Thursday, October 29, 2009

Be A Good One! :)

According to M.E.'s calendar, Abraham Lincoln said "Whatever you are, be a good one." :)
This saying seems so fitting for Halloween, - a time when we express ourselves by choosing different images and faces through costume and jack-o-lanterns! :)

Both in the light of day ...
and in the dark of night! :)

We are free to choose whatever we want to be, ...

Not only for Halloween, but more importantly, throughout our lives! :)

May we choose to put smiles on other's faces as we go through life, and whatever we choose to be, may we "Be A Good One." ! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Bulb Box Has Arrived! :)

Today UPS brought the awaited flower bulb box! :)
I'm so pleased with the quality of the bulbs that I know I will be placing future orders from this company!! :) This order was for tulips and crocus! If I didn't have other responsibilities for this evening, I would be outside placing them in the ground right now! :) Instead I will be getting them in, between rain showers, as soon as possible! :)

I'm sharing a photo of the box for those of you who, like myself, are always interrested in a great flower bulb company!! :) Their email is . Their phone # is (860) 567-0838.
Since alot of my blog photos are taken in our yard, I've almost come to think of my yard as being your yard too! Now when I make changes in the yard I find myself hoping you will find enjoyment in it as well! So expect some new tulip and crocus photos come spring, from Our yard! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Ghost! :)

Everywhere I look I see the sweet haunting memories of Brennan, - in the yard, down the road, and in nearly every room of the house! I miss his charming little smile he so lovingly gave to me! :)
It's impossible not to miss him! :)

For three joyious weeks he filled our home to overflowing with his charming, strong spirit! :)

Sometimes I think I feel him reaching for me - and I always feel that I'm reaching back! :)

Truely, to know him is to love him! I'm a smitten gramma, to say the least! I eagerly await our next visit! :) Untill then, don't be surprised if you see the reflection of a little October ghost when you look at me! My eyes can't hide what is in my heart! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Garden Can Now Rest! :)

Last week, while Brennan looked on, I put the garden to bed! Occassionally he'd slap the window to get my attention and my enthusiastic wave to him!! :)
There are still a few items in the garden, for now, that will continue to grow and offer more for the table, - and sunflowers for the birds! :)
I regret that it didn't get a fall 'tilling to better prepair it for next spring, but it's not the end of the world! :)
Our burn pile grew as the garden waste was pulled up and piled on it! :)

You may notice the orange wheel-barrel, in the background, that has been put away, (untill the bark is ready to be laid in the flower beds)!
While the wheel-barrel still has more work ahead of it before winter, the garden can now rest! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Peony Parcel! :)

UPS came today with a parcel I've been anxiously awaiting! :) ...
I could harldy wait to open the box and check out the peony order! :) ...

Nine peonies and a tenth one Klehm's gave me as a thank you gift for making the order! :)

The plants all look healthy and ready to go! :)
I have no ideah why this photo turned sideways like this, but atleast you can see the "eyes"!

Since I had previously worked the soil in preparation, planting them was a breeze! They will be filling in some of the blank spaces in the flower beds throughout the yard! :)

Come spring I hope to see a few of these blooms! I don't anticipate many blooms in 2010, but each year the peonies should produce more and more vibrant color for the yard! I'm hopeful about catching alteast a few of these blooms in the lens in the new year, to share with you! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Fun-guy"! :)

After a long, dry summer the rain season has returned here in the great northwest! Fungi are sprouting up everywhere in cellebration, looking like little umbrellas! :) I respect the dangers of mushrooms, but can't help enjoying their beauty! They also invoke a fun feeling that's probably due to all the drawings I've seen of little gnomes resting against their bases! Maybe that's how they got the name "fun-guy"! :) - Enjoy! :)

Cute Spook! :)

When Brennan was born in '08 I took a chance and bought him a gorilla costume in hopes that it may fit him by this '09 Halloween! It looks like it's going to work! His mommy and daddy have been tossing ideahs and may be Tarzan and Jane this year with their little monkey! :) Any other ideahs!?
Just shy of two weeks from now we'll have all kinds of cute little spooks running around! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Apple Of My Eye! :)

I had to go ahead and add atleast one more quick entry to my blog, tonight, of some of my favorite photos of Brennan! :)

I'll Be Blogging Again Soon! :)

For those who may follow my blog and wonder about my silence lately, just know that I'm taking alot of photos while my loved ones are here visiting, and I'll have alot of blog entries to post when they've gone! :) I just don't want to take the time to download photos and blog while they're here and I can be spending this cherished time with them!! :)
Just knowing this is the week when they will be leaving is causing me to miss them already! They are gone visiting friends, at the moment, which makes the reality of they're leaving that much more real to me! - sigh ... .
It's good I'll have alot filling my time when they've gone, like church calling activities; a peony order coming that will need to be planted; a large flower bulb order coming that will need to get in the ground; garlic needing to get planted in the garden; going to court to be a witness; decorating for the hollidays; etc. ... not to mention spending time with you getting caught up on some missed blogging time!! :)
'Till then I hope you're enjoying the fall color and the festive feel in the air!! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandpa's Got The Touch! :)

It's a thrill for us to have our grandbaby, and his parents, here visiting us! :) We're making the most of this opportunity to get re-aquainted with Brennan! He's a little "go-getter" and seems to always be in motion! It's not often one can get him to sit still long enough to succumb to sleep, but ... Grandpa's got the touch! :)