Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Come Enjoy The Sunrise With Me! :)

There was a hint of red on the sky-line this morning that got my attention and drew me outside with cam' in hand! :) Remember to try clicking on the photos for a better look! :)

I couldn't get over how deep red the sun was! :)

My ever faithful companion, watched the sun rise with me! :)

As soon as the sun broke above the trees it was time to turn the lens away from the fire-ball and towards the golden rays it was sending across the front yard, instead! :)

It also shines where I sit, when I spend a bit of early-am time on the computer before getting on with my day! :)
I love seeing the sun rise in the mornings and this time of year when the hot summer days are being replace with cooler autumn days, the sunrises can be especially colorful! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seasons! :)

I have always loved the seasons! Each holds treasures all their own, and as the seasons are ever changing, there's always something to look forward to! :)
In the SPRING we enjoy seeing the flower bulbs waking and stretching up through the soil! The trees and shrubs start to send out fresh little leaves! All is new and exciting! Animal life can be seen with their new born! Children can be seen looking for Easter eggs! The soil has a fresh aroma as you dig in your shovel, hoe, or spade, after the long winter rest! It feels as if all life is just waiting for you to come out and play! :) - I think my infancy and childhood was my Spring! :)
Then comes SUMMER all full of activity!! Camp outs, water sports, playing on the beach, water melon and other summer fruit and berries, vacations, vegetable gardens, school being out, and all manner of fun-in-the-sun! :) If it's not too hot, it can be a time of much accomplishment and productivity! I consider my late teens - my 40's as being my Summer! :)
FALL brings a rest from the heat, pumpkins and all manner of harvest, stocking up and prepairing for the winter, fun festivities and holidays! Halloween bringing out all the cute, cheerful goblins, and Thanksgiving with the most aromatic, yummy meal of the entire year where loved ones come together and count their many blessings! :) I feel I'm enjoying all the festivities of life and am prepairing for winter, - in this, the Autumn of my life! :)
WINTER brings my most favorite holiday of all, Chirstmas!! It's a time when hearts are turned to the Savior and we ponder the reality that we will see Him again! It's a time of giving in whatever capacity we can, and thinking more about other's joy than we do our own! It's a time when there's food baking in the oven as it cold enough outside to bake without fear of overheating the house! It feels good to pile on the blankets and lay all cozy in bed! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Snowmen and snow angels take shape and snowball fights break out with the least provocation amid laughter and friendship! Sometimes stormy conditions create special needs and one learns who their true friends are, and those who come to aid become even more dear! I consider my senior years as my winter! :)
I've always enjoyed the seasons, and I expect to go on enjoying them! There is always something to look forward to! :)
When the day comes that I must lay this body to rest (untill it's perfected and my spirit takes it up again as a resurected being), I will be looking forward to seeing our Savior again, as well as other loved ones who have past before! I look with eagerness to the day when I will walk into the loving embrace of Deity, and feel what Perfect Love feels like!! :)
Untill then, I'm enjoying Autumn!! Aren't the seasons Great?!!! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Enjoy The Stage You're In! :)

The other day I was telling a young mother to enjoy this stage of her life, with her little ones, as no stage of our life last for long.
The thought fleeted across my mind, ... "The stage of life I'm in will not last long, either. Am I enjoying it as much as I should be?! Am I seizing the moment?!" :)
I'd like to think that I am! This is the stage of my life when I have both the ability and the opportunity to garden and do yard work, which is one of my passions! It's the stage when I feel the need to sort through everything we have and really put our lives in order! It's the stage when I feel a deep desire to lose my excess weight and become more fit!
I feel the need to tend to these things so strongly, at this time in my life, that I must remind myself that it's still important to make time for serving others! :)
Irregardless of what stage of life we are in, there are blessings we enjoy, and people, and things, that need our attention, our determination, our passion, and our commitment!
Here's hoping we're all seizing the moment and enjoying the stage of life we are in! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joyous Anticipation! :)

If this photo will enlarge when you click on it, you may see the flock of geese flying out over the trees, making a large V in the sky! Their voices were trumpeting across the valley, announcing their joy, exuberance, and excitement in this season of their life! :)
I can sooooo relate!! :)
The spiders have been busy artistically weaving their webs as if in preparation of something amazing to come! :)
I can soooooo relate!! :)

The sky has a brilliance to it and the garden seems to be awaiting an experience of importance!!
I can relate!!! :)

The Birch are putting on their show of color, as if in anticipation of an exciting event! :)
Yes! I can relate!!! :)

Even our front deck is getting "decked out" in readiness! :)
sigh!! ... :) I can relate!!! :)

The burning bush, ...

and the snowball viburnum tree, are also putting on color in anticipation of this special time! :)
You Bet I can relate!!! :)

The morning glories are putting on more color, in higher numbers, than ever before as though in anticipation too! :)
Isn't it thrilling?! :)

The corn is ready, ...

As are the pears, ...

The apples, ...

The blackberries, ...

And the grapes! :)
It's as if they all know, are readying themselves for, and sharing in our joyous anticipation of this great coming event!! :) ...
What great event is this?! :)
We are about to have our very own grandbaby enter our home for the very first time!!!!! :) You can believe me when I tell you that Rud and I are experiencing great joyous anticipation!!!! :)
Today I began to set up the room where our very dear guests will be staying, and have been taking great joy in passing the open doorway and seeing Brennan's playpen/bed within!! :)
Just when we thought there could be nothing better than our children, - we discover the thrill of our first grandbaby!!!! :) In just over a week they will be here!!! :)
It's good I've got so much to do to help pass the time!! :) Sigh ... !! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bumble Bee Ingenuity! :)

If you follow my blog you will recognize this photo of this bumble bee who slept hunkered into this Cosmos bloom and woke, in the morning, saturated in dew!
This evening I went out for a quick look at the garden, and found this bumble bee settled in, Under this Cosmos bloom, for the night! Perhaps the petals will work as a protective umbrella, shielding this little-one from the dew! - How's That for ingenuity?!! :)
Don't forget to try clicking on the photos for an enlarged view! I love seeing the furry detail of this pollinating garden helper! :) One, of many, little miracles in our world! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Evolution Of A Pumpkin! :)

Being able to see a seed germinate, grow, and produce is an exciting thing to me! I decided to post the process of a pumpkin's evolution, just in case you may enjoy it too! :) Some of the photos ended up posting a different direction, for some reason, so they won't all be facing the same way, the way I wanted them to be, - but you'll still see the transformation! :)

Being small and green, made it possible for the pumpkin to get this big before I spotted it! :)

Since there's a sunshine squash growing beside it, you will actually get to the growth of both! :)

I've never had pumpkins from our garden on the deck before October before! Having a hot, dry summer, coupled with trying a new pumpkin seed that matures faster, has made it possible! The two small pie pumpkins, in this photo, are from one of our kind neighbors! :) In less than 2 weeks it will officially be fall! :) We're expecting one more week of summer weather ( in the 70's and 80's ) which I'm thankful for! :) It's not too soon to start displaying the harvest, however, and I'm enjoying the festive feel of the pumpkins and 'mums! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Iris's Are In! :)

I'm a little behind with my blog, but wanted to mention that the iris have all been divided and planted! Instead of 3 large plants ( in the veggie' garden, where I meant to have them only "temporarily" placed ), we now have 10 iris plants planted in the south-side flower bed! :)Looking at these photos, - it may be a bit hard to see them, ( since I clipped them for the transplant move ). They are the short plants at the back of the bed! :) I saved room, in front of them, for the peony plants that will be arriving this fall! I also have tulip and crocus bulbs arriving this fall that will be placed in front of the peonies! :)

I hope, by next year, there'll be enjoyment when viewing this flower bed! Once all the plants and bulbs are in the ground I can lay the beauty bark! My guess is by the time the shipments have arrived the rain-season will have too, and I'll be trying to put bark down between rain showers! It's all worth it, though, if there's annual pleasure out of the deal! By this time next year, the bed should be looking more filled in and finished! How I love a well-groomed flower bed! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dew Kissed! :)

After seeing these photos downsized to fit the blog I encourage you to try clicking on each photo to see if they'll enlarge. They are so much more enjoyable when seen on a larger scale! :)

This photo is fun when it's enlarged! It's pretty to see dew on webs! :)

Here is a bumblebee that slept through the night snuggled into this cosmos bloom, and woke covered in dew! It barely stirred when the lens closed in. It was waiting for the air to warm and the dew to dry! :)

There's something dreamy and romantic about a dew kissed rose! This is one of my favorite photos! :)

I really hope this photo will enlarge when clicked on, as it's hard to appreciate, otherwise. :)

Next time there's a dew-kissed morning, go take a close look around your yard! :) There are wonders to behold! :)