Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring In A Pot! :)

 I currently have several pots filled with a variety of flower bulbs, that I'm impatient to see grow and bloom! :) ... So when I saw this blooming pot of color at a local market, I couldn't resist purchasing it and bringing it home! :)

 Mick saw me on the deck and came for some attention. That's when he noticed Coal was on the deck, too, and boy did he give him a scowl! :)
 But he got some affection anyway, before he left. :)
 After the pale colors of Winter, these bright colors do my heart good! :)
Oh the Joy, of Spring in a pot! :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Is Being Whispered! :)

 Listen! ... Can you hear it? ... The promise of Spring is being whispered in the yard! :)

 The sun occasionally peaks from behind a cloud, and Pig enjoys a sun bath! :)
The felines joined me, scouting out the first signs of Spring! :)
 It won't be long now! Spring is just around the corner! :)
We can hardly wait! :)
The air is swirling through the trees, hedges, and grasses, softly whispering, "Spring! Spring!" :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sugar & Spice! :)

"Oh, what are little girls made of, made of, ...
 What are little girls made of? ...
 Sugar and spice and everything nice, ...
 Yes, That's what little girls are made of, made of, ...
 Oh, That's what little girls are made of!" :)
 That poem describes my little girl well! :) How I love, adore, respect, cherish, and admire her! :)
 And now my little girl has grown into a lovely woman who is expecting a daughter of her own! :)
 With two handsome, huggable, and sometimes hilarious, grandsons, we've enjoyed occasionally buying clothes and shoes for rough and tumble boys! :) ...
Now it's time to also turn our attention to the little girl section, and buy some Pink! :)
 We couldn't be more excited!! :)
 Since this is the first granddaughter, she'll need a whole new wardrobe! :) So I've begun my shopping with a few in newborn size! :)
 I also bought a couple dresses in size 0 - 3! :)

 And one dress in size 3 - 6! :)
 I can already envision my daughter hanging them in the nursery closet, organized by size! :)
 There's something about fabrics and colors that touches a woman's soul! :)

This little girl has already touched the souls of her loved ones! When her mommy explained to her brothers that they were going to find out if this was a boy or girl baby, they reminded her that they already knew this was a girl! (The boys have been referring to the baby as her and she, for awhile now.) In fact the youngest, the 3 yr. old, was put out that mommy didn't already Know this! :)
They were right, and are quite ready for "Sugar and Spice" in their lives! :)
As are we all!! :)