Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celebrating Fall! :)

 Today, for the first time that I can ever remember, my heart is Celebrating Fall on this very first day of the season!!! :) Usually it takes me awhile to let go of Summer, but not this year! :) Even though it's just the first day of Autumn, colors are already beginning to burst in a heavenly display of leaves, plump berries, blooms, grasses, fruit, and garden produce! :) The felines are enjoying the cooler, comfortable temperatures with me and have been following me around the yard and garden! :)
I'm so thrilled to welcome a new season, that I have two things planned to celebrate! The first is this blog post, and the second is to buy some mums and make a festive display of flowers, pumpkins and squash on the front deck! Who knows, maybe I'll even arrange a few big flower pots for extra fun and color!! :)
Now I'll hush and invite you to enjoy welcoming the season with me! :) ...

Happy Celebrating, Everyone!! :)