Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm Ready For Spring! :)

 Winter tends to get washed out, so when I see skies like this, I drink it in! :)
 I welcome the color! :)
 I think that's one of the reasons why I love Spring so much! Everything comes alive in fresh greens,
 and spots of bright color! :)

 It's as though all nature is waking up, ...
 And showing promising signs of new life! :)

 I love the full rainbows! :)
 Many of them are doubles! :)
 I especially love the Spring sun-showers! :)
 How I love the activity of all Nature in the Spring! :)
 I respond by hanging a bright Spring wreath on our door! :)
 Just as Nature responds by hanging spots of color in our yards! :)

 In turn, I run out and buy more plants to add even more color to the yard! :)
 This time, at the nursery, I yearn for Spring pastels! :)
 If all Nature and I are getting active, it stands to reason that our Mason Bees are getting active too! Since all their houses are filled, it was time to buy more homes with new tubes, for them! :)
 With Spring knocking at the door, I can't resist bringing out Easter decorations! :)
 Spring and Easter go hand in hand! :)
 They lift my spirit! :)

 I also made a run to Bath & Body Works to bring home new Spring fragrances ...

 And plug-ins! :)

 I'm ready for Easter and ...
I'm ready for Spring! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heavenly Hellebore! :)

 I can't help but be taken with this hellebore! It's from Winter Jewels and is Red Sapphire! :)
 The contrast between light and dark is so striking! :)
 My other new hellebore is also from Winter Jewels and is Peppermint Ice! :)
 I love all my hellebores, old and new! :)
 The doubles have a tendency to get top heavy, but even bowing, they have appeal! :)
 Their angelic beauty can take my breath away! :)
 (sigh) :)

 The single bloom hellebores stand upright, and I love seeing their happy faces! :)
 I love them so much that I have decided to buy more varieties for the yard! :)
How can I not!? Come February, few things are as dear as heavenly hellebore! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It Looks Like Spring To Me! :)

 There are February valentines strewn about our yard! :)
 They are in the form of flowers, that bring much needed color at the end of Winter! :)
 I was drawn from crocus to crocus! :)

 Mick was drawn to Me, and before I could take a snapshot of three cheerful white blooms, standing together, he walked through them and they crumpled to the ground.
 I lifted them up to take a photo anyway, finding them too pretty to pass by! :)

 Then I noticed the hellebores! :)
 Most are in bud form promising beauty to come! :)
 The snowdrops are in full form, and just about done blooming already! :)
 These are more hellebores I planted a few years ago! :)

 How I love their detailed faces! :)
 These last two are doubles that I added last year! :)
 This is my first time seeing them bloom! :)
 I love the variety of color in the yard, from berries, ...
 to blooms, ...
 to new leaves! :)
 Sometimes frost kills the Camilla blooms, so I'm glad to see healthy buds this year! :)

 The flowering quince is budding, and the Rufous Hummingbirds should arrive just as they're opening! :)
 It is one of their most favorite sources of pollen! :)
 The pansies have bloomed all Winter, and keep right on, enjoying both the occasional sunshine and the cool air! :)

 Ladybugs are appearing! I appreciate the hard work they do, keeping aphids in check! :)
 I realize that February is a Winter month, ...
but it looks like Spring to me! :)