Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photos Take Me Back! :)

 After I'd finished packing, Sheana and Brennan returned from the birthday party! :) There was much excitement over the party bags that were sent home with those who attended! Brennan showed me the jet airplane that was in his party bag! :)
 A party bag was sent home for Tegan, too, and he was happy about his juice pkt.! :)
 There were party favors, ...
 And whistles, ...
 And little bouncing balls, too! :)
 Since I had everything ready to go, and we had a little more time before I had to be at the airport, ...
 We decided to take the boys on one more outing! :)
 I was anxious to see Brennan try out his new tricycle, ...
 So off we went to the church parking lot! :)
 Sheana had the bubble tub to keep Tegan busy, while Brennan practiced riding! :)

 Brennan took to his tricycle real fast! He'd ride it to the top of the slope and then ride it back down! :)

 When he got momentum at the bottom, he'd lift his feet and let it go! :)
Mommy took time to praise him for his effort and skill, and to give him added instruction about how he can use his feet to stop the trike, and control it! :)
 So back up the hill he went, ...
 And ...
 This ...
 Time ...
 He kept his feet on the pedals and kept complete control! :)
 He was hauling party favors in the back of his trike! :)
One more trip up the hill and he was already using the pedals to reverse to come back down! :) I was glad I was able to be there to see him master his trike so quickly! :)
 When Tegan took interest in the doors and windows of the church building ...
 I took interest in the way the glass reflected the surroundings! :)

 Soon my lens had captured my own reflection, in Utah ...
With these cherished loved ones! :)
Thus ends my time with family in UT, but when I look at these photos it takes me back, and feels almost as if I'm there again! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tegan Time! :)

It is with great enjoyment that I focus this blog on my grandson, Tegan! :) In these first photos, we'd just finished a snack at the garden, (like most little ones, he wears his food), and Tegan bent down and smelled a daffodil! :)
(I'm sure he's seen his older brother do this many times!) ... I loved seeing the aftermath! :)

 This is the pretty flower that gave him pleasure! :)
These other photos were taken when Sheana had taken Brennan to a birthday party that I chose to miss to finish packing. I'd offered to watch Tegan, so after I fed him lunch and a wedge of a chocolate muffin, I took some photos! I debated taking a moment to quick clean his face, first, but time was pressing, and he was already getting sleepy, so I decided to just capture the moment, "muffin-face" and all! :)
 Both he and his big brother love to wear a glove around the house! Today he was wearing an Elmo glove! :)

 I made the right decision about not waiting! ... :)

 He's got that look that tells me he's ready for his nap. :)
 Touching his ear is a sure sign that it's time to let him sleep. ...

 He's fading! :)
 Now wait ...! :)
 One more sudden burst of energy! :)

 Down on the big pillow again! :)
 I'm lucky to've gotten as many photos of him as I did! :)
 It's time to put this dear-heart in his bed! :)
 Can't resist a few more quick clicks of the shutter, before I lay him down! :)

 He seems to be saying "One more, Gram." :)

 A soft tickle! :)

Now it's time for "Gram" to tuck this sweet child in his crib and let him sleep, while I finish packing! :)
There's something deliciously wonderful about this little one, and I've thoroughly enjoyed having this cherished "Tegan time"! :)