Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Color Makes Me Happy! :)

 As a gardener, one of my ongoing goals is to try to have color in the yard for as much of the year as possible! :) The early blooming peonies bloomed their little hearts out this year! :)

 Now the mid season peonies are giving color! :) Notice how happy my Mason bees are, lining their little hairy bodies with bright yellow pollen! :)

 This peony seems to capture the sun from within! :)

 If you look close, you may see the little bee legs heavy laden with pollen! :)

 One of our Mason bees was peeking from this antique rose! :) As June draws near, the roses are preparing to add their color to the yard! :)

 The rhododendrons are at their peak of color! :)

 While other flowering plants are getting ready to give color as others begin to fade! :)

 These grapes will add color this Fall! :)

 This mid season iris is taking the stage just as the early bloomers are bowing out! :)

 Today I enjoyed adding new plants to the base of the "bird station"! :)
 So far, besides green, it's offered little color, ...
 So it's fun to add some instant color to this area! :) ... The hummingbirds will approve of my adding these Phygelius, which not only give color, but are a great source of nectar for them! :)
 As the plants mature, this bed will become more and more colorful! :)
I have one more trellis to add, then re-edge the lawn, put down fresh bark, and this area will be better than before! :)
 Color in the yard makes me happy, ...
And our little Mason Bees are pretty pleased, too! :)