Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Forward! :)

I'm looking forward to the new year, and all I hope to accomplish in it!! :)
This time of the year is always exciting to me as the shortest day of the year has past, which means the days are now getting longer, and tree and plant buds will begin to swell in anticipation of Spring! :)
It's the time of the year when seed catalogs begin to arrive in the mail, and it's time to pour over them, planning the new veggie' garden! :)
It's also time to think about starting those tomato and pepper seeds under the grow lights, on a heat mat! :)
So much to look forward to!! :)
Since my grandson needs my attention, I will close for now and wish you all a Happy New Year!!! :)
Get those resolutions written down, so they're not just a wish, but a Goal!! :) I couldn't wait, and wrote mine already!! :) Welcome 2011!!! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick Update! :)

Since my last post I'm continuing to chip away at these last 10 pounds, and am now looking at 8 left to go! 8.2 to be exact!! :)
When I get home I'll ask Rud to take a photo of me so you can see! :)
There's alot going on, so I'll just share a summary of my time here, when I get home! :)
If I don't write again, before Christmas, - MERRY CHRISTMAS every one!!!! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Single Digit! :)

I've been determined to lose my excess weight, since Christmas of last year, when I stepped on the scale and read 202!! My attempts at losing were pitiful untill I started counting calories last mid-May! :) Since then I've lost 44 pounds and counting!! :)
According to Wii Fit, my ideal weight should be 148.6! Yesterday morning I weighed 158.6 and rejoiced that I had finally reached that 10 lbs. point, which means I am finally on the home stretch of this weight loss adventure! :)
This morning I weighed in at 158.0 and realized that I finally hit a Single Digit, with 9.4 left to lose!! :)
Even though everyone says the last 10 lbs. are the hardest to lose, I'm hoping to reach my weight goal by March! March is not only my birthday, but it also marks another anniversary for Rud and I, and I want to give him back his thin wife as a gift! :)

Weight is only the first focus in my desire to be fit! When I get home I'm anxious to get back on the Nordic Track to start building my endurance, and start toning my muscles! :)
Fitness is now a life-long persuit for me, and calorie counting will be an ongoing part of it even after I've reached my weight goal! :)
I've been enjoying this journey, and celebrating at every turn! :)

I almost can't take in the fact that I'm finally at this point in my weight loss journey, with only Single Digit numbers, now, left to lose!! :) Someone may need to pinch me!! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Update! :)

Just a quick update to let you know that I'm still breathing! :) I'm here in UT with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons! :) (I forgot how wonderful newborns are!!!) :) I'll add photos and share more, when I'm home and have more time for the computer, again! :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Eternal Impact! :)

It has been my experience that the veil is thinnest when loved ones are passing through it, either by coming in, or by going out.
Lately I've been feeling a depth of inner emotion as I contemplate the changes that are soon to occur, as one dear one is prepairing to progress on, and another is prepairing to enter in!
One, my "Auntie-Mom", has been my mentor, and has helped shape who I am! She has always been faithful, loyal, loving, and supportive, not only to myself, but to all those around her who she's loved and befriended! She is at the end of her journey here, and I recently made one last visit, and swallowed back tears as I hugged her goodby! I will miss her so very dearly, - but I know when it's my turn to progress on, that she will be there to welcome and greet me! :)
The other, my soon-to-be newest grandchild, is getting restless now, anxious to make his appearance! It's with great joy that I anticipate his arrival, and the opportunity to see him and hold him in my arms, and show him the open, tender love I feel in my heart, - like Auntie-Mom has shown to me!! :)
It appears that he will be making his appearance around the same time she will be passing on. My emotions are a little up and down, right now, as I'm saying goodby to one and hello to the other.
I feel blessed knowing that both will have an eternal impact on my heart! :)

'Shrooms! :) Part 2

Sometimes mushrooms resemble other things! This one looks like a pancake! :)
These light ones remind me of the sand-dollar shells you'd find on the beach, and the dark gray ones remind me of wet sand, itself, as you near the ocean waves! :)

And this type of mushroom reminds me of some kind of thick sweet bread, pudding, or custard! :)
I took many more photos of the amazing variety of mushrooms that are plentiful throughout our yard! They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes! :)

Even though I've never seen a gnome, or fairy, on, around, or hiding beneath, any of them, I'd be lying if I said there isn't something magical about them! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Shrooms! :) Part 1

I enjoy this time of year when summer has given way to enough autumn showers to start sprouting mushrooms everywhere in the yard! :)
I especially like these lavender ones, that seem so pretty and unusual! This is the only place we've lived where I've seen them! :)

And These, look like white salt-water shells!! This is the first time I've ever seen these, and am quite taken with them! :)
I know enough to never touch wild mushrooms, and to give them a respectful distance! But each year I find myself drawn to them and can't resist capturing them in my lens! :)
Currently, I seem limited to 3 photos per post, so will show a few more photos in an upcoming part 2! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need More Orange! :)

Fall is all about Color!! It's all the yellows, reds, and oranges, with a few greens, cinnamons, and browns mixed in! :)
As I study my yard, I see I have plenty of yellow, with the three birch trees in front and the tulip tree in back! :)

I have lively red in my new maple tree, and alot of red and brick red in many of the shrubs around the front and back yard! :)
But other than the pumpkins on the front deck, orange is sadly lacking! I do have a young witch hazel that shows orange in it's leaves, for a week or two, but once they've dropped, there isn't a whole lot of orange to be seen! :)
So I'll be keeping my eyes open for plants that display orange leaves, flowers, or berries for added fall color, because looking around it's plain to see we need more orange!! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Well Groomed Bed! :)

For me, fashioning flower beds is another part of feathering my nest! Eventually I hope to have the entire yard weeded, planted, and barked, at the same time! I love to be drawn from one part of the yard to another, and have it all flow together like good music! :)
I've finally gotten the south-side flower bed squared away for the winter! It's all weeded, planted, and barked! It's an accomplishment given that it's the length of the home, roughly 6' wide, and it's been the busiest summer I can remember us having! It's been like pulling teeth to fit in time for my beloved yard work! :)

But, alas, this bed is finally done for now! :) This winter I will be starting some delphiniums from seed, in hopes of adding them to this bed! I also have a spot to fill on one end, where a young start died, so I will be shopping for a replacement, come spring! And as any true gardener knows, no flower bed is ever really done! There's always changes, improvements, and ongoing work to be done! :)
Oh how I love a well groomed bed! I'm already feeling excited about seeing the plants grow and come alive with color, come spring and summer! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall's First Frost! :)

Our first frost came early this year. It was pretty to see eveything frosted in white this morning, before the sun came out! :)
Even More surprising, is that I experimented and found a way of adding another photo to this post!! I'm feeling hopeful that I may be able to enjoy sending multiple photos again! I have to go about it differently than I did before! :)
Now if I can just find time to do more than a quick blog post! :) grin
I still have alot of outside planting and yard work to do before the ground freezes, so I'm in a race against time! :)
Will talk later! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Halloween! :)

I love the festivity of this time of year! On the first of the month, the decorations come out, and the fun begins! :)
I currently have alot of "do's" on my list, and since my blog responses have been quiet, I may slow down the entries on this blog, a bit! If we don't "talk" for awhile, I want to wish you all a festive October, and a Happy Halloween!! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Argiope Aurantia Aura! :)

One of Autumn's activities is the often unnoticed busy work of spiders laying their eggs! :) I was spellbound by this female and her handywork! Look how she suspended her egg sac with her silvery, silky web strands! It looks like the most comfortable crib any offspring could desire! :) I could almost sense her happy aura over bringing life into our world! :)
These black and yellow garden spiders are good to have in the yard and garden, so they always bring a smile when I chance to see them! :) Now that she's chosen one of our flower beds, to have her babies in, perhaps I will be seeing more of them in the future! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cranberry Cravings! :)

Since blueberries and cranberries require the same acidic soil, and since a small patch of cranberries don't require a bog to be harvested, - I decided to plant cranberry plants at the base of our blueberry plants! :) This way we will have two crops in the space of one! :)
I ordered mature plants from Cranberry Creations, in Maine, so these cranberry plants literally traveled from coast to coast! :) We were thrilled to see them looking so healthy and bearing ripe fruit when they arrived!! :)
Today I snuggled them into their prepaired soil, in the garden, beneath the blueberry bushes, and saw that the berries were ripe and ready to harvest! Then came the cranberry cravings, and the thought, "Why wait?!" :) So I picked them all and cooked them as a side dish for our evening meal!! :) Delicious!!!! :)
It's fun to think that we can look forward to this little treat, right from our own garden, in upcoming years!! :)
Right now I'm wishing we had a field full of them!! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raspberry Rah-Rah!! :)

I've been so pleased with the row of raspberry plants that I planted in the garden this year! :)Last year's canes strained, fizzled, and died, with the exception of one plant, while this year's cane's showed real savvy and settled in and established themselves! :)
I suspect the added care I took with the soil preparation, and this year's extra mild summer, worked in their favor! :)
They've even begun to bloom and form fruit, which I wasn't expecting since raspberries don't usually produce their very first year in the ground! :)
The row is comprised of three types of raspberry plants, 2 red and 1 yellow! :)
The raspberry pictured is a yellow berry, Anne, that is said to have an exquisite flavor with hints of apricot, making it a special treat! :)
I don't know if they'll have time to provide fruit before the freezing nights return, this year, but we should be tasting them next year, for sure! I can hardly wait!! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn's Embrace! :)

I'm aching to fill this blog with autumn color, texture, and flavor, but alas, I'm still limited to one photo!
Simply stated, I love how festive nature is this time of year!! :) It's like the big grand finale, with all the streamers, fireworks, and big bands sounding off at once!! :)
I'm welcoming Fall by burning fabulous, fragrant, spicey candles, and am ready to decorate the house with autumn splendor, and the front deck with pumpkins and brightly colored 'mums!! :)
I've got a sudden desire for hot apple cyder, and to heat up the oven again baking squash and pot roast!! :)
This morning we enjoyed a sunrise that seemed to be reflecting back, with shared enthusiasm, the reds and golds the plants in the yard have been rioting!! :)
Even though I love all 4 seasons, - I find it difficult to let summer, and gardening, go every year! Then nature starts splashing bright colors, and putting that little chill in the air, and before long I feel Autumn's embrace, and can no longer resist getting enthused about embracing her right back!! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Nothing Time"! :)

Hobbes: "Well, Summer is almost over. It sure went quick, didn't it?"
Calvin: "Yep."
Calvin: "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

I'm hoping when you click on this photo it will enlarge so you can enjoy Bill Watterson's art work! As I've said before, our whole family are big fans of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes! :)
We can truely relate! :)
Summer seems to always go too quickly, for us, but this year it sped by extra fast! We were so busy this summer, that we didn't get enough "nothing" time!! :)
The guys managed to spend a little time on the hammock, (one of our "nothing time" favorites), but I think I spent a total of two minutes on it all year!! :)
I love to lay on it, with one leg ready to push off the ground, keeping a steady, gentle swing motion going! It's so pleasant to listen to all the sounds of nature, and watch the birds fleeting to and from the feeders! :) It's especially nice when the sun is shining and there's a soft whisper of a breeze caressing my face! I can even look up at the sky and watch the clouds shifting shapes as they go drifting by! :)
I'm promising myself, right now, that I'm going to make more "nothing time" for myself in 2011! It's going to be one of my resolutions, because "nothing time" can be very restorative!!! :)
Sometimes we need to make "nothing time" for ourselves, to exhale; feel our heart rate slow down; listen to nature; remember the bigger picture; and that we have a loving Heavenly Father Who is aware of us, loves us, and wants to be an ongoing part of our lives! :)
Here's hoping we all get a little "nothing time" now and then, and enjoy it's great bennefits! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Evaluating Accomplishments! :)

It's all too easy, when evaluating one's year, to think of the goals that didn't come to fruition, - especially when there are goals you so longed to do! :)
I think of the 2010 veggie garden that I had such high hopes for, that ended up not coming together! This was the year I'd planned to get all the flower beds weeded, add additonal plants, and lay fresh bark throughout! Here it is Sep. and I'm Still hoping to get some free time to get some of that done! :)
This photo I took reminded me of the importance of taking a moment to acknowledge what Has been done, instead of focussing on what hasn't! :)
After all, the reason I didn't get the garden and yard work accomplished, this year, was because of other goals that I was involved with, that took precedence over them! :)
Instead of getting our yard in order, I was working on getting our home in order!! We now are enjoying the blessing of new doors and windows, and the dining room window that I've envisioned being glass french doors, is now a reality!! :) Next summer we plan to add a patio, and patio furniture, so we can make better use of our back yard! :)
And looking through these glass doors I see the new deer fence that my Sweetie built, that will be a huge blessing with the many gardens that will yet be planted there! The raspberry vines I planted last spring have settled in nicely and expect to produce fruit in 2011! :) The garden has been 'tilled and "put to bed", and will be ready to work for us next season! :)
Whatever doesn't get done this year will swap over to next year's goals list! :)
2011's garden, I reason, will be that much more spectacular because I'll have had two years to plan it!! :)
There's other goals too, that my Sweetie and I can feel good about, like losing alot of our excess weight, and working on reading our scriptures! :)
I still have tons to do before the new year! The most exciting one is going to UT to help when our daughter has their 2nd baby!!!! :)
So here's hoping we all take a moment to evaluate the accomplishments we've had in 2010! :) Before we know it, the new year will be upon us, and we'll be setting new, (and rolled over) goals for ourselves!! :) And doesn't it feel good to take a moment to acknowledge our accomplishments!!!!? :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Can See Clearly Now! :)

What a difference new windows and doors make!! :)
My blog is still only allowing one photo per post, so since I can only show you one photo, I chose my favorite window! I still need to iron and rehang the valance, but it's the windows I wanted to show you, anyway! :)
We now have Mercer windows, and I have to tell you that I Never have seen window glass that looks so clear, in all my life, nor did I dream it exsisted!! When the protective plastic was removed it looked like there was No glass there!! :) We couldn't be more pleased!! :)
It's a far cry from the windows that used to be there! There were streaks Inside the glass, itself, that no cleaning would remove, - and it always bothered me!
These windows will be fun to clean, because they will look clean when I'm done! :)
And I Do mean clean!! :) It's a happy adjustment because we can see clearly now!! Hurray!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Nature Novelty! :)

Last week we saw a baby coyote in our front yard, and clapped our hands to frighten it away! (We don't want it to feel too at home here.) It wasn't untill it ran off that I thought about taking a photo of it!
So when, a few days ago, we saw it strolling across our field, I asked Cal to run out and take a few quick photos before shooing it off! He and his Dad have begun to enjoy taking nature photos, like me! :)
It was fun seeing it enjoying the summer sun, and pouncing on insects, or mice, in the field! :)
This year I learned new respect for coyotes! The rabbit population was higher than usual and I began to realize that I hadn't been hearing the psychotic sound of the coyotes cry and excited yipping. Perhaps, ... just perhaps, ... they've been giving us a needed service to keep things in check, all these years! :) Now that I hear them in our area, again, the rabbits are not so over populated, and maybe my flowers, in the flower beds, will make a come back now! :)
So while they are still not one of my favorite of God's creatures, I do have a new admiration for them and the service they give in keeping ballance in nature! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pollination Population's Prospering! :)

For those who follow my blog, you may remember a post I did about our new addition, - the Mason Bees! :)
I bought the bee house with the empty bee tubes, and one single tube housing 4-6 baby bees! That one, thin, cardboard tube can be seen 3 up from the bottom, center. You now will notice atleast 3 filled tubes in the bottom, center area! :) I have them placed in an out-of-the-way location, and totally missed this tube-filling activity! The few times I thought to go look, I didn't see anything happening, and began to feel concerned that they may have chosen to not use the house I'd provided for them! I noticed them when I went to water some plants in that area! I'm so thrilled to see they are using the house, because that means they are here to stay! :)
And as you can see, their population has now tripled in one season!! :) Hurray!! :) One year we should be looking at a "full house", and I'll be buying more housing for them! We had atleast 3 to 5 Mason Bee homes full of activity at the garden nursery I used to work at! One day I hope to see that pleasant, busy activity, right here at home! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unexpected ... ! :)

This year's garden experience was totally unexpected!
We never expected winter to hang on well into spring, giving us late frosts and temperatures too cool to warm the soil enough to plant seeds! -
Nor did we expect that Rud would be so busy with church responsibilities that he wouldn't have a single weekend free for 2 -3 months, (very unusual), which really set back the time frame for getting the deer fence built! -
We knew we had company coming, and that I was going to be taking a flight back to UT with them, not returning untill July 8th, but had thought the fence would be built, the soil warmed and 'tilled, and I would have it all planted before leaving! Of course things didn't go as expected so I ended up not planting a garden this year.
When I returned I knew it was too late to plant all the garden seeds I had planned to grow, (and I had a family reunion I was in charge of this year), so instead, I decided the smart thing to do was to get the garden ready for next year!! :)
The deer fence is up; I have all the seeds; the new row of raspberry plants, I planted this spring, are getting established and gearing up to bear their first fruit next year; and Rud 'tilled the soil so it will be easy to work up next year, and hopefully help us get an early start! :)
Instead of pouring over the seed catalogs this winter, I'll be laying out my seed packets, planning the lay out of the garden! I can't begin to tell you how anxious and excited I am about next year's garden!! It will have been two years in the planning by the time I place those patient seeds in the ground, and the wait only adds to my anticipation and excitement!! :)
So here it is August and instead of picking and bringing in produce, I'm looking at a garden that has already been "put to bed", which would have been totally unexpected, last spring! But I'm alright with it! I'm just looking forward to next year's garden, That Much More!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reunion Raves! :)

Since before I was born the Falters have been reuniting annually! It's always the same time every year, and always good company, good food, good fun, and lots of laughter! :)
This year was a little different for me, because it was the first time I've been the one in charge of it! My sister, Diane, and I agreed to take our turn at taking the reins and running with it, and we put alot of ourselves into it! :)
One of the things we dreamed up was this new reunion t-shirt! During the meeting, I gave everyone info' on how they can get one too, and I'm hoping to see a few more matching t's show up next year! :)
I won't go into all we did to try to make the reunion a success! It's enough to know that all enjoyed themselves and appreciated our efforts! :)
I just wanted to take a moment to openly reflect on what a wonderful family I'm blessed to be a part of! :) I need look no further than this comical, warm, delightful, honest, generous, hospitable, and trustworthy group, - to know where some of my best qualities come from! :)
As now is the time of year when many are enjoying family reunions, my wish is that you may all be half as blest as I am!! :) Hurray For Family!!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

"I'm Intrigued!" :)

A doe and her spotted fawn stopped by to check out the new deer fence! (This is another doe, on another day, from the one mentioned in the post below.) The little one is difficult to see as it's standing behind the faucet, so I hope you can see it peering in! :)
I'm not sure what the attraction is, to be honest, as we didn't have the opportunity to plant a garden this year! Mostly there are just weeds, at this point, in the majority of the garden.
I have other photos of this fawn darting around, and it's mother, but since I had to choose just one, I chose this one, as the look on it's face says it all! "I'm intrigued! May I have a closer look?"
I dare say, little one, - that is just what I'm thinking about You, with your cute little white spots dotting your back in rows! "I'm intrigued! May I have a closer look?" :)

One Less Critter Getting In! :)

I'm happy to report that the deer fence is everything I hoped it would be! :) The deer can still walk all around the garden but they can't get in! :)
I'm still feeling dismayed by the fact that my blog set up has changed and I'm not able to access more than one photo per blog! I have several photos I would loved to have shared!
I also can't figure out how to access the fonts! - Just when I feel like I know what I'm doing they change things and I feel like a beginner blogger all over again! :)
For those of you who blog, - are you having these problems too? Is mine the only format that changed?
Susie, .... heeeeelllllllllp!! :) grin

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Half Way There!! :)

Two months ago, today, I started counting calories at my friend's, Vicki's, request to do this with her! I wouldn't have started, otherwise, as it sounded like too much bother to me! :)
She caught me at just the right time as I'd just had a check up at the doctors and he'd upped my blood pressure perscription! I knew I needed to shed my excess weight to be more healthy, so I agreed to start this journey with her! :)
Around Christmas time I hit my heaviest weight ever!! I'd managed to lose between 5-6 pounds from Christmas to May 17th! I was averaging only a 1 lb. loss a month!
The last two months, since counting calories, I've lost an additional 17-18 pounds, which now has me averaging a loss of 8.5-9 lbs. a month!! :) I never knew I could lose weight this successfully, at my age!! :)
Thanks, Vicki, for talking me into this!! :)
I've dropped two sizes, and my clothes were getting too baggy, so yesterday I went shopping for new clothes!! :) It ended up being a fun experience and I came home with clothes that make me feel 10 years younger! (A nice change from the frumpy look I'd slipped into while trying to hide the excess pounds!) I know at some point I will need to buy a new wardrobe, again, when I get down to my ideal weight, so I tried to buy just enough to get me by untill then! Lucky for me, when I went to pay I learned J C Penney had a fantastic sale going on!! :)
Today I'm celebrating that I'm half way there, to my goal weight!!! So this is what I look like with half left to go!! :) The photo is a little confusing with the mirror reflection behind me, but it was the best I can do taking a photo of myself! :)
Maybe by Christmas of this year, I'll be at my goal weight, and can share a photo of my thin self, then!? :)
Lately I feel like a sculpture, wittling away all that I don't want, one pound at a time, and feeling thrilled as I see the form of my desire slowly emerging!! :)
I'm beginning to see glimpses of my thin self, and I'm excited and eager to welcome her back, - like an old, dear friend! :)
I hope when all is said and done that I will be able to have my perscriptions cut back or cut out all together!! That would Really be cause to celebrate!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over! :)

As striking as the Salt Lake Temple is during the day, it's simply awe-inspiring, all lit up, in the quiet of the evening!! I couldn't resist sharing atleast one of the photos I took when Sheana, (Brennan in the stroller), and I enjoyed a late stroll on temple square! :)
"My cup runneth over!" is the best way I know to describe the feeling!! :) We stayed, like many others, untill it was time for the gates to close, feeling unrushed and filled to the brim with peace and joy as the love of our Heavenly Father washed over us! :)
If you've not had that experience, you owe it to yourself to go and feel it! ... ... ... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

UT Summer Bliss! :)

I'm having some difficulty with my blog. It's only allowing me to download One photo! How do I choose just one that expresses all the wonders I experienced while visiting family in Utah!? It simply can't be done!! :)
Do I choose an inspiring photo of the Salt Lake Temple lit at night; a photo of This Is The Place; one of the Mormon Tab' Choir with symphany, practising patriotic songs that swell in one's heart and spill over; a photo of one of many of the prophet's tombstones we found; perhaps one of Brennan playing in the sprinklers during the hot summer days; or one of us simply enjoying time together?
We did so much that I want to share with photos, and since a photo is worth a thousand words, I prefer to use them over a lengthy, wordy discourse! :)
Untill I can get some help and find out why it's now only allowing me to post one photo, I will have to accept that one is all I get to share!
Maybe my smile can say it all for me! I had a Great time!! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

So Much!!! :)

I have So Much to share yet So Much to do that the photos I've taken will have to wait a little longer!! :)
I want to alteast take time to say that I've enjoyed visiting family who are dear to me, in UT, So Much!! I am anxious to grab a moment (when I'm not so busy), to share some of the photos of that visit!! :)
At the same time I'm missing them, it is good to be home again! I've missed Rud and Cal So Much and it feels good to back in their embrace! :)
It also feels good to be back in western WA, on our property! I woke to a full choir of birds singing in the yard!! It felt great to feel that familiar air on my skin, and to breath in the fresh, joyious, quiet of our place! I love it So Much!! :)
My personal exciting news is that I'm now almost halfway down to my goal weight, and have dropped 2 sizes!!! I didn't expect to be able to lose So Much (over 20 lbs. thus far), so quickly, at my age, but since I've started counting calories (in May) the pounds have been dropping off quicker than I thought possible!! :) At this rate, I may see my goal realized by the end of this year instead of in 2011, like I thought!! :)
Hope you're all enjoying summer! It has finally arrived in my neck of the woods! :) It's a time of plenty when fruits and veggies are in season and I'm enjoying all the fresh produce So Much!! :) Hope you're enjoying it too!! :) Watermelon anyone!? :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just A Note! :)

Just taking a moment to jot a note to any who may be wondering when I'm going to post again! :) I haven't forgotten you, - I've just been extra busy!! :)
Right now it looks as though it's going to be this way until the end of August!
I have a few photos I'll try to post in a couple of weeks! They should be worth the wait! :)
Until then, here's hoping you're enjoying summer!! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There's Treasure Everywhere! :)

I, and my family, are huge fans of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes! :) Many nights I read this comic to shut my mind down to go to sleep! I blieve we have every C & H book he wrote! We wish he was still living and writing them! :)

This one about Calvin looking for, (and finding), treasure is one of my favorites! I find I enjoy life when I'm keeping my eyes wide open to the many wonders of this earth! :)
Even our trials in this life are for our learning and bennefit, though it may not feel like it at the time we experience them! - Then again, there are times we Do manage to see the blessings in our trials while we're experiencing them, and when that happens we are all the more blessed! :)
When our daughter was going through the process of having open-heart surgery, to replace a life-threatening infected valve, - (with just the two of us in her quiet hospital room), she offered a sincere, humble prayer of gratitude for the opportunity it gave her to develope closer relationships to extended family and friends. In all she went through, her focus was on "the treasures"!! :)
A friend of mine has been valiently battling cancer for some time now. She is currently in the process of progressing on to the other side. Her organs are shutting down, and it's just a matter of time untill her heart stops and she slips away. - On a recent visit I was touched by how fun she made the visit for myself and the stream of friends coming to see her! One would have thought it was a party!! She was joyious about seeing all her friends filing through, and her family near! Her eyes are on the treasure!! :)
I could share more examples, and I'm sure you can think of some too, of those who find treasure in the dirty rocks, weird roots, and disgusting grubs of life! :)
This earth life is for our joy and learning! Valient is the soul who remembers this and lives it with their eyes ever on the treasure that is, indeed, everywhere!! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Deer Fence Dream Comes True! :)

As any of you who know me, know, I'm all about gardening! For three birthdays, when asked what I wanted, my request was a deer fence! It's disappointing to put so much of one's self, and hard work, into a garden just to have it taken in the night!
So my dream man agreed to make my dream fence! :) I desired an 8' tall fence, since that is the height deers have trouble jumping over! :)
Together we went out and measured, squared, and marked the garden corners with stakes! We added roughly 6' of space to either side of the existing garden, as I knew it was needed for what I wanted to grow! Once the fence is up the space we have is no longer negotiable! :)

I think the space of the garden will be perfect now! :)

We needed to purchase 10' poles, since two' of them need to be underground!
We both love our perfect soil! I love it for growing things, and Rud loves it for how easy it is to dig! :)

So he cemented the corner posts in first! :)

We marked where we wanted the gates, and measured, and he put in the rest of the poles! My contribution was holding the leveler! Instantly I could feel the benefit of having extended the garden area, standing in the new garden room! :)

Next came the corner braces! :)

Rud cut the sod of the exteded area, so we could 'till and have the area ready to use! :)

Rud was unaware of me taking a photo of him at work! You may need to enlarge the photo to see him kneeling at the back corner of the fence! Here he was putting up the bottom roll of wire mesh. He came up with an ingenious way of doing this by himself! :)

These were taken yesterday, after he finished attatching the top roll of mesh wire! This, too, he found a way to do by himself! I confess, - he amazes me!!! :)
So since he didn't need my help, I potted up our two fig trees and placed them in the garden, and planted three small trees in one bed, and set up shrubs and perennials I will be planting soon in another flower bed! :)

So the sun sets on our deer fence! I feel a need to pinch myself to realize that it's still going to be here tomorrow and for a long time after!! The deer fence I've dreamed of, for so long, is now here in our back yard! Next Rud will be making the gates, but that will be another post! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Dozen Dreamy Doves! :)

There's something dreamy about doves! Their soft throaty cooing, soft colors, and neck bobbing walk, can be spell binding! :) We were so excited when we first saw this lavender Band-Tailed Pigeon appear in our backyard! :)
Then, within a few days, a 2nd one came!! Imagine our surprise when, a few days later, we saw a 3rd, and then a 4th! Soon a 5th and a 6th joined them!! :)
They've obviously passed the word, because today I was amazed to see a 7th and an 8th!! :) I was working in the garden when they came, but they were too fearful to come to the feeder! Since I'd been out there for two hours I decided to come in for lunch and let them come to the feeder! :)

I was amazed at how many showed up to eat!! I counted atleast 9 or 10 at the feeders, and a couple more perched in a nearby tree!! :)

After enjoying a good lunch, themselves, they took flight up to the trees at the back of our property! Perhaps now's a good time to get some more hoeing done in the garden! :) ... I wonder how many will be coming for dinner!? :)