Thursday, October 27, 2016

Something Worth Seeing Again! :)

 I went to a WA state rain forest as a child and ever since have wanted to go back! :)
 Look at how large this old stump is! It's hard to really appreciate the size of these trees unless ...
 you see them from a distance! Compare them to the two people walking on the road! :)
 It was a bit tricky taking photos as, not surprisingly, it was raining at the time! :)
 Still managed to get a few shots in as we walked! :)

 Do you see the fallen tree, laying horizontal? :) The trees in front of it are keeping it from rolling down to the road! :)
 My hubby was fascinated with the way these two trees stood, clinging to each other! :)
 I was amazed with what appeared to be new growth growing from ...
 this old stump! :)
 There were huge wads of moss on the ground that had dropped from the trees! :)
 We took a couple photos of us standing in front of trees, to better remember just how large they are! :)
 ! :)
 You can't see the top of the tree yet, even from this distance, but you get an idea of how tall the trees are! :)

 We noted a heard of elk on our way out! Can you see them way back in the field? :)
 We stopped to take a few photos of the moss and fern growing from the trees! :)
 Looked like long flowing hair and beards! :)

 I used my zoom lens so you can see a lighthouse out on a small island! :)
 It's way out there! :)
 It'd be interesting to know how frequently someone needs to go out there to service it! :)
 Good-buy coast and rain forest! It's been a fun day! :)
 Hello Home! :)
 We've decided we will go back in the Summer time! :)
It's something worth seeing again! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Not Something You See Every Day! :)

 "Now there's something you don't see every day!" :) This comment to each other, started this blog post! :) My hubby and I took a road trip and realized the whole point of a road trip IS to see things we don't see every day, so this post is everything from the goofy, to the educational, to the amazing! :)
 When we first past this old church we thought a tree was growing out the window! On closer inspection we saw a main branch turned from the building and grew the other direction! Not something you see every day! :)
 Our first sign of snow, (at a rest stop). If you're from the Pacific NW, snow is not something you see the first part of Oct.! :)
 We saw a lot of it in the upper elevations, and lucky for us the sun was out and the roads were dry! :)
 I enjoyed learning about Sitting Bull, and found I relate with him! :)
 I was hoping the photo would be large enough for you to read what I read. If you can enlarge it, it's worth the read! :)
 It was an experience to see where Custards last stand took place, and learn more about it! :)
 I'm starting to share my hubby's love of history! :)
 I looked out over the valley, where it took place, understanding both sides of the battle.
 It is believed that 28 men of the 7th Calvary may yet be buried in this ravine.

 All four sides of this memorial, have names listed of those expected to be buried here.
 Here's a vehicle up on a structure, ..
 and an airplane tail in a roof, with a car sticking out of the side of the building!
 Not something we see every day! :)
 One town in WY had wonderful sculptures on main street! I could have filled the camera with them! I limited myself to just a few! :)
 You'll notice a third cowboy in this sculpture, ...
 when you see the rodeo clown in the barrel! :)
 Back side and ...
 front! :)

 This horse was life size! :)
 "Small talk"! :)
 Hubby's favorite, ...
 the bear! :)
 Many, many more, on down the street! :)
 Well! That's not something you see every day! :)
 Nor is this! :)
 Or THIS! :)

 If you look real close, you can see a climber a ways up from the bottom, just off to the right of the middle area that has full sun shining on it! He's wearing a red helmet, yellow shirt, and dark pants. If you see him, you get a true understanding of how large Devil's Tower is! :) As we walked around to the other side we saw a couple climbers nearing the top! They would be too small to see so I only shared this photo of the climbers. :)
 If you look close, you'll see Indian clothing left on the trees, along the trail, showing the significance they give this tower. It's said to have spiritual meaning to them. :)
 Here's a plaque giving three explanations for how it may have formed.
 I hope your screen is large enough to allow you read some of it. :)

 It felt good to get out and exercise, after all the traveling! :)
 The older I get the more I enjoy learning new things, and appreciated how educational things were! :)
 Something unexpected! :)
 Pines struggling to grow from rock! :)
 Prairie dogs! They do havoc to a field, but they are cute and entertaining! :)
 Talk about something you don't see every day! :)
 I wonder how fast this home will sell? :)
 Each column has four state flags, and a side for each flag, stating when they joined the union!
 Find your state flag and you can see the year of your state! :)
 Again we enjoyed walking the trails around the monument! :)
 It felt amazing to actually Be there, seeing something we'd only seen in photographs! :)
 It's certainly not something we see every day! :)
 Again, we saw many pine trees growing from the rock! :)
 "When there's a will, there's a way"? :)
 Mt. Rushmore! This takes stone carving to a whole new level, doesn't it?! :)

 The names of those who did the carving! :)

 On to the new carving that is being done strictly by donation! No government involvement! :)
 This is what it will look like when it's done! It's of Crazy Horse, and it represents All Indians! :)
 He's pointing, saying, "My lands are where my dead lie buried."
 A buffalo hut. :)
 Survivors of the battle of Little Big Horn.
 The family who has taken this undertaking to carve the mountain with solely donated funds, also has taken it upon them to build a school for Indian youth! Their desire is to give back to the people who have lost so much!
 The buildings were like a living memorial, and we walked from one to the next, learning as we went! :)

 Quite an impressive bead collection! "Not something you see every day!" :)

 I didn't know there was such a thing as a head-dress for a buffalo, did you!? :)
 "Never forget your dreams!" :) A message for us All! :)
 Crazy Horse's face is done, and now they have begun working on the horse's ear! :)

 Part of the lay out for this facility! :)

 The husband and wife who are behind this dream! They are both deceased now, (she passed in 2014), but have 10 children who are continuing the work! :)
 The equipment he used to carve the mountain at the very beginning! :)

 On the road again, and a view passing through a town! :) Not something We see every day! :)
 Speaking of Towns! THIS one's memorable! :)
 Deadwood, that had a gold rush! :)
 Deadwood, the town where Wild Bill was murdered in a tavern, in 1876! :)
 This was along the side of the freeway! Don't know the story behind it! :)
 Had to take a photo of the mileage, nothing but 4's! :) We couldn't help it! It's not something we see every day! :)
 Love the town of St. Regis, Montana! :)
 They sell the Best huckleberry milkshake! :) If you ever pass through, be sure to stop here at this little diner and order one! YUM! :)
 We also learned that these beautiful fir trees going yellow, (up on the hill), are actually Tamarac Trees, (a type of Pine?), that yellow and drop their needles in the Fall! I never knew there Was such a tree! :)
 "Now There's something you don't see every day!" :) A fisherman up the tree with a bear and cubs on his heels! :) THIS is what started this blog post idea in the first place! :)
 Beautiful Fall color! :)
 A close up on another Tamarac Tree, this one in eastern WA! :)
Aren't they beautiful mixed in with the dark green fir and pine!? :)

 The scenery was beautiful, ...

 And worth remembering! :)

 Once last stop to aim the Canon at a super large chair, ...
And a wooden fireman, at a fire station, ... Because, ...
you guessed it, ...
They're Not Something You See Every Day! :)