helpful! :)
 Yes, that makes holding her easier! :)
 Now oldest brother's turn! :)

 He can't resist a tender touch to her soft cheek! :)

 When can we take her home!? :)
Not yet, but soon! :)