Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all! :)

 Summer has passed the baton to Autumn! Each year I hate to see Summer go (knowing that a long, cold, wet Winter is ahead), but once Fall arrives I'm reminded of all her joys! :)

 Since the days are getting shorter, I'm now up before the sun and enjoy watching her rise! :)

 Here comes Apollo! :)
 When he sees the door open he makes a mad dash so he can jump up, get some affection, and ...
 Feel the thick area rug in his paws! :) I can almost hear his sigh of contentment! :)
 Fall has brought gusts of wind, blowing in rain showers! :)
 One of the mammoth sunflower seeds managed to survive the Springs slug onslaught and towers above the 8' corn stalks! :)
 Such a bashful, pretty face! :)

 Now there are both Summer and ...
 Fall bloomers in the yard! :)

 As well as many Fall fruits, ...
 And fancy mushrooms! :)
 There's color everywhere, ...

 And little joyful surprises at every turn! :)
Happy Fall Y'all!! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This One's Done! :)

 I finally completed one of my yard projects today! :)
 I've been working on it for awhile now, between electric rain storms and Summer heat! :)
 It's a project I've wanted to do, not only to make it look nice but, to make it easier for the men in my life to mow around the bird station, using only the lawn tractor, instead of also needing the push mower! :)
 I dug deep, adding a roll of material between the lawn and the flower bed, in hopes of keeping the lawn from growing into the soil! I'm hoping it makes the upkeep easier for me, too! :)
 There are only so many of these gorgeous Summer days left, so I need to make them count! :)
 I have many more outside projects I want to tackle before the rainy season returns! :)
Since time's running out, and this project is an area we see every time we look out the back windows, and other projects await, it's a relief to finally have this one done! :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fresh Air And Fall Flowers! :)

 This morning I was taken with some of the Fall flowers I saw, while out shopping! :)
 Since the pots on the front deck are experiencing die back, I figured this would be a great time to change them out for fresh Fall arrangements! :)
 Then I saw a young hummingbird show up, out of nowhere! (I thought they were all gone, and suspect this was a late one flying through!) It went straight to the pot I planted with some of the hummer favorites! :) ... (It obviously was familiar with the lay out of our yard and deck! :) ...
 Right to the lantanas! :) ..

 Then to the failing fuchsia, and I knew I didn't have the heart to change out the pots yet! :)
 I reasoned that the new plants look fine arranged against the wall, and there's no reason why I can't enjoy them there for awhile! :) ... They'll add additional color and food for passing hummers! :)

 This tall lobelia is another hummer favorite! :)
 I love these black peppers! :)

 Eventually these flowers will end up in the pots! :)
 I won't be able to ignore the spent look of the old arrangements much longer! :)

 Like me, Sylvester and Apollo are enjoying today's perfect weather! :)

 It's the kind of day that makes one want to be outside enjoying the sunshine, shade, ...
Fresh air, and Fall flowers! :)