Monday, November 26, 2012

Transformers! :)

Sorry, but I have not had time to experiment with photos yet on this new Windows 8 laptop! With the holidays upon us, (Thanksgiving just past and Christmas ahead), time is tight, at best! :)
Since I assume your time is just as filled as mine is right now, and since words are not near as fun without photos, I'll keep this post brief! :)
Today I cleared off all the Thanksgiving decorations and swept the fallen leaves from our front deck, replacing it with Christmas! As I watched the transformation taking place before my eyes, the transformer cartoon jingle ran through my mind! "Transformer! More than meets the eye!" I thought, "I'M a Transformer! I'm transforming our home from one wonderful holiday to the next, and loving every minute of it! In my mind I heard the words to the jingle, slightly changed. "Transformer! More now meets the eye!" :)
Happy decorating (transforming) everyone!! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where's The GPS!? :)

Our old computer died so I'm now typing on a new Windows 8 laptop! I'm blown away by all this computer can do, but also a bit mystified at how to go about using it! My greatest concern is how to blog with Windows 8 when I'm used to blogging with Windows XP! I feel like I've been driving a comfortable small SUV and suddenly have found myself in a red hot race car that hugs the road and is made for speed, speed, Speed, but has me breathless behind the wheel! :)
Not only that, but my road map is Completely Different!! How do I find my way around, now!!? How do I set up my photos and move them to my blog? How do I utilize the "Cutest Blog on The Block" backgrounds that I love? My new wheels have the capabilities to get me where I need to go but this Driver sitting behind the wheel of this hot-rod is less inept at controlling this vehicle, at this early stage of ownership, and is lost! :)
I hope I can figure out the new map so I can get myself from point A to point B again! Where's the GPS when you need it!? :) ...