Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Joy In The Little Things! :)

 Each year I hang an artificial wreath on the door until I make or buy a fresh cut one! :) I won't have a chance to replace it this year, and it's looking like it needs something to freshen it up! :)
 So I decided to grab my bag of craft odds and ends and add some bling to it! :)
 Now it's sporting a little cardinal! :)
 I've woven in a touch of red ribbon here and there! :)
 Red, shiny apples and ...
 a variety of berries ...
 give the wreath new interest! :)
 It is fun to see new ribbon ...
 added in with the old! :)
 Mick stood by and seemed to approve the new look! :)
 While I played with adding a fresh look to an old wreath, ...
 Coal was inside laying by "his" tree! :)
 He will lay there for hours, just looking at the shiny ornaments and sparkling lights! :)
 Soon he's sound asleep, dreaming of Christmas toys and treats! :) We grin at each other, softly chuckling over our silly pup! :)
I have a fresh look on an the old wreath and Coal has his tree! Everybody's happy! :)
With Christmas on the horizon, I hope all of you are happy, too! May we count our blessings and take joy in the little things! :)
Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Calm Before ... And After The Storm! :)

 I like the calm before the storm! :)
 You know it's coming, ...
 but it's peaceful! :)

 Then, ...
 During the storm, there's this feeling of excitement!
 It builds and builds! :)
 Then after ...
 there's a feeling of calm again! :) ... (I ran out and swiped the snow off the feeder for the two hummers that are staying here this Winter!) :)

 Everything is peaceful! :)

 Everything is still! :)

 My eyes are drawn to it's beauty! :)

 It wasn't until I tried to open the back deck door, that I realized how much snow we had! :)
 We're guessing at least 5 full inches! :)
 So Pretty! :)
 Mick likes to get under the grill cover. It's covered in snow right now! :)
 His footprints lead to the back French doors! :)
 Our footprints lead to the front! :)

 He saw me with the Canon and started acting all pitiful at the back door! You'll notice he's the only outdoor cat doing this! The others are in their heated shed, where Mick Should be! :)

The snow has turned to rain, and the thaw has begun in earnest! Everything is getting back to normal, and now we're enjoying the calm after the storm! :) 

Monday, December 5, 2016

First Winter Snow! :)

 The first snow of Winter always brings excitement! :)

 There's just something magical about a Winter Wonderland! :)
 When it comes in Dec. it's just that much more thrilling! :)
 It holds the wonder and hope if a White Christmas! :)
Here's hoping you, too, find enjoyment in your first Winter snow! :)