Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pot Of Gold! :)

 The luck of the Irish was with me today so this is the story I told! :)
"I went digging around ...
 And there in the ground ...
 I found ...
A pot of Gold!" :)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Summer Everyone! :)

 What a beautiful morning! :)
 It seems fitting on this first official day of Summer! :)
Happy Summer Everyone! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ever Evolving! :)

 This year the lavender in this flower bed had become too woody and overpowering.
 There was only one option I saw and that was to dig in and re-do the bed! :) Like other gardeners, I love this type of creative activity! :)
 They'd grown so large that I was amazed to find only 3 plants had filled the space! We love lavender and I'd already bought 5 new young plants to put back in the space! :)
 The old plants hung so far beyond the edge of the bed that I knew I'd want to enlarge the bed to give room for the new lavender to grow! :)
 The existing plants are happy to have some breathing room again! :)
 I planted a row of peonies down the middle, that needed to be removed from the back yard. They flattened themselves to the ground, and began smothering the new plants I planted in the bed, so I ended up cutting off the stalks. If they make it, great, and if they don't, I can plant other plants in the space next year! :)
 So this is what the bed looks like now! :)
 I planted 3 white flowering tobacco plants in between the peony stalks to fill the bed this year! :)
 I also took great delight in re-adding a succulent area where it has full sun! :)

 Now I have even more succulents than I had planted before! :)
 Many bloom, and I hope they do well! :)
 Speaking of blooms, ... here are a couple that we can see again now that the old lavender is gone! :)

 Here are some new blooms I've added to the extended space! :)

 I did add all 5 of the lavender I purchased for this bed, and plan to prune them to help them stay within the allotted space and hopefully keep them from getting so woody! :)
 It's a pleasure to look at this bed now that it's extended and tidy again! :)
... Every gardener knows that a flower bed is ever evolving! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

They Will Call Your Yard Home! :)

 Even though I've been adding plants, shrubs, and trees to our property for years, I like to add a flower pot to our deck that is just for our hummers! :) This year I chose three main plants! This Mexican Heather - (Caribbean Sunset), offers narrow tubes that is sure to please nectar seeking tongues! :)
 Flowering Maples are a favorite of hummers, and come in their favorite colors of yellow ...
 and red! :)
 Don't these petals look like a school of little guppies swimming downward? :)
 There's a saying that "If you make it, they will come." :)
 ... It's true! :)

 After that meal, it's time to rest in the shade tree! :)
 They've found these blossoms, too, that are currently on the deck until I get them planted! :)
 I love this time of year when the hummers are here! :)
 All one need do is offer what they love, ...
 their favorite seasonal plants; foliage; & feeders; ...
and they will call your yard "home"! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Gardening Everyone! :)

 We've had a string of Summer days with temps' in the 80's & 90's! That's a bit too hot for me,
 but it's been perfect for getting the garden seeds to spring into action! :)
 Some squash mounds are doing great ...
 while we have just one lone pumpkin seed that came up. Since I planted 3 pumpkin varieties we won't know which type it is until it produces. :)
 The corn is sparsely germinated this year. I've made a mental note to plant the corn closer together next year and watch and learn from this year's experience! :)
 The tomato plants are doing well! I already see a Big Beef forming! :)
 At least 2 of the plants are up to my hip now! Look close and you'll see Mick (to my right) showing where the tomatoes come up to him! :)
 I love growing tomatoes in the mesh green house! :)
 A few Sungold Tomatoes are forming, too! :)
 Mick's leading us to the onions! :)
 He's showing how tall they are now! :)
 Since he flattened one of them, I picked it and will add it to today's meal! :)
The potatoes are doing well, too! :)
Tomorrow the heat is supposed to drop into the upper 60's & 70's for awhile! It's going to make working in the yard and garden a lot more enjoyable! :)
Happy Gardening Everyone! :)