Monday, June 16, 2014

Showers, Sunshine, & Summer! :)

 After a few days of showers, the sun is shining again between clouds! :)
 The cooler weather has been kind to the new plants that are trying to set in their roots! :)
 It hasn't done any harm to the ones that are established, either! :)
 The rain has pooled on top of the plastic in the garden! Watch your step! :)
 Some seedlings have done well, while others have been eaten by the slugs! Today I put a few more seeds in the mounds that have suffered their attacks! I think this will be the last planting! :)

 The felines have been spending a good deal of time in the garden! :)
 The onions have been munched on by the slugs, and sat on by the cats, but it looks like we'll still have some for our table! :)
 It's usually just the boys enjoying the garden, but Gerdy has decided to join us today! :)

 Apollo and Sylvester are sharing a little bath time, in the sun! :)

 Everything in the yard looks refreshed from the recent rain! :)

 The weather report calls for upcoming good weather, in the 70's and possible 80's! :)
 The sky looks like it's transitioning, getting ready to return to Summer weather again! :)

 It's coming at the right time as Summer will officially be here this weekend! :)
Showers, sunshine, and Summer! I love it all! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bountiful Books! :)

 Today feels like Christmas as another book shipment just arrived from Deseret Books! :) I called yesterday morning with my order and, as usual, the box is in my hands this very next day! Can't beat service like that! :)
 Two of the authors I've read before, but the others in this shipment are new to me! :) I'm enjoying getting familiar with many authors, and discovering favorites! :)
Right now Carla Kelly and Sarah Eden are my most favorite authors, and I've recently discovered Jen Turano, too! :) It's delicious when an author can stir one's heart with words, causing laughter, tears, and sighs to escape one's lips! :)
 Today we are exactly 23 weeks into this year. Since I read many books last year, I decided to keep track of my reading, this year, as I thought it'd be fun to see how many I actually read! :)
January started slow, with only 2 books, but since then my reading has picked up! :) (I've been going to bed a little sooner at night to get in a little extra reading before sleep takes me!) :)
I typically go to bed with a good book and read myself to sleep! In 23 weeks I've read 38 books, and have started on #39! :)
It's probably fair to say that I'm now addicted to reading! :) I like to keep a box of unread books by my bed and when the box starts to get low I get antsy, and can't wait to place a new order! :)
... Oh how I love my books, books, Bountiful books! :) ...
For those of you who share the joy, ... happy reading! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

June Jewels! :)

 I love June! :) June is full of exciting events (Flag Day; Father's Day; First day of Summer; ...
and in our family, lots of birthdays, including an upcoming June birthday of our first grand-daughter!!) :)
June is also a month that gleams with jewels throughout the yard and garden! :) ...
Roses! :)
 Late blooming rhododendron ...
 And peonies! :)

 Oh how I've missed the roses! :)

 This year we have a new June blooming clematis at the 'bird station', ... 'The First Lady'! :)
 I love her silvery, blue-lavender hue! :)
 And how I've missed Constance Spry! My Favorite of all roses! :)
 Not only is she beautiful, but her fragrance is perfection! No wonder spiders love to live in the folds of her petals! :)

 In June, the ferns are at their best! :)
 So are the blooms on this ornamental tree! (I want to say Snowdrop Tree, but it's been so long since I worked at the nursery, that I'm forgetting some names!) :)

 Everywhere there are June jewels! :)

 And did I mention strawberries!? :)
 One can't count the joys of June without making mention of the strawberries! :) I filled this container in a matter of minutes, and there's lots more to pick! :) I enjoy popping them in my mouth when I'm out watering the garden! :)
Ah! The joys of June jewels! :)