Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas! :)

 I've been so busy with the holidays that I haven't blogged in awhile! I wanted to acknowledge another blog milestone, we made awhile back! You all have brought us up to the 20,000 views for the history of my blog! :) Thanks for that! :) It's nice to know that you still are with me! :)
 I have to share the two new cookie jars I bought from Pier 1 Imports this year! I Love the light up roofs! They add such a festive feel to our table! :)
 I also bought this snowman family there, that have the feel of wax candles and light up! :)
 I love that Rud and I have been blessed with 37 years together, now! :)
 He's a Keeper! :)
 Coal just adores him, ...
 The way Coal adores having his Christmas tree again! :)
 Tomorrow he will get two new toys when we open our presents! :)
 They're back behind the tree, so he hasn't noticed them yet! :)
 They blend in with the other gifts! :)
 This year we cut our tree from our own property! One of the Nobles was growing into the King Apple Tree and it had to go. We saved it for Christmas so it can go out in glory! We're glad we did! :) We used the top 8' of the tree and it's been fun to have a tree we grew, in the house! :)
 The snow has begun to fall this Christmas eve, ...
 And it's still coming down out there! :)
 It's already more white out than it was when I took these photos! Perfect time for it! :)
It just adds to our Christmas joy! :)
Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of you, and a blessed New Year! :)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall, Glorious Fall! :)

 Fall's been a smorgasbord of color, weather, and activities! :)
We've had fog. :)
 We've had hail ...
 The size of peas ...
 That made everything white in a  mater of minutes! :)

 We've had lots of color ...
 That's been made all the brighter ...
 By the sun! :)

 There's multiples of red ...

 Yellow and gold ...

 With orange and green mixed in! :)

 There's no denying the vast beauty of Fall! :)

 How I love it! :)

 Fall in her striking splendor ...

 At every turn! :)

 Fall is also a time of activity, like potting new flowers with Fall color! :)
 Potting flower bulbs with hope of a brighter Spring! :)
 Fall even spreads color up in the sky ...
 As well as down below! :)

 This Fall I decorated the trunk and filled it with goodies for costumed children, trunk or treating! I dressed in my Seahawk garb, and had a Seahawk theme! A new spin on tail gaiting! :)
 Fall's brought days of warmth ...
 And mornings of frost! :)

 And amidst all the color ...

 Fall's brought one holiday followed by another! :)
 Now's the time we count our many blessings and give thanks! :)
 One thing I'm feeling thankful for is the variety and fun of Fall! :)
Fall, Glorious Fall! :)