Tuesday, April 28, 2015

There's Something New In The Garden! :)

 There's something new in the garden this year! :)
 A couple of the tomato plants I bought were getting too large for their pots and I was eager to get them planted, so they could flourish! :)
 I felt it couldn't wait so bought a new mesh green house, and my Honey helped me assemble it! :)
 Mick came to check out my work after I tended the soil and got the plants in the ground! :)

 I never bothered to remove the mesh cover on our old one, and the Winter winds blew it about, even though I left the doors and windows open. The windows on one side got battered against the fence. It was time to replace the mesh cover but that would take time, and the tomato plants couldn't wait!
 So out with the old and in with the new! :) ... Only now I'm wondering if I can yet order a new cover for the old one and continue to use it, too, or someone else could use it? :)
 This year I've planted 6 tomato plants. (There's enough space for 8.) I chose 1 Sungold cherry tomato; 1 Juliet (for salsa); and 4 Big Beef for fresh eating and for canning! :)
 Another thing that's new in our garden, this year, is a planting of sweet peas! I've always loved their fragrance and decided to grow them! If they do well I'll place a bouquet on our dining room table! :)
 This type gets 10" - 12" tall. Just enough to reach half way up this trellis! :)
 I also planted a large pot of herbs near the front door where they will be easy to clip and use in our meals! :)
In just a couple of weeks it will be time to plant the garden seeds! I can hardly wait! It's helped to have other gardening to do, gearing up for that! :)
Are you planning anything new in your garden!? :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

How Could I Not Love Spring!? :)

 Is it any wonder that Spring is my most favorite season of the year? :)
 I love our view from the front windows! :)
 It draws you outside time and again! :)
 I drink through my eyes, just taking it all in! :)

 This is the newest shade plant purchase, that I'll be planting soon! :)
 The felines love to follow and explore with us! :)

 The first open peony bloom of the season! :)

 Notice how this Siberian iris bloom is cradling rain water in it's center! :)

 Everywhere leaves and blooms are opening! It's as if everything's coming back to life! :)
 Rud has freshly pruned the top of the hedges, making them extra attractive to look at! :)
 The sky has both storm and sunny day clouds, as the weather turns on a Spring dime! :)
 The potatoes are sprouting leaves! If you look close you may see them! :)
 The onion greens are up! :)
 The Tulip tree is showing tulip shape leaves again! How I love them! :)

 Water plants are blooming! :)
 It's time to enjoy the hammock again! :)
 The fruit trees are in bloom! :)

 The weather's warm enough to be outside, yet cool enough for the felines to snuggle! :)
 I'm amazed two full grown cats can squeeze into one crate like that! Silly guys! :)
There's even a new bloom on one of the house plants, after waiting all Winter! :)
Is there any question? How could I not love Spring!? :)