Thursday, July 21, 2016

Garden Gab! :)

 Since I haven't shared many photos of this year's garden, I decided it was time. I use my blog to look back and compare year to year. So far things are growing right along! :) The corn stalks are not yet ready to be hilled up, but they should be soon! :)
 There are some volunteer tomato plants growing within the row, that I haven't had the heart to uproot, but I may have to pull them if I can't hill up the corn stalks with them in the way! :)
 I love the airy blooms of the snap peas ...
 and snow peas! :)....
 I find it intriguing that there are two color pallets for this same snow pea! :)
 The first bloom of a volunteer nasturtium! :)
 We can see a spaghetti squash in the making! :)
 How I love the vibrancy of squash blooms, as the sun touches them through the leaves! :)
 The zucchini blooms seem to be pointing up at the sun! :)
 All the tomato plants are producing fruit and we can hardly wait for them to ripen! We are growing 4 of the Big Beef again this year! :)
 We've already had some Sungold cherry tomatoes ripen, and quickly ate them! I'd forgotten how sweet they are! :)
 As soon as enough of the Juliet Tomatoes ripen I will make fresh eating salsa! :)
 Only frost will keep these healthy tomato plants from continuing to produce! :)
 These indeterminate plants will continue to grow so I am training the branches, trying to keep them within bounds for as long as I can! :)
 We are beginning to use our Walla Walla Onions from the garden now, so I can stop buying them at the market until we run out of them this Fall! :)
 The Swiss Chard is doing well! :)

 The beets are, too! :)
 I'm also growing carrots, ...
 and bunching onions this year! :)
 The busy Mason Bees have filled all of the tubes within the houses! I will double their houses this Winter and see if they run out of tube space next year! :)
 They are still finding plenty of pollen sources at least! :)

 The Elephant Garlic will need to be lifted soon, and some will be saved to replant this Fall! :)

 Most of our blueberries have been harvested, but the pink lemonade type are just beginning! :)
A few years ago I moved one of the hydrangeas, that never bloomed, from the shade bed to a location where it receives morning sun. At last, this year it's rewarded me with one spectacular bloom! Hopefully it will give a better show next year and bloom from now on! :)
 It's a great year for our pear and apple trees! :)
 They are all loaded with fruit! :)

 To the point of being weighed down! :)
 The poor little Red Delicious tree took forever to grow, bloom, and produce fruit, and though it never did grow correctly, it has decided to produce like it's life depends on it! :)
 In truth is Does, because it's been so wimpy that I've been debating whether to give it more time or take it out and start a new one! :)
 The Red Fuji is also loaded, ...
 As is the King Apple! :)

 So far our red seedless grapes are producing, ...
as are the Concord! :)
Now if we can just get to our fruit this Fall before the wild critters do! :)
I feel confident we will be free to harvest our veggie garden since we haven't had any trouble enjoying it since my hubby built the fence to protect it! :) ...
... That's the latest on this year's "garden gab"! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sheana's Been Waiting! :) XO

 Other than a little touch up, we have finished painting the back deck! :)
 Like my hubby says, we could be touch-up painting forever, and at some point we just have to call it good! :)
 I have one more day I plan to spend on touching up the medium green, but it's done enough to share on my blog! :)
After all, it's impolite to make someone wait forever to see something they've been hearing about that's happening back here at home, and ... Sheana's been waiting! :) XO

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jubilant July! :)

 This year our tulip tree finally bloomed for the first time! :)
 I walked past the tree and almost missed them! :)
 Upon closer inspection, ... there they were! :)
 It takes several years for a tulip tree to mature enough to bloom, and I'm hoping that there will be even more blooms next year ...
 and that it will bloom from now on! :)
 The hummers are finding many flowers full of nectar around the yard! :)
 How I love this time of year! :)
 The corn stalks are growing! :)
 The Yukon Gold Potato plants are beginning to yellow, signaling that soon I can look forward to harvesting them! :)
 The garlic are beginning to shed their top hats! :)
 The Tree Swallows are busy with their babies! :)
 I couldn't resist going out with my zoom lens when I saw a little one stretching its' head outside of the nest box in hopes of getting first dibs on the food! :)
 It withdrew as I approached.
 If you look close you can see two little faces looking out! :)
 It sounded like there were at least 3 in the nest! :)
 I noticed that neither parent was approaching to feed them from my position,
 So I backed away. :) ...
 In they came! :) Little baby's mouth is wide open! :)
 It's looking at something! :)
 Here comes another parent! :)
 This one is perching a moment longer! :)
 It's making sure they all get to eat! :)
 Now flying around and up ...
 taking a moment to perch and rest. :)
 Feeding these babies takes a lot of work! :)
Thank goodness there are two parents to care for them! :) They only rest a moment and then return to the sky to catch more food! :)
Oh how I love jubilant July! :)