Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year's Is Coming, Ready Or Not! :)

 Usually we like to have our home cleared of all Christmas decorations by New Year's Eve, so we are ready to welcome in the new year with a fresh start! :)
 I look at the calendar and see I only have a few days left, and I'm not yet ready! I'm still enjoying all the decorations, and the Christmas tree is still drinking water every morning, so it is not close to going brittle or needing to go out! :)
 I hope I feel ready to clear it all out soon! :)
 I'm also feeling a need to see a good snow fall! We didn't get any snow last year, and though we woke to a skiff of snow Christmas morning, I've yet to enjoy watching it softly floating from the sky! :)
 Perhaps part of the reason I'm not feeling ready to welcome the new year yet is because I liken it to welcoming Spring, and I'm not quite there yet! :)
 The seed catalogs are arriving in the mail, and I know the days have begun to lengthen, (though it's too soon to notice yet), and it's time to think about pruning, picking up branches, cleaning flower beds, and other outdoor work! :) These are all things I welcome, ... but not quite yet! :)
 Silver Bells is playing in the background, the Christmas tree lights are all aglow, and the house feels cozy and bright with all the decorations! :)
 It's hard to think about Spring when one wants to sit and relax with a mug of hot chocolate, and dream of a winter wonderland! :)
 Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day I'll get into that "box up Christmas mode" and become a flurry of activity, ... 'cause New year's is coming, ready or not! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Silver Linings! :)

 Nov. 11th I experienced my first hit-and-run. A guy in a pick-up was driving crazy on the freeway, and since there was a car in the fast lane, he decided to pass me by driving on the shoulder of my slow lane! Since he was running out of shoulder room he chose to hit me, forcing his way back onto the freeway, and kept on going, driving without regard to anyone's safety! The good news is that I was able to drive my vehicle, catch up to get most of his license plate #, and report him. Many others also called to report his actions, including people who witnessed him striking my vehicle and troubled themselves to call and report it! Within minutes of the incident, officers were able to have him in custody, take photos of my Escape, and get my written report. I was impressed by how quickly they responded! I was also blessed that the man who hit me had auto' insurance, and do to everyone's actions, I was able to get the body work done on my vehicle, and return some normalcy back to my life! :)

 I also experience my first root canal on Nov. 30th, and while sitting in the patient chair, I offered silent prayers of thanks and gratitude that such intricate dental work is possible in our day! What a miracle! :)

 As I look at the damaged side of my Escape, now returned to like-new condition, I almost can not believe my eyes! Is that body work not also a miracle!? :) It looks as if the damage hadn't occurred! I feel truly grateful that no one was hurt and that such restoration is perfectly possible! :)
 The past couple of months have impressed upon my mind, once again, that no matter the trials in our lives, there are Always Silver Linings! :)

Friday, December 11, 2015

An Extra Memorable Tree! :)

 This year marks the end of a long-standing family tradition, that of going to Stinson's for our Christmas tree! We are going to miss it, and will now be looking for a you-cut tree farm in our area that will allow us to continue our annual hunt for the perfect tree! :)
 This year we accidentally chose a tree that was larger than expected! (It's hard to tell when you're standing out in a field of trees!) :) 
 We suspected the problem as soon as we began to drag it from the field! It had been raining but it seemed a bit Too heavy! :)
 I've tried to take a photo of it, but it's so big that I can't seem to capture the whole thing in the lens! ... Here, the sofa is in the way! :)
 The sofa's out of the way, but now the wall obscures a side of the tree! :)
 Now you can't see the angel! :)
 Okay, now we can't see the base of the tree or the side! :)
 ... There won't be a photo this year of the whole tree! :) ...
 When we got it home, we realized our error, and the guys ended up cutting off the bottom of the trunk before bringing it in the house. It still stood too tall, and too wide, so our son brought in my pruners and pruned the top and the entire tree while I made dinner! Now the angel is in her rightful place and we can walk around the tree! :)
 This year I not only used the chairs to trim the tree, but the step stool as well, and still needed help stringing the lights around the top of the tree! :)
 Since this is the last year we get to have Stinson's be a part of our family Christmas, I guess it's fitting that it ended up being an extra memorable Christmas tree! :)
 Merry Christmas Everyone! :)