Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy Spring Mason Bees! :)

 One of the fun things about March is the emergence of the Mason Bees! :)
 I love seeing their cute little bodies stirring and beginning to discover their world! :)
 If you look down the row you'll notice the first of 9 new houses are up, and none too soon! :)
 See all the new openings? :)
 The babies are emerging and starting their short one year life cycle! :)
 Look close and you can see little fuzzy heads seeking their way out! :)
 See the little face peeking at us, far right row, 3rd up from the bottom? :)
It's such a thrilling thing to be able to see them become active each Spring! :) Soon I will place the rest of the 2nd row of houses on the shed as they will begin to fill the new tubes straight away! :)
All I need to do is make new homes available and they do the mason work! :)
Happy Spring Mason Bees! :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Counting Blessings! :)

 Each day I count blessings and am amazed at this world we live in! I bought a few cute flower pots and planted some dahlia bulbs in them! How quickly they sprang to life! :)
 Look at the colors displayed in the tulips my son gave me and the sky our Heavenly Father gave ...
 on my birthday! :)

 I went to Pier 1, in hopes of finding a black iron tray for displaying produce! :) I actually found one that has a double tray with lots of open space to extend "shelf-life"! :)
 Both my hubby and our son noticed and like it! :)
 Look at the growth of the dahlias now! I can't believe how fast they're growing! :) I thought these were small dahlias but now I'm wondering if they're going to outgrow the pots! :)
 Another stroll around the yard reveal more blessings! :)
 The camellias are growing larger ...
 and displaying ...
 pretty ...
 pink ...

 blooms! :)

 Turning a corner I spy bright yellow daffodils! :)

 Even a little one I thought hadn't survived! :)
 I'm thinking about planting more bulbs this Fall! :)
 The hummingbirds love these flowering currants on the south side of the yard! :)
 They always bloom around the time they return! :)

 And the bees love the pollen of the Hellebores! :)
 Do you see the cute bee bottom in the middle flower? :)
 I'm looking for empty spots in the flower beds where I may squeeze in more ...
 hellebores! :)
 Even the fresh new greenery lifts my heart! This special clover makes me feel like ...
I have the Luck-o-The-Irish!! :)
Look around, and count your blessings! :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring, So Welcome! :)

 Spring is fast approaching! :)
 She's only days away! :)
 I think I hear her whisper
 "Come outside and play!" :)
 Winter tries to linger.
 A chill is in the air.
 But Spring extends Her finger
 and flowers bloom with care! :)

 Spring! Oh Spring, So Welcome! :)
 So glad you're nearly here! :)