Sunday, January 30, 2011

Celebrating In Levi 501's! :)

Even though I'm still 4 lbs. away from my weight goal, I've decided to go ahead and do this post in response to requests from friends who haven't see me since I've lost the bulk of my weight! Truth is, it takes around 10 lbs. to show on my near 5'9" frame, anyway, so I just as well do this post now, as I doubt those last 4 lbs. are really going to show enough to make it worth waiting! :)
In my thin days I used to love wearing Levi 501 Button-Up Jeans! I stopped wearing them when I put on weight as, in my oppinion, they are made for a lean body! When I started counting calories, and realized it works, I knew I would one day celebrate by buying them again, when I lost my excess weight! After losing 49 lbs. so far, I'm thrilled the day has come to be able to wear them again! :)

So to those of you who have been watching and sharing this weight loss journey with me, Thank You for your support! I'm thrilled to say I'm celebrating my leaner body in Levi 501 Button Up Jeans, and lovin' it!! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring's Sweet Reassurance! :)

Spring's Sweet Reassurance! :)
Spring has peeked her head in on this January day! :)
It's such a thrill to see her cheery, warm, sunshiney ray!
She only is just passing through, then she'll hide her face,
For she's polite to Winter, who also has her place!
Honey bees are stirring, they ask her to please stay!
She smiles back reassuring, "I will, and then we'll play!" :)
It was a kind reminder that she will come again,
And oh what joy we will enjoy for she'll stay longer, then! :) - BJ. Barnes
Here's hoping you're enjoying a little Spring where you are, this January day, and if not, - here's hoping you enjoy a little of the early Spring, with me, that I happen to be enjoying here! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Coal ! :)

Meet Coal, the newest member of our family!! :)
So far he has proven himself to be the most well adjusted, best socialized pup we have ever met!

It took us awhile to decide on his name, but he came by his name by way of his coal-black coat, as you can see! :)

Not only does he have a pretty face, and nice lines, but he is true to his lab instincts! Here he is pointing, at the edge of our field! :)
He's already won our hearts, we seem to have won his, and we're looking forward to many fantastic years ahead, with him by our side! :)
Now please excuse us as there's much playing; munching; water lapping; training; sleeping; and endless exploring to do! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magical Frost! :)

There's something magical about frost! It takes ordinary things and makes them extraordinary!
If you click on these photos to enlarge them, you will better see what I'm saying! :) Frost makes things sparkel, and gives them a brilliance they'd otherwise lack! :)

Even the whiteness of it adds to it's appeal, and I love it's crystal abilities! :)

When it's freezing, the sky has a unique color and feel to it! :)
If you look in the background you will see how it's frosted every surface of the mesh wire, of the garden fence, leaving nothing untouched from it's magical brushes! :)
It even had power to draw me outside, this morning, with camera in hand, in hopes of capturing it's beauty with my lens! I hope I was successful as magic like this is meant to be shared! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life In The Dead Of Winter! :)

Garderners are forever optimists! :) We are forever enjoying the present while looking forward to the future! Gardens are ever changing, with the seasons, and a well thought out yard has something exciting about to emerge, at every turn! :)
Even though we're in the dead of winter, I knew my lens would find signs of life! :)
Now that the days are starting to lengthen, the buds are beginning to swell in anticipation of Spring! :)
Bulbs are stretching up through the soil! :)

The elephant garlic I planted, in the garden, last Fall is pushing up! :)
(Yes those are tree needles from our Christmas tree! They must have blown off the tree when Rud was carrying it past the garden to the burn pile!) :)

New flower buds can be seen on the Witch Hazel! :) I eagerly await her earthy, citrus aroma, when she blooms! :)
I love how there are signs of life even in the dead of winter! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy-Jig! :)

It was great to be in UT with family, helping out when this new grandson was born! :) I miss them all and am glad I was able to be there! :) I'm even more glad that the next visit is already planned, and that we are looking forward to their visit here, two months from now!! :)
I'm also happy to be back home with family here, resuming my own responsibilities! I'm surprised to discover that house work actually feels fun! :) I usually find fun in the yard and garden work, so it's nice to be enjoying the house work, too! :)
I didn't know I'd end up feeling a little "home sick", but I did. It's the longest Rud and I have been apart since we've married, so I really missed him, and I missed our son, home, friends, yard, and our bed! :)
Of course, now that I'm back I'm missing family there! :) But I'm still glad to be home! I've found I truely am a home body! :)