Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sunrise! :)

 Come watch the sun rise with me! :)

 Wow! :)

 That's beautiful! :)
Thanks for watching it with me! :) It's fun starting the day with a good sunrise! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three Bags Full! :)

 This is what happens when you leave for two weeks during the August garden season! :) You return to find all the tomatoes are ready to harvest at once! ... Big Beef! :)
 Sungold Cherry Tomato! :)
 Juliet! :)
It reminds me of that nursery rhyme. ...
"Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Three Bags Full!" :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Twilight Zone! I Think I'm In It! :)

 I recently returned from a fun visit with dear ones! Since Fall is just around the corner, our daughter allowed me to gear our grandsons in fireman outfits for this Halloween! It was fun to see them play in their costumes awhile before hanging them in their closet! :)
 Not only do they look handsome but the uniforms will be warm and reflect light like real fireman suits, to make them more safe! :) I also bought them boots after these photos was taken! :)
 Couldn't resist sharing this photo of "See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil!" :)
 They are loving big brothers and willingly included Lexie in the fun! :)
 She thought the fireman gadgets were impressive! :)
 They also had a visit from their Papa Nelson who helped them make an impressive fort! :)
 When you get on a plane and fly to another location you expect a different atmosphere and lifestyle! :)
 When you return home you expect things to be as you left them. :) ... After two short weeks of being away I was surprised by the changes that greeted me at home! :) The tomatoes are overflowing and in need of being harvested! :) We've been eating fresh tomato sandwiches to our heart's content! :)
 The plants are tall and full of produce! One of the first things I did was pick all the overgrown zucchini, to encourage new fruit production! :)
 The corn stands even taller than when I left! :)
 I was surprised to find some of the ears were ready to eat! This is the earliest Kandy Korn has had ears ready to harvest! :) Something about it feels abnormal! :)
 Time to make more salsa! :)
 Big Beef is begging to be picked! :)
 Sungold Cherry Tomatoes are out of control with production! Time to share some! :)
 They all have ripened at once! :)
 Even the little volunteer cherry tomato has grown tall and has formed green tomatoes while I've been away! :)
 The volunteer poppy is in full bloom! :)
 The tiny pumpkin that was the size of half my thumb is now the size of both my fists! :)
 The grapes are putting on color! :)

 The tall leaf plant at the bird station has begun it's Fall color, ...

 As have the trees in our yard and at the back of our property! :)
When I left two weeks ago it looked and felt like Summer! Now I've returned to (an early Fall?) & changes that make it feel like a different time and place than the one I left! Hummers were zipping around and I haven't seen or heard a single hummingbird since I've been back! The air was alive with bird sounds and activities and now it's so quiet I feel I should be whispering when I speak! :) I left clear blue skies and returned to a haze of smoke from all the forest fires in the Pacific NW. I'm glad to be back but is this the same home I left two short weeks ago? ... It brings to mind a TV show I watched as a kid, ... The Twilight Zone! :) I think I'm in it! :)

Silver And Gold! :)

 "Make new friends but keep the old, ...
 One is silver ...
 And the other gold!" :)
We are a Ford family, and the last several years I've had the pleasure of driving an Escape! It's the first time I've ever experienced having a love affair with a vehicle! I loved my 2001 Escape like no other, and knew I would need to test drive another Escape when it was time to upgrade to a newer vehicle. I was concerned when the V6 was replaced with the Eco boost. Would it lug down on hills? Would it have the ready speed needed to get one out of tight driving situations? ... I need not have worried! It does everything the V6 did and more, on less fuel! :)
So I've made a new friend, and kept the old!
(The old one found a new home with our son!) ...
One is silver and the other gold! :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Whirl-A-Gig! :)

 One of my family members makes whirl-a-gigs! I was thrilled to discover this hidden talent of his and to buy one for our own yard! Knowing he made it makes it all the more fun! :)
 It's a pleasure to see it glow at night! :)
 It's just as enjoyable to watch it spin in the breeze, ...
 and to see it reflect the sun during the day! :)
 I was careful to choose a place for it in full sun to take advantage of it's solar light! :)
 It brings happiness to us both day and night! :)
Still photos don't do it justice as it's real pleasure is seeing it in motion! :)
I've attempted to download a short video for you. I hope it works. I won't know until I post this, so here's hoping you get to enjoy the full fun of this whirl-a-gig! :) Here goes! :)