Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fondly Familiar! :)

 We had an amazing sunrise the other morning, with a red sun! :)
 It was made more brilliant due to fire smoke from Canada and in our own WA state!
 My shadow, surrounded by the morning sun, better shows the brightness of the color! :)
 As a child when we had an unusually snowy winter, ...
 Like the one we had last winter, ...
 It would be followed by a summer that had unusually hot temps' reaching in the 100's!
 True to character, our snowy winter has been followed by a hot summer ...
With temp's reaching into the 100's!
After two to three days with that kind of heat, temp's are expected to be back in the 90's and 80's for awhile! It seems much more do-able in comparison! :)
It's rather fun to see that this area has the characteristics I remember as a child! :) It's like coming across an item from one's childhood and discovering that it hasn't changed! :) It's still true to character, and fondly familiar! :)

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