Friday, June 28, 2013

Nothing But Blue! :)

 Due to our wet Winters and Springs, there are those who suppose it only rains here in western WA, year round! :)
 I'm happy to say we do generally have nice Summers (and Autumns, too)! :)
 Today was a great example of this, and the weather report shows ongoing sunny days with ...
Nothing but Blue! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spilling Over! :)

 Today I was amazed to see a peony bloom showing it's happy face on a plant that's supposed to be done blooming! It decided it's Spring bloom will spill into Summer this year! :)
 It's hardy geranium neighbor, decided this is the year to burst right out of the bed and spill onto the lawn! :)
I'm debating weather to cut back the plants or extend the bed. I think I'll end up doing a bit of both! :)
 The blooms and branches of the spireas remind me of waves spilling onto the sand! :)
 The one with white blooms even makes me think of sea foam! :)

 There are so many plants happily sharing this space, they are spilling into each other! :)
 I'm enjoying the way the blooms are spilling from the stems of two new penstemons! :)

 I love the way the leaves of this white blooming akebia always spill over each other in mass! :)
 Even the begonias, in the shade, have blooms spilling over each other! :)

 As does the hydrangea blooms, ...
 And the blooms of the fuchsia! :)
 At last the trailing annuals in the flower pots are beginning to spill over the sides! :)

 Throughout the yard color and texture are spilling over, everywhere! :)

I'm delighted to say that the clover plants I remember from my childhood, that I recently introduced into our shade flower bed, are doing well in their new location! They are eatable and have a savory sour taste that I just love! :) Hopefully their success will spill over into many years to come! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Calm Before The Storm! :)

 Today was an inspiring day! The sun was shining from a blue, blue sky, and it was impossible to not be drawn out into it! :)

 As usually happens, when I'm strolling around the yard, my feline friends join in the fun! :)

 There was blue sky to the East, but a strong breeze, followed by an impressive rumble, warned that things were about to change! :)
 Then the sun was dimmed! :)
 I looked up and from the West came a thrilling cloud formation! :)
 It was impressive to see the light and dark clashing! :)

 Perhaps there's time to take a few more photos! :)

 Another rumble! :)

 The sky is looking serious now! :) ... Sure enough, rain drops are beginning to fall! :) Time to hustle indoors! :)
The sudden storm is exciting! :) ... I'm not sure which I've enjoyed more, the calm or the storm! :)