Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keep Them Coming! :)

 Meat Liz Adair, sitting in purple, on the left! She is an amazing person and an incredible author! :)
 I bought her most recent Spider Latham book last Oct., and after reading the first few sentences, I knew I was going to love this series! :)
 So I put it on hold and ordered the previous books in this series, The Lodger, After Goliath, and Snakewater Affair, so I could read the series in order! I found I could order the earlier ones through Deseret Book, but they have to print them before they can send them. So I had a little wait until they arrived. :)
 Once the last book arrived, I opened The Lodger and quickly lost myself in it's pages! :)
I devoured the series and today finished Trouble at the Red Pueblo! Now I must wait, like everyone else, for Liz to release her next Spider Latham Mystery! :)
 Her characters are so alive that you feel they are your friends! Laurie Latham has a heart the size of TX, and Spider is not only great at solving murders, but he's also got a gift for bringing out the best in others! :)
 I have to remind myself that they are only real in the mind, and the Real one is Liz Adair who has an amazing gift! :)
 Anyone who loves a good mystery, be sure to read Trouble at the Red Pueblo! It's not necessary to read the whole series as each book stands on it's own! :)
 On the other hand, you may decide to do what I did and get the whole series! Even if you have to wait a couple weeks for the earlier ones to go to print, it's well worth the wait! :)
 Now I need to turn my attention to other unread books, ... when all I want to do is read another Spider book! :)
 Thanks Liz! Keep them coming! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy January Everyone! :)

 January is here and with it the pleasurable work that awaits! :) Not only is it time to pour over seed catalogs and plan this year's garden, but it's time to prune and clean flower beds! My goal is to have both done by Valentine's Day, (Only four weeks away!) :)
 There's also a lot of prep' work to do in the veggie garden after being gone last summer, but that is on hold until the main flower beds and pruning is done! :)
 I managed to spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours working in the yard, each of the last two days, before my body complained! (Every year I have to retrain my body for the rigors of outside work!) :) My trusty wheelbarrow shadowed me as I moved around the yard picking up dead limbs, making pruning cuts, and beginning the task of cleaning flower beds! I've only just touched the surface! :)
 As I work I see fresh green tips of flower bulbs pushing through the soil, and know I need to hurry to clear the debris away for them! :)
 January is a month when there's so much to do all at once, that I need to focus on taking things one day at a time! I love that I need never worry of being bored and having nothing to do! It's the best fitness program, and it helps me to strengthen muscles, (including those I forgot I had), and lose winter's excess weight! :)
 I realize January is a month of snow, and more snow, for many states, and the thought of spring work is almost laughable. I'm sure snow shoveling is the work-out of choice, there! :)
  Here, in the Pacific Northwest, January yard work is a pressing fact! It's time to get out there and "make hay" as the saying goes! :)
 Working hard now, (when the weather allows), is important since the new plant growth is already beginning to push up! It also means more time to relax and enjoy our yard later! :)
 If you're itching for some yard work and don't have any to do, you can always come work with me! There's an endless amount of it, here, and we have a 2nd wheelbarrow to shadow us as we work! :)
Happy January, Everyone! :)


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Visions Of Veggies! :)

 January is here! There are a stream of seed catalogs that have been arriving in the mail! It's time to take out leftover seed packets to see what we have and determine what additional seeds are wanted for this year's garden, ... and start the delightful task of pouring over the catalogs! :)
 The last few years Johnny's and Territorial have been my go-to catalogs, but I try to keep an open mind as I look through the other catalogs, as well! :)
 Even though there are a lot of goals that will require much of my time, this year, I have decided to go ahead and plant a garden! I will try to limit my choices of crops to avoid over-filling the space, ... and my time! :)
 I have learned that to enjoy a successful garden it helps to plan ahead, and January is the perfect month to plan this year's garden and send in seed orders! :)
 It's time to replace visions of sugar-plums with visions of veggies! Happy gardening everyone! :)