Monday, September 19, 2016

Owl Occupancy! :)

 September is that month when I want to decorate but Halloween is not yet here, and Summer is turning into Fall so time has a feeling of being in limbo. :)
 It was around this time last year when I bought a metal owl to hang from a ceiling hook! I meant for it to end up in my shop room, once organized, but in the meantime it took up occupancy in the house! :)
 This year I couldn't resist buying two new night light plug ins! :)
 It was a coincidence that they are both owls! :)
 Then I remembered the owl plug in I had from a previous year! :)
 I liked the sparkly look of this candle holder, ...

 and the glittery eyes of this one!
 They both happened to be owls! :)
 I'm sure you see a theme forming, like I do! Why Not!? September can be my month to welcome owls into my home! :) With them here, I can relax! They fill that little void that comes between Summer and Fall, and the string of holidays! :)
 These owls are good company! They're quiet and charming and are just the right fit for September! This is my new Sep. theme! :) I feel quite happy with this new owl occupancy! :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

We've Reached The Finish Line! :)

 Summer has zipped by in a blur! Most of it was spent doing outdoor painting! :)
 We painted the new back deck;
 the new feline shed;

 and the front deck with it's new floor boards! :)
 It's so nice to see the decks now united in the same colors as the house! :)
 Most of the rail work was done by brush until we were just about done. My hubby bought a hand paint sprayer (that doesn't dilute the paint) and it made fast work of the last of it. In the future we'll be using it and saving precious time! :)
 I love how fresh painted surfaces look, all shiny and clean! :)

 The last thing on this year's paint list was the bench. When I had it half painted I couldn't decide if it looked better or worse! :)
 But I persevered, and think it turned out alright! :)
 Like the decks, it was painted to match the house colors! :)
 I can't begin to express what a relief it is to have finished this year's outdoor painting projects, and not a moment too soon! :)
Tomorrow, rain is in the forecast! We are grateful for this last week of Summer weather! It has made it possible to reach the finish line in time! :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Neither Here Nor There! :)

 As I look up at the overcast September sky with spots of blue, a Sesame St. memory of Kermit the Frog comes to mind! He's sitting half way up the stairs, singing about being neither here nor there! He's neither up nor down! :)
 As I take in the Fall color in our yard, I feel the same way! :)
 Technically we still have just over 2 wks. of Summer left! Two weeks that my hubby is desperately holding onto! :)
 Yet Nature is saying we're somewhere Between Summer and Autumn! :)
 Most of the Summer birds have gone, while the Fall & Winter birds have not yet returned! :) (If you look close you may see the chickadee on top of the birdhouse, about to come in for some seed! How I was wishing I had my zoom lens on my Canon!) :)
 The whisper of "Autumn" gave me an irrepressible urge to buy some new fragrance plugs ins ...

 and replace Summer fragrances with heavenly spicy Fall aromas! :)

 It's more fitting with what's going on in our yard! :)

 But even Nature seems a little confused! While she whispers "Fall!",
 She also insists "Summer"! :)
 And here we are, like Kermit, ...

 Neither Here Nor There! :) ...
Today's rain showers are expected to dry soon, and be replaced with more Summer sun! :)
I will take advantage of it to complete the outdoor painting! I think about the time the painting's done, the calendar will say Fall, and I can "step" into the next season gracefully! :)
Like Kermit, I'm ready to Be somewhere! :)
Enjoy the last couple weeks of Summer, All, and see you in the Fall! :)