Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bring On The Color! :)

 After a muted Winter, there's something to be said for color! :)
 Lately I've been enjoying all the variety of color in the sky! :)

 This morning I noticed one of my deck pots was empty and decided to add plants to my list of things to buy! :) I chose red prim roses and cream double prim roses, ...
 euphorbia, ...
 calla lily, ...
 and a white hellebore! :)

 The creams, greens, and reds will complement the outside paint colors we're planning! :)
 The left-over prim roses can be tucked into the flower beds, or in another flower pot! :)
 They are all perennials, so can be worked into the yard at a later time! :)
More flower bulbs are starting to bloom! ... Hurray! ... Bring on the color! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring's Gentle Call! :)

 One would think Mother Nature is a little confused when one sees both "Red sky at night, sailors delight" and ...
 "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
 The truth is that she's on the money, as usual! We've been having nice days with temp's in the 60's, and night's in the frosty 30's! :) The combination makes for colorful skies! :)
 There's new growth pushing beneath last year's spent growth! It's time to get the flower beds cleaned and ready for another season! :)
 The felines love checking out my handy work, and having more space to roam! :)
 It's not a moment too soon, as new life is pushing up through the soil! :)

Now that the soil has thawed, I am starting to get some of the plants in the ground that have been on hold! :)
 It's fun to see last year's nest, before the new leaves immerge and hide them from view! :)
 How I love a blue, blue sky! :)
 Potted flower bulbs are springing into action! :)
 I put a few of them on the front deck, where I can enjoy watching them as they bloom! :)

 The evenings are full of frog's serenade! It's a sound that is music to my ears! :)
 The camellias are in bloom! I almost forgot to look, and would have missed them! :)

 The crocus have the bees all in a buzz, ...

 ... As do the snowdrops! :)
 Some of the hellebores are open and adding a touch of color to the yard! :)

 Most of the plants are right on schedule! :)
 The flowering quince is one that is surprising! It usually doesn't bloom until March and it's jumping the gun this year! :)

 The Mason bees are doing the same thing by immerging in February! :)
Everywhere I look, things are shaking off their slumber and responding to Spring's gentle call! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's A New Day! :)

 Don't you just love Mary Engelbreit? She is so skilled at helping us see life, and ourselves, in a brighter light! "Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth." :)
 "Don't be so serious. If you can't laugh at yourself, call me - I'll laugh at you!" :)

I love to set goals and work to achieve them! I know there will be ups and downs in the journey, but as long as I keep working on it I will obtain success! :)
I'm saddened that of all the verbal invitations I've extended to others to join me in my current quest, (one that many would also profit by), that few, if any, seem willing to attempt my current quest with me.
I've noticed there are those who Want to obtain the victory, but are too afraid of failure to make the attempt. It's as if by Not trying, they can tell themselves they Would succeed if they Did try, ... or Worse, ... they tell themselves they Can't and are beaten before they even begin! So they stay where they are, feet soundly cemented, when they need only put one foot in front of the other to climb the mountain and reach the goal, victorious!
 I refuse to think this way. I will never succeed at something I never attempt! I'd rather make my way Part way up that mountain than stay with my feet planted, making no progress at all!
Every morning offers a New Day, with Countless Possibilities! :) ...
It's here for us to reach out and grab ahold of!:)
Accepting that none of us are perfect, and that we all make mistakes, is a healthy thing! Being able to accept that we can and should laugh at ourselves and our silly goof-ups along the way, is all part of enjoying and learning from this earth-life! (The times in life when I've laughed the loudest, from the gut, have been when I've been laughing at myself!) We should acknowledge that when we take 2 steps forward and slide one step back, that it's okay! We're making progress! :)
Whether I take this journey alone, or with others joining in the ranks is not important. I'd love their company, but it's not necessary to my success! ... You see, ... I'm Taking this journey! I'm Seizing the Moment! ... I've set my sights, ... and It's a New Day! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Regency Tea! :)

 Have you ever been to a Regency Tea?
 Neither my daughter or I had ever been, but when we learned one of our favorite authors was going to be hosting one near where my daughter lives, it didn't take much coaxing from her, for me to decide to fly out and join her! :)
  It was fun to share this experience together! :)
 There was a good turn out, anywhere from 50 or more!
 It was optional to dress in the regency era, and some had a lot of fun with it! :)
 I didn't learn the significance of all the people in this photo, but the man in back is Sarah's husband, and he let her talk him into dressing in regency clothes, as well! He's very proud and supportive of his dear wife, which says so much about the impressive man he is! :)
 Of course, Sarah M. Eden is the person who drew all of us together! :) She even shared a few lines from two of her new books that are not yet released! She has four written that are waiting to go to print! We can hardly wait to buy them and add them to our selection of books! :)
 The decorations were charming! :)
 We were served herb tea and cookies, which were common in the regency era! :)
 Lines from her books were posted around the room, ... many bringing smiles! :)

 Sarah is fun-loving, sweet, spirited, generous, and willing to let Sheana and I take photos with her! :)
 A Regency dress that glimmered and dazzled! :)
 A few of these photos are Sheana's that she forwarded to me to share on this blog! :)
 Thank you Sheana for sharing in my love of words, especially those by the talented Sarah Eden! :)
 Anyone who hasn't yet read this author, be sure to buy one of her books and enjoy! You'll be glad you did! :)
 Thanks Sheana, for inviting me along to share in this fun experience! You are more dear to my heart than words can express! Even Sarah Eden would be challenged to put into words all that's in my heart for you! :)
 I can think of no one I'd rather have shared this experience with than you! :)
Thanks for the fun, ... and the Regency Tea! :)