Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Bling! :)

 Is it any wonder that Spring is my favorite time of the year!? :)

 Everywhere I look, there's activity and beauty! :)

I call it Spring Bling! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Feathered Friends, Flowering Fruit, and Felines! :)

 Though we've lived here many years, and have seen many forms of wildlife on our property, I was amazed and thrilled when I saw a quail on our front lawn! I've always been fascinated with them and the cute "tassle" that bobs atop their heads! :) This was our first sighting of any on our own yard! :)
I took a quick photo as the quail headed for cover, and ventured out for a closer look, hoping for better photos! :)
 Sylvester saw me and came over for some affection, spotted the quail, and scared it away! :)
 So with cam' in hand, I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few photos of the flowering apples, ...
 pear, ...
 and cherries! :)

 There is a hummingbird who I take pleasure seeing sitting on the tippy-top of our tulip tree! :)
 From there he has a clear view of the whole back yard, and especially the flowering quince which is a particular hummer' favorite! :)
 The tree swallows, with their white breasts and shimmering blue feathers, are busy snagging insects from the sky and choosing homes in which to raise their families! :)

 The felines have been learning they can be dive-bombed if they disturb them! :)
I'm happy to report that Cali has returned, and has now been with us night and day for at least a week now! I'm feeling hopeful that our stray may decide to stay with us after all! :)