Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Perfect 10! :)

 Today's one of those days that one wishes they could save in a box to enjoy again and again! :)
 It's one of those perfect Fall days when the air is fresh! :)
 The colorful leaves gently let go and softly glide down! :)

 Just when one's convinced they can't show any more color, they Do! :)
 The felines gather round, enjoying a soft caress and loving words! :)

 The sun brings out enhanced beauty on everything it plays upon! :)

 To my surprise and delight, there's even a hummer who's decided to be a regular
 at the feeder, ... at least for now! :)
 The dry leaves on the deck draw me out to sweep them! :)
 The warm weather and the kitties convince me to linger! :)

 The colors of the door wreath repeat the colors in the yard! :)
 I just finish re-sweeping and notice movement! :)

 A leaf has fallen and landed in a ray of sunshine! :)
 What a gorgeous day! :)
Old Glory and I give it a perfect 10! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Fall Ya'll! :)

 We recently went on vacation, and saw wonderful sights and some nice Fall color! :)
 While traveling we played the license plate game, and saw the majority of the state plates! :)
(The plates that are flipped, showing the state and capital city, are the ones we saw!) :)
 At travel's end, it was wonderful to be home again! :) There's a saying I love!
"Home is the nicest word there is." - Laura Ingalls Wilder :)
 After looking for Fall color, on the road, it was nice to come home and find it in our yard! :)
 Gold! :)
 Red! :)
 Red, gold, and green! :)
 Blankets of color at our feet! :)
 Near, and ...
 far! :)
 There was Autumn color everywhere we looked! :)

 I love how the burning bushes give a vibrant show in both leaves ...
 and berries! :)
 The birds love them! :)
 Even a few of the roses are giving a last blast of color! :)
 Color everywhere! :)
 The Japanese Maples, and ornamental cherry tree, stand over the front deck and splash it with color! :)

 All the Fall colors are represented: red, gold, green, orange, and brown! :)

 Felines taking cover when some rain drops start to fall! :)
 Our home makes us feel so welcome! :) It's good to be back! :)

Happy Fall Ya'll! :)