Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Own Splash Of Color! :)

 In celebration of today being the first day of Fall, I decided to add a little splash of color to the deck, to match all the color that's going on inside the house and ...
Out in the yard! :) (Had to insert a photo of the praying mantis that was watching me work!)
 Fall can bring such dazzling color! :)

 The felines huddled together this morning, waiting for me to come out and feed them! :)
 I bought flowers yesterday and was pleased to plant them in the yard today! :)
 I bought 2 single bloom anemone plants, ...
 and one double! :)
 It was great to get them planted and watered in today! :)

 Here's one I planted in the past that's in that same dappled-shade flower bed, ...

 as well as one of the hardy fuchsia that made it through last Winter! :)
 Don't the new ones look pretty? :)

 Of course I had to satisfy my desire to buy new pansies! It was fun to buy colors that would go with our new house colors! :)
 I couldn't resist adding this ground cover in the mix, for it's sage green, cream, and red! :)
 After removing any plants that had died, it was time to fill the empty spaces with new plants! :)
 I happened to have just the right amount! :)

 There is something exiting in the air as Summer passes the baton to Fall! :)
It makes me want to get on board, and add my own splash of color! :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Many Thanks! :)

 Thanks to you who follow my blog, we have reached another milestone! :) I have my computer set to track only other's views, so this is All You! :)
 The first time I saw my blog had 5,000 history views, I felt it was a milestone, and decided if the time came when there were 5,000 additional views, I would record it. We are now up to our third milestone! :)
 Most comments to my blog are done through FB, so there aren't many responses that show on my blog itself, these days. One would think no one follows my blog, as a result. :)
Here's the proof, though! There are those of you who do, and I Thank You! :) I hope my blog adds a little uplift to your life, like it does mine! With all the concerning things that are going on in the world, this blog is my way of looking for the good in life, counting my blessings, and remembering to Enjoy The Journey! :) It's the little things that bring joy, ... like hitting another little milestone, and feeling support from all of you! You warm my heart! Many Thanks! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Door For All Seasons! :)

 The dark green trim is now done, so we only have touch up painting left to do! :)
 We're happy with the colors, as they reflect the natural colors we see in nature! :)
 They are the colors that have been weaving their way inside our home, and are fun through all the holidays! :)
Even though we still have one week until it's officially Fall, I couldn't resist putting up a wreath, just to see the colors play off our red door! :) ... [I've Always Wanted a Red Door!] :)
At the first of October I'll be switching some items for Halloween, then a few changes will be made in Nov. for Thanksgiving, and come Dec. this door will be sporting a Christmas wreath! :) I'll be keeping my eyes open for wreath ideas for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and the 4th of July! :)
Call it a woman's need to "feather her nest", or call it what you will, but I can't help feeling a bit giddy! We now have a door for all seasons! :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

We've Been Busy! :)

 We've been busy readying the exterior of our home for the upcoming rainy season and Winter. There was new siding and trim work to do, as well as other prep' work, before we could even think about painting! :)
 We've been ready for color changes and went with Pinedale Shores (a sage green) for the main color,
 and Allure, for the door.
 I wanted a red that has warm tones, or I would have gone with a cranberry red! :) The door almost has an orange tone when the sun's shining on it, but is a true red when shaded or when the sky's overcast. :)
 Again, for warmth we chose cream (over white) for trimming the windows and doors! :)
 We also have dark pine trim, (Hazel Woods), that we are hoping to apply to the upper trim, below the roof line, before the year's end. All we need are a few more dry days that are warm enough for paint to dry, and we will have it! :)
The roof line trim is currently blue, and since we have that color of blue in our number tiles from the last time we painted, it makes it work until we can finish painting! :)
I love using the number tiles as inspiration with our colors! I think they've gone well with both our color choices, the white with blue trim, and now the light green with cream and dark green trim! :)
They would work well with a gold paint, too, but we're planning to stay with these colors for awhile!
Just trim and touch up work remains, now, and if the weather permits, we will yet finish before Winter! :) ...
The painting will all start again next Summer, on the garage and outbuildings! :)
While the first few minutes of painting feels creative, and the end result is very satisfying with everything looking so crisp and clean, the endless days in between start and finish begin to all run together! Good thing I have time to forget that detail between now and next Summer when the painting will begin again! :)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Morning Has Broken! :)

 With Summer giving one last hurrah, with hot days and cool nights, mornings tend to arrive in a fog-like haze. :)
 Humidity is high and Autumn whispers in the air! :)
 That is, until the sun begins to rise! :)

 Quickly the haze evaporates and is soon replaced with warmer air! :)
 It actually happens within minutes! :)
 It takes my breath away! :)
It's time to welcome another day! ... Morning has broken! :)