Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hawk Hat Happy! :)

 This year I saw something under the Christmas tree that blew my mind! I knew the moment I saw it that our son had managed to buy a Seahawk hat for me! :)
 Not only is it a Seahawk hat, ... it is THE Seahawk hat I So Wanted!! :)
Since we live in the Pacific NW, (Hawk territory), and since the Seahawks have a chance of going to the Super bowl this year, Seahawk stuff flies off the store shelves faster than the speed of sound! :) I know because I was busy buying Seahawk stuff for our son, and if you don't buy it when you see it, it's Gone! :)
Turns out, the only reason our son was able to get it was because he special ordered it from an athletic store he used to work at, and it arrived in time for Christmas! :)
Our whole family are Fans, and have been long before they were a winning team! :)
There are 12 markings that run around the hat, ... representing the fans, ... the 12th player! :)
... ... ...
Here comes the cheer from deep in my chest! ... GO HAWKS!!!! :) ...
I can't help myself! I'm Hawk hat happy!! :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Light! :)

 There's something powerful, inspiring, and necessary about light! :)
 At Christmas time, when the days are the shortest of the year, and light is needed the most, we are able to drench ourselves in it's magical glow! :)

 It reflects and glows in fluid motion and stillness, at the same time! :)
 All light comes from Him, (sun, moon, stars, galaxies, etc. ... not to mention the light of truth and the Spirit), touching our hearts and filling our homes with His Light! :)
The shortest day of the year is now behind us! The days will now begin to lengthen again, and all nature will begin to respond to the light! :)
In the meantime we will bask in the Christmas lights, and enjoy the wonder of His birth! :)
From our home to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!! :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Joyfully Saturated In Christmas! :)

 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" :)
Oh, how I Love the Christmas season! :) It begins with bringing out the Christmas decorations, and before one knows it, it's gone beyond Looking like Christmas, into the Real joy is Feeling like Christmas! :)
 The warmth that fills one's heart with joy, hope, and humble gratitude! :)
 Sometimes we're even lucky enough to see a little snow! :)

 Once again the tree is up, filling our hearts with the magic of Christmas! :)

 Christmas cards, from friends and family, have begun to come in the mail, and these special drawings from our grandsons have been given the special place of honor on the 'fridge! :)
 I made sure both they, and we, have this same magnetic Christmas tree advent calendar, to help bridge the distance of the miles, ... knowing we can both do the same activity in our homes! :)
 This wreath adorns our front door until we replace it with a real greenery one! Then it's moved inside, to our pantry door, where it can continue to be enjoyed! :)
 This year I added a new Snowman cookie jar to the snowman collection! The one with the red scarf! :)
 Amidst all the Christmas activity, I'm making time to piece a puzzle together! I hope to put this one, and one other, together by the new year, if time allows! :)
 Christmas is just two weeks away! ... I'm enjoying every minute of the preparations, and of being joyfully saturated in Christmas! :) ...
 Hope you are, too! :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Reflection Of Our Hearts! :)

 I Love Christmas! It's my favorite holiday of the entire year! :) It never fails to fill me with wonder, peace, and joy, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! :)
 I honor the wise men who were wise enough to heed Devine guidance and Seek the Christ child! :)
 I feel reverence as I recall the righteous sacrifices made by Joseph and Mary! :)

 Each year I enjoy placing the wise men so they are gazing upon our Savior, ...
 And give the shepherd the same privilege! :)
 I contemplate the gifts that were given to the Christ Child, ...
 And acknowledge Him with each gift I wrap and place beneath the Christmas tree! :)
 This fabric banner connects my love for snowmen with our love for our Savior! :)
 All the Christmas lights are a reminder of the light of the star that led to Bethlehem,
 and the fact that He is the Light of the World, The Light we are blessed to follow today! :)
 Many decorations remind us directly of Him! :)

 Other decorations just add additional warmth to our hearts and home! :) ...
 I have childhood memories of sock monkeys in a home filled with love, and have looked for a sock monkey for our own home. This year I found one that is perfect for our home, dressed in a snowman suit! Here it is surrounded by cuddly friends! :)
 It's always a joy to find new decorations ...
 And enjoy the true standbys, like this painting of Charlie in the barn! :)

 Whatever Christmas decorations we fill our homes with, ...
May they remind us of the Love of our Savior, and may they be a reflection of our hearts! :)
Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Frosty Morning! :)

 We woke to a glorious, frosty morning! :)

 The ice makes it easier to see the spider webs and to avoid walking into them! :)

 The only thing seen in the blue sky, this morning, is an occasional jet, the sun, and the moon! :)

It always amazes me how quickly the sun rises! :)
Moments later everything is bright with light! :)
Soon it's warm rays will melt away the frost, ...
but until then it'll shine bright white! :)