Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Bling! :)

 How I Love Spring! :)
 There are bright colors! :)

 There's the promise of fruit! :)
 The air feels so great that it makes everyone feel like smiling! :)

 The felines are congregating and ...
 celebrating with glee! :)
 Potted plants are responding to the ideal conditions! :)
 The oriental cherry tree is beginning to bloom! :)
 There are cheerful blooms everywhere! :)

 Spring makes us want to clean out our flower beds and put in something new! :)

 I hope I don't regret putting in Lilly of the Valley. I hear it can be very aggressive but I've always loved them so am giving it a try! :)
 The new shade plants I recently purchased are planted in this shade bed! :)
 There are two from last year's purchase that I will plant them soon! :)
 I love Spring color and ...

 Spring green! :)

 Spring is the time to get the onions in the garden! This is a wide row of yellow and red onion sets! :) The felines have left footprints in the row! They were helping by keeping me company! :)
I divided and transplanted some Red Walla Walla's from last season! Sometimes they go to seed instead of growing bulbs, so I hope they will produce big, sweet, juicy onions for us! :)
This is my favorite time of the year! I affectionately call it "Spring Bling!" :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Let The Growing Begin! :)

 Today, after my Honey 'tilled the garden, I dug two trenches and planted the Yukon Gold Potatoes!
 The 4.4 lb. bag of seed is supposed to grow around 30 lb. of potatoes! :)
 I made a bed of Steer-Gro, (a compost / steer manure blend), for each potato seed to encourage them along! :)
 Then I covered them with 4"-6" of soil! :)
 The hill of soil between the rows will be used through the season to keep growing potatoes covered and protected from frost, sun, and from turning green! :)
 Looking to the back corner of the garden, you can see how tall the hill of soil is! :)
 Here are just of few of the plants I bought, recently, to add to the flower beds! They will add instant beauty now, and even more as they grow! :)
 Among them is a tomato plant, though I will be planting it later when danger of frost is over! :)
 New leaves are starting to grow! :)
 The apple, ...
 pear, ...
and cherry blooms are starting to form! :) ... I Love this time of year! :)
Let the growing begin! :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning! :)

 It's Spring!! :)
 Spring is my favorite season of the year! :)
 It's time to get out and work in the yard again, and simply enjoy being outdoors! :)

 The hummingbirds are slurping pollen from the flowering currants, ...
 Tassels are dangling beautifully as one of nature's fine jewelry, ...
 And Coal is enjoying play time in the yard! :)
The first day of Spring brought a new experience for Coal, this year! :) I took him in for his first grooming experience! I bought him a new collar, too, and re-washed his bedding so everything would be fresh and clean! :)
 He was shampooed, had his ears cleaned, his toenails trimmed, and after his coat was blown dry it was brushed out! :)
After his big day he came home tired and ready for a nap! :)
 He laid on Dad's lap and told him all about it! :)
As he was nodding off to sleep, I took one last photo of his shiny coat! We can't get over how silky smooth it is! :)
When he gets dirty at home, we grab his shampoo and hose him down at the outside faucet. It leaves him clean, but his coat doesn't feel like This! All that pampering made a difference! It think it will become our new Spring tradition! ... It gives new meaning to the words "Spring Cleaning!" :)