Monday, November 30, 2015

The Best Thing About A Chilly Day! :)

 Sometimes the colder it is outside, ...
 The cozier it is inside! :)
 Especially at this time of year when the focus is on ...
 family and ...
 the joys of Christmas! :)
 The air inside is fragrant with plug-in holiday cheer! :)

 When it's chilly outside, we tend to congregate inside! :)
This year there's even a new nutcracker adding Seahawk smiles! :) ...
 If you ask Coal, he'll tell you the best thing about a chilly day is having a warm lap ...
on which to take a cozy nap! :)
... Stay warm everyone! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Color My World! :)

 My Honey has added color to my world with expressions of love, in the form of roses! :)
 When the red roses began to wilt, these salmon-peach roses replaced them! :)
 They are one of my favorite colors of roses, have a nice fragrance, ...
 and are perfect for this Thanksgiving season! :)
 They blend nicely with the vibrant Fall colors, just outside the door! :)
 The Japanese Maples are hanging onto their leaves, despite the wind gusts we've been having! :)
 I'm guessing another week or two and they'll be down, and ready for clean-up! :)
 There have been many rainbows adding color to the sky, lately! :)
 One of my most cherished blessings that continually adds color to my life, is family! :)
 Our Heavenly Father continues to add color to our world, too! :)
 His display of Love is endless! :) I hope you're feeling His love for you, too! :)
 It makes me feel so blessed and grateful the way He and my dear ones ...
color my world ... with love! :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Time For Giving Thanks! :)

 November is a time for seeing hues of color in the sky that make everything glow! :)

 I meant this to be a different photo of the sky as this one is too similar to the one before it, ... but it's still pretty. :)
 November is a time when nature brings out her brightest colors outside while ...
 Thanksgiving cactus delight us with color inside! :)
 The sky is alive with activity and, ...
 sometimes, even unexpected rainbows! :)
 November is a time for festive decorations and yummy aromas! :)

 I Love November! It is a time for counting our blessings and ...
 Giving ...
Thanks! :)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

The New Deck! :)

 While my hubby was away I planned a project that I knew would surprise him! :)
 With the help of a friend-builder, I was able to order a delivery of deck supplies! :)
 The minute the delivery truck left, the felines came out to do inspection! :)

 They approved the supplies! :)
 Day 1 of the build was exciting, and soon the outline of the deck was visible! :)
 Again the inspectors arrived to check out the work! :)

 They happily approved of what they found! :)

 I was thrilled to see a dream coming to fruition! :)
 Day 2 resulted in the floor ...
 and steps! :)
 I celebrated by stepping outside and easily cleaning the outside glass of the French doors! :)
 Just Love the aroma of cedar! :)
 Day 3 the rails were built! :)
 I celebrated by sweeping the new deck! :)

 The rainy season returned before I could treat the deck, so we have time to decide which we'll do, stain or paint it! I look forward to doing this project next summer! :)
 I was thrilled with the end result and could hardly wait for my Honey to return to get his reaction! :)
 He was very surprised and grinned saying "It's Nice!" :) He told our daughter he's not sure he can leave me alone anymore as there's no telling what I'll do next! :) We both Love it! :)
In the future I see a patio below the deck, to extend the living area, and outdoor furniture above and below! :)
In the meantime, I'm enjoying the easy access to the backyard and shop, and I love how easy it is to clean the outside glass now! :)
It was fun to be able to do something to really surprise my Honey! :)
Thanks to our friend, Steve, for making this possible, and for doing such a great job! :)
We Love the new deck! :)