Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Share In The Dance! :)

 August is the month when Autumn comes to dance with Summer! :) There's hot days, cool nights, and the two go round and round like a dance! :) The leaves show the first signs of Fall color, ...
 while Summer blooms continue to glow! :)
 The table arrangement, taken from the yard, seems to say it all! :)
 Which do we see, Summer or Fall? I see both spinning together in a seamless waltz! :)
 Rich color mixes easily with Summer green! :)
 It's stunning beauty catches my breath! :)

 The sky is pure blue one day, and wispy clouds blow in the next promising a future change in the weather, followed by nothing-but-blue the next! :) Transition is in the air! :)
 The corn stalks boast tall tassels while we wait for the appearance of Summer corn! :)

 Raspberries are producing while other crops, ...
 Like potatoes, (brown leaves in the background) are done and ready for harvest or already harvested! :)
 The felines love the cooler mornings and evenings, while enjoying the warmth of the sun! :)
 The Big Beef are just starting to show color ...
 as these Summer days promise continued heat to finish ripening them! :)
 Sun Gold and Juliet continue to grace our table, ...
 and it won't be long before big Beef does the same! :)
 Summer blooms remind us that it is still Summertime! :)
 With crops still promising Summer production! :)
 Some crops are finishing up, hinting that Fall's around the corner! :)

 While other crops are just getting started and stating that Summer is still here! :)
 All promise a productive tomorrow! :)

 This little honey bee was hard at work in the garden! I smiled at all the pollen I saw on it! :)
 I was surprised when it went down into the bloom for more pollen! :)
 Way down there! :)
 Now here it comes up again! :)
 Look at all that pollen! :)
 It's just Coated with it! :)
 There it goes! Off to the hive with it's life saving load, to get them through the Winter! :)
 The cool Fall-like morning allowed me to run the oven to bake up another zucchini casserole, just in time to use up more zucchini from the garden! :)
 I baked this strawberry crumb cake at the same time, one heat for both dishes! :)
 Many days are still too hot for this activity, but on occasion that touch of Fall allows it! :)
 While we still are enjoying Summer fruits, ...
 And Summer blooms, ...

 We are ever mindful that we are at the end of the Summer season! :)
 Soon Fall with be here and we will be harvest Fall fruits! :)

 In the meantime we will enjoy the blessings of Summer and ...
 When we feel Fall in the air we can enjoy the break from the heat! :)
We can kick off our shoes, spin on the grass, and share in the dance! :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

August Morn'! :)

 Good Morning! :) It's going to be another beautiful August day! :)
 The mornings are rich in fog, now! :)

 It's typical for this time of year! :)
 The Summer sun warms the earth and the cool night temps' collide, forming fog. :)
 I love how the fields look in the mornings! :)
 We have our very first fruit from one of our small fig trees! It doesn't look like much but I ate the dark one and it was yummy! :) Once they are soft, they're ready! :)
 Color is forming in the leaves, signaling that Fall is not far off! :)

 I'm not yet ready to let go of Summer, so I'm glad we still have August! :)
 I can enjoy the color in the yard knowing Summer is still here! :)

 Up comes the sun and it's burning off the fog! :)
 It will be in the 90's and 80's for the next two weeks, at least! :)
 Nothing but blue! :)
 The swallows have begun to line up on the power lines! :)
 It is a sure sign that they are getting ready to leave us.
 I will miss them! Both the Barn Swallows, ...
 and the Tree Swallows! :)
 If you enlarge this photo you should be able to see the power lines Loaded with them! :)
 They've done a great job keeping the bug population down all Summer! :)
 I have a difficult time letting them go every year!

 A car drives down our country road and they take flight! It's a sight to see! :)
 Another sight I enjoying seeing is flight school! :) They line up on the eve of our roof and practice take offs and landings! :) The baby swallows I observed in their nest are now preparing to migrate! :)
For now I will enjoy their preparations, and know that next Spring they will be back again! :)
How I love an August Morn'! :)